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Ledisi shares details about her upcoming album, plus a group of OBGYNs answer all of our health questions. 

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 03, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] I'm Makho Ndlovu, and today on Essence Now, Ledisi is here to talk all about her new music. Plus, are you curious about Kegels and how pregnancy affects your body? Our team of GYNs is here to answer your questions. But right now, it's time for the Hot List, the hottest stories you're buzzing about today. Chalk it up to power of our voice. The hashtag campaign #NoConfederate was the number two trending topic on Twitter on Sunday, thanks to four black women. The movement is a protest of HBO's Plans to add the series confederate. Which imagines a world where slavery was never abolished. For now, HBO is standing by the series saying the backlash is premature since the production of the show is still in it's infancy. But for the hashtag's co-creator, April Reign, that's simply not enough. She told CBS this morning. [MUSIC]. There are times when things are so egregious that you don't need to wait for them to come to fruition before you object to them. Our goal is to have the show Confederate not see the light of day. That's the bottom line. [SOUND]. [LAUGH]. Okay alright we see you ending it with the jokes. Now I'll go Anthony Scaramucci, is gone as the White House Communications Director. He's not the only one who couldn't make it in the Trump administration. There was also Attorney General, Sally Yates, who was let go in January, for not supporting the travel ban. National Security Michael Flynn, who resigned in February after admitting to Misleading officials about his interactions with Russian leaders. FBI director James Comey, who was fired in May. Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who quit less than two weeks ago. And Reince Preibus, who made it all of six months of chief of staff. And hey, black women, apparently we can get it too. He also can't cheat Usher Angela Reed who was the first woman to hold the job. [SOUND] Comedian Lil Duval is standing by his breakfast club interview where he said that if he found out a woman he was dating was trans he would kill her, watch what he told TMZ. I said that because they were saying taking away someone's power of choice, and that's what you did. When you take away somebody power of choice it should be criminal. And you don't know what it'll do to somebody psychologically. I don't got no problem with transgender. I ain't got no problem with With gay people. I got a problem with somebody trying to take something from me. Okay. Now although the Breakfast Club did tell him during the interview that his comments about murder were wrong, a lot of people think the radio hosts didn't do enough. Fatfemme tweeted comedy has material consequences and Breakfast Club is very complicit. You all had a moment to intervene in a very critical way and you failed. But Pusha Jay disagrees. Where do they cosign? I must've missed that. This is duval making a joke, not the breakfast club? Please don't reply to this with rage. Essence now fam. Way in for today's Upole. Who's at fault for the transphobic comments made at the Breakfast Club? Send us your votes now using #ESSENCENOW because we're talking about it next. It's Tuesday, August 1st, and it's time for Essence NOW. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence NOW, I'm your host Makho Ndlovu, hey girl hey. Now remember you can talk to us at anytime using the hashtag essencenow Or by emailing us at essencenow@essence.com if you ever want to come on the show to sound off on hot topics. Now, as mentioned in the hot list, there's a firestorm brewing around comedian Lil Duval and The Breakfast Club Where they asked Lil Duval what he would do if he found out a woman he'd been dating was transgender. Lil Duval's response was, quote this might sound messed up and I don't care, but she dying. I can't deal with that. I can't do that. You manipulated me to believe this thing In my mind, I'm gay now. Not only are people coming for Duval, and rightfully so. I mean, he did say he would murder someone. They're also dragging the Breakfast Club too so much so that the radio show answered the backlash. Take a listen. Well, here's the thing. I mean, if you actually listen to the interview instead of listening to the manipulative clip that people have been circulating. You specifically hear us tell him that you can't do that. It was wrong. Absolutely. It's a Hate Crime. I specifically said you can't go around killing transgenders. Hm. So that's today's Do It Poll. Who's at fault for the transphobic comments made at The Breakfast Club? Is it a, Lil Duval? B, The Breakfast Club, or C, all of the above? Send us your comments right now using the hashtag EssenceNow and we'll read the results later in the show. Now let's do a little quick check in with our girl Kayla, who's combing through social media for your comments. Hey, Kayla, what are folks saying? All right. People are definitely vocal on this one. So in support of Duval, Yakesha Thomas says I was listening to it myself, and they're blowing it out of proportion. Charlamagne did ask him to change his rhetoric on the show and go to Lil Duval directly. But I guess that's just the way it goes. Duval is at fault, according to Gwendolyn King. Comedians should've learned something from Kathy Griffin. Killing anyone is not funny or jokable material. And as always some people over it and over the conversation. Carol Joe says why is active breakfast club, they told them they couldn't say that. Low the vol is the ignorant one so it's pretty mixed. And so important for us to have this conversations, those who really good comments keep them. Coming Switching gears, we have a true songbird in the studio with us now. She just wrapped up a tour with Maxwell. And her new album, Let Love Rule, drops September 22nd. Please welcome Ledisi to Essence Now. Hey, Ledisi. Hey, how are you? I'm great, thank you for having me today. You look amazing. Thank you. First of all, let's talk about your new video. The video Shows you, for your first single's called High. Yes. It's got a stripped down look to it. Why did you decide to go in that direction? Well it's actually just a lyric video. I have a video that's coming out for High, but this one, I wanted, I was inspired by the Andy Warhol Museum. I visited an exhibit there that they had where he did screen tests. So, you sit there for three minutes just making faces and doing whatever you wanna do. And I thought, wow, this is a weird Exhibit but I love the way it looks, and it felt good. But people were walking around as you're doing it. [LAUGH] So it was weird, but I was thinking, wow, I want this for my lyric video instead of doing the same old thing. And let people see my response. The different side of you. Yeah. When is the official video coming out? I don't have a clue. I know they're working on making it gorgeous, but the shoot was wonderful. I'm very excited about it. We can't wait. Let's go back a few albums back. We saw Ledisi dancing and in that bodysuit showing off this body. Will we see more of that on the new album? Well, no, not really. This one is more like a singer songwriter kinda album. But there are uptempos. It's beautiful, beautiful writing. And I'm singing my face off. Did you collaborate with anyone? Yes, there's John Legend on it, BJ the Chicago Kid. Wow. Who else is everyone? Yeah. It's so great. There's a couple of good people out there. Yeah great. I'm excited about the couple of duets that I did. Yeah. And Kirk Franklin. We love good Kirk Franklin. That's going to be a great combination. You know the music industry is changing so much and a lot of real vocalists like Ledisi are being. Relegated to older radio stations and the contemporary market. What are your thoughts on that? Do you even care about the youth market? Wow. I do if you hear my music, if you hear Hi. It's very modern, very mix of old and new. I've always been a person that sits right in the middle. All of my music. So If I'm on the radio it's better than not being on the radio. Yeah. So anywhere I can reach is where I reach so. Okay. I don't have any comment about it. Who do you listen to when you're working on a new album? Do you have any sources of inspiration that you pull from or how does that? I don't listen to music when I'm about to make music. I look for For inspiration and art museums. Lately it's been a lot of museums. I've been acting more and so that's inspiring me a great deal to make sure- You're acting? Yes. Tell us about that, well you were in the Selma movie right? Yes and and recently I was a part of the tale of four. Gabby [UNKNOWN] directorial debut. It's amazing. Amazing Yes! Gabby is directing. I don't want to say much about it because I want her to come and talk about it and give her that shine. But I was able to be a part of it and my character was aunt Sarah. and it's based off of the Nina Simone for women. That's amazing. I think the next show we need you and Gabby on this show. [LAUGH] We'll ask her and if she needs me I'm there. It was amazing thought.>> Yes. What would your dream role be? I would love to play Diana Washington or Sarah Vaughn. That's two of my favorite vocalists, that I love. If I did a biopic I love that. I think that the recent success of these biographies. Let's put that out into the universe, yes. [LAUGH] All right so we already know that you can sing, but we also wanna know what else we can find out about you, Ledisi, with some rapid fire questions. Are you game? I'm ready. No need to be scared! This is SInce now, you're good [LAUGH] alright so the first question is what is on your ratchet song playlist do you have I like Cardi B You like Cardi B? [LAUGH] My girl do you like the [UNKNOWN] yellow song? Yes, hello Do you have, okay. [LAUGH] First of all, I love that little. It's so great. It is such a good song. It's a great song, sorry. I blast it. There's nothing to be sorry about. Love it, it's a great treadmill workout. It's awesome, awesome. [LAUGH] The most fun that you've had on a date? On a date, most fun? Taking pictures and walking around talking. That's sweet. Yeah, that was a great date. [LAUGH] That's so sweet. Now what's a slang term that you use all the time? Okay. Okay. I just do okay, I don't have no slang, just girl please. [LAUGH] That's the end of that. That's it, girl please. Girl please. Now what's the one thing that's on your bucket list? Could be a destination, could be anything. I want to go to Italy. Italy, why Italy? I wanna eat pasta and just wear a big oversized shirt and- [LAUGH] And just eat right? [LAUGH] Yes I think that's valid. Have fun and see all those things that I've never saw there. I wanna go there. Okay and what was the last time you had to curse somebody out, read them Yeah. Hm, hm, hm. [LAUGH] I'm sure I know Ledisi is nice. She can sing. She has it together but- Well I'm trying to remember it's been a while but I have done it. Yes. Was it work related or personal? I think it was more work related. Cuz I take my job seriously and people are looking for perfection from me. So if you don't do it then you get a good wailing. Yes a good wailing, I like that. Or filth [LAUGH] Yes, or filth. What is one word, this is the last one- Okay. They're really easy! What is one word your friends would use to describe you Wow loyal. Loyal. I love that. Yes, very loyal. Do you have any friends in hollywood do you have circle of friends in hollywood that you really No, well I have two really good friends that I rely on there. And they're great. They've been my friends since I visited LA. Okay you don't want to name them? Rex Rideout is one of them. He's my executive producer on my new album. And he's been a part of my whole musical journey. He's on all my records and then my honey Ron. He's So, he's amazing. Your hunny, I love that. [LAUGH] All right guys, remember to get Ledisi's new album, Let Love Rule, September 22nd. Wherever music is sold. Thank you so much.- Yes, thank you for having me. Now coming up, they're back. Our all star panel of OB/GYNs is here To answer your most intimate reproductive questions. But first, Essence fashion and beauty director Julie Wilson reveals the latest dope things on her desk. Check it out. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] So all you thick five ladies out there, like myself, know what it's like to deal with chafing during the summer time. This genius product was created by a really awesome blogger. And clearly, I've been using the heck out of it because the label is even coming off. I really like how smooth and soft it is, and I don't have to reapply a million times. Love, love, love this. You guys need it in your life. So, it's also really important to stay hydrated during the summer time. And why not do it with this really chic water bottle? I love this company, bkr. They make really beautiful glass bottles. I love this spiked version, it's cool and edgy. Also, check out the little handle at the top so you can hook it on your finger, put it on your carabiner, throw it on your bag, take it with you anywhere. [SOUND] Drink up. So this next product is kind of cool because it works. Does it's magic when you're sleeping. It is a balm that turns into this really luxurious oil. It just hydrates your skin all night and you wake up looking refreshed and beautiful. This little tool that comes with it helps you scoop out the balm, and then the metal tip Helps really penetrate the product into your skin so that it can work it's magic. [MUSIC] So that's a look at all the dope stuff that's come across my desk lately. Check back next week for more. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] What do you read? How do you keep yourself on point, and witty and sharp? Reading is fundamental. You're reading things to, not just Know what's going on but see it from different varying viewpoints it's critical. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] You're watching Essence Now I'm your host Makho Ndlovu and today we're talking health myths. The GYN Edition. We've got some all-star doctors here to help us separate the facts from the alternative facts. Please welcome all the GYN and the current host on the doctors, doctor Nidalene. OBGYN and the author of twenty things you may not know about the ****, Dr. Dre, and lastly OBGYN and the founder of Her Viewpoint, Dr. Jessica Shepard. Welcome everyone. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Alright let's get started, now we know your relationship with your vagina is a Special one. So, for this segment we've complied some common questions we've received from our Essence readers over the years. Okay, here's the first one. Says, "My boyfriend is into wild and kinky sex. I was down to try it a few times, but I'm concerned. Can rough sex seriously damage my vagina?" Signed All Tied Up in Brooklyn. Dr. Shepherd, I'll let you take this one. What do you say to this? This is actually more common of a question then you might think. Because again we have a special relationship with our vagina. So, what I typically like to say is the vagina is very forgiving. So, the vagina has a lot of collagen, elasticity and so it's very accommodating and also very forgiving. So you will not damage per say your pelvis or your vagina from rough sex. However you can have Cuts, you can have abrasions or lacerations if it's too rough or if you don't have proper lubrication prior to having intercourse. So what I would say is one have a good relationship with your partner so that if it is too rough you can always make accommodations and change that But yes, the vagina is very accommodating. But, if you have issues go to your gynecologist. Make sure that you get a thorough vaginal exam so you can see if anything has happened. OK, very good. Foreplay is a must though. Yes. You can't just dive in. You gotta warm it up down there. So women it's all up here. Right. Like orgasms and sex, so guys, or ladies out there, make sure you warm it up before you dive in. I like that, warm it up before you dive in. All right, the next question is for you Doctor Landry, and it says quote, I am so over getting a bikini wax, and having to shave my hair downstairs. Downstairs. What are the side effects to having laser hair removal on my vagina? Signed, Bald Eagle in Slidell, Louisiana. [LAUGH] Well all right, Louisiana, so I will I will start by saying it is safe to remove unwanted hair from the bikini region. But you just wanna make sure that you're finding a qualified physician or qualified provider. So you wanna make sure that they are well educated. You wanna make sure it's sanitary. And you also wanna make sure they're using the right laser for your skin So ask the right questions. If you're African American, ask them what type of laser are you going to use, and then research that type of laser to make sure it's appropriate for your skin tone. And also ask them if they work with a lot of African American people. And with the question, and in general, you always wanna know the side effects. So potentially, you can have changes in the color of the skin. So, it can get lighter or darker. And then there's always a risk of infection, swelling, redness, bruising, things like that. So, also, pregnant women, I want you to remember this. We don't really have a lot of Evidence that it's safe for the fetus. Good to know. So I would tell pregnant women to stay away from that procedure because it's cosmetic and it's just not worth the risk. Is there anything that you should do to prep for that procedure before you get it done aside of research? Is there anything that you can physically do? I would say mainly just The research and the prepping. So knowing what you're gonna get. Knowing who you're going to. Don't have an active infection when you show up to get the procedure. Yes that's actually a really good point, I hope that's common sense. Alright, Dr. Dre you're up next. Question reads, I'm pregnant with my first child, but I've heard that labor will leave my vagina too loose and will make sex unenjoyable. What can I do to tighten up post-baby? Are Kegels the only option? Signed, Confused in St Louis. Please help Confused in St Louis out. What say you? So the vagina is a muscle, just like my muscles right here, right? So you have to exercise it. So the way you could do it is by doing simply kegels. It's the same thing you do when like you fake orgasms right? You squeeze in and you let go right? So you could do it three times in ten minutes to exercise the vagina. Or you can use something called a benway ball which are resistance balls which you can put inside the vagina. The trick is ladies make sure you wear undies when you're doing it. If you're doing this. Will they fall out? They will fall out if you don't have enough strength. So make sure you use undies while you're using the bent way balls? Is there a difference between if you've had multiple children or not in terms of doing these exercises and the importance of them or does it matter really after you've had children? So the more babies you've had the looser the vagina is gonna be so you definitely want to do more and more exercises. Super important. The one thing I would also say for that and I've sent a lot of my patients to a pelvic physical therapist. Yeah. Yes. I really use pelvic physical therapists so much. What do they do yeah? So they just like you go to a physical therapist if you hurt your back, if you hurt your knee. They will actually evaluate your pelvis. The pelvis is full of so many different muscles and they will actually help you identify which are the muscles that need help. Give you the exercises and also we can do things like trigger point injections and also they are really good in addition to the balls that you not those balls. [LAUGH] You know other balls. The other balls, yes. There is a new it's like a gadget and I love gadget. Yeah. As a surgeon. But it actually is something you can really look at the bio feedback of the muscles. And so, again you insert it into the vagina. But it regulates and tells you if you should hold it stronger, longer. And it gives you all that feedback onto an app on your phone. Wow. Yes. Look at all this technology. [LAUGH] Yeah. Learning so much. All right, let's look at our next one. And the question is, quote. I've been abstinent for almost two years now, but I've heard that if you don't use it, you will lose it. Are there any negative physical effects to not having sex? Signed, #AskingForaFriend. Dr. Landry, what say you about this? [LAUGH] So, the good thing about the vagina, it's not like your ear piercing. If you don't use it it's not gonna close up. You can always Swing back to your vagina and it'll still be there. So while abstinence is okay, but there are benefits to have regular sexual intercourse, for example, better mood, better sleep. People who have regular intercourse also get sick less because their immune system is better. The pelvic muscles are stronger so it helps to prevent incontinence. And it's a good form of exercise even though no matter how acrobatic you are it is not going to take the place of a treadmill, you still have to go to the gym, but you can burn a few calories. So lower blood pressure,so the list goes on and on and on So abstinence is okay but there are benefits. But what if you don't have a partner or there's just no one around. Masturbation, do you get the same benefits through masturbation? You get some of those. You get the increased blood flow and things like that, so you still can get some benefit. Last, the follow up question is, in terms of normal sex or regular sex, what is that per week? Is that once a week, twice a week, three times a week? Or the medical term of that. Here's the thing. There is no right answer. They did a study and they were talking about what's the magic number. And actually, when people had intercourse once a week, then they were a happy couple. If they had sex more than once a week, it didn't really add anything to the relationship. If they had sex less than once a week, then they weren't as happy, so it was kind of the whole one and done deal. But the thing is there's no right answer. Whatever works for you in your relationship, in your life. If you're single and you only want to have sex once a month and your partner only wants to have sex once a month, there you go, that's your number. If you want to have sex twice a day, and that's what works for your relationship, there you go, that's the number. Things that will help though, in having sex Not like I'm saying I just have a surmountable amount of sex. I mean, that's okay. And that's okay, too, based on what Dr. [UNKNOWN] was saying. What I'm saying is, if you are not having a lot of sex, and then you re-enter that kind of phase in your life where you're menopausal so you don't have estrogen. And then you're re-entering that phase is to be confident with lubricant. I don't know why people think that lubricant is bad. But it's actually great. It enhances Your sexual life. And makes it more comfortable for both the male partner or female partner. Or if it's a same-sex relationship as well. Or if you're using ****. So lubrication really helps. Knowing your different types of lubrication. Whether it's water-based, silicon-based. So All of that goes into it. Your research. Your research, yes. And that's very true because not all types of lubricants work with latex condoms and you want to be careful, because some lubricants will actually make latex condoms weaker. And you think you're protecting yourself against pregnancy and stuff, and really you're may not be protecting yourself as much as you want to. So Just be mindful of that, but that's absolutely right. Mind blown. So no oil and latex basically. It'll break the condom. No whipped cream, that's just a side note. That's like entry for yeast infections and BB. Don't do that. Let's move onto the next one. The doctors are a blast. Alright, so the question is, "My boyfriend and I love Oral sex. But I've heard that eating certain foods can make you taste and smell a little bit off down there. Are there foods we should avoid so that we can continue our fun? Signed Hungry in Hartford, Connecticut, Dr. Dre. Do you take this? [CROSSTALK] My god, of course, the vagina. There's really no studies that say if you eat certain foods the vagina will [MUSIC]. Taste a certain way, it's anecdotal so some people think if you eat like pineapple or something sweet with acidic acid in them like oranges or lemon than the vagina will taste sweeter. So you mean Beyonce lied about eating watermelon? [LAUGH] Because we all were singing along to the lyrics.>> So do we just start the whole watermelon diet and that was it or pineapple? [LAUGH] I'm just need to know if that was It's true or not. Watermelon is actually an aphrodisiac so that's probably what she was talking about. [SOUND] So you can still eat your watermelon. Yeah. I can still eat, okay. What about for the fellows though, is there anything that they can eat that effects the- So fellows out there, no smoking, tobacco, terrible. Meat, heavy meat, terrible, terrible, terrible, it can make your Semen takes the [UNKNOWN] away. Really, but what foods should, there's no? No basic food that makes it taste a certain way, great or anything like that. Very, very interesting. [LAUGH] All right so now with the recent allegations about Usher and the herpes virus, there's been a lot of misinformation going around. So doctors, what is some of the biggest misconceptions about this sexually transmitted disease? So any one of you can answer this question. When I heard that occur, what I really wanted to let people know was that the shame and guilt that comes with this social misperception about herpes can be very emotionally traumatic for people. One is to take that away, take that out of the equation because one in six are affected by HSV, so there are a lot more walking around with it than you would know. But it really goes down to symptoms or no symptoms so if you're having symptoms such as in this case, then yes, that need to be addressed and treated but it can be managed. And that's the most important thing as it can be managed but the social stigma is probably of one the biggest part of it for me that is very hard to relate To patients. Right. To take that away. Dr. Drai. And you want to be open with you partner. So, if you have like herpes. You definitely want to talk to you partner to tell them, hey, you know what, had an outbreak of Herpes before. I still have this. You know, so we can be on the same page. Before you even Before you even do naked dry humping, right? Because herpes you can get from just dry humping and being, naked dry humping, right? Skin to skin. So you really, and/or sex. So you have to be very, very careful with that. Just have a conversation with your partner and then they can weigh. Dr. Nita, if your partner comes to you and says, in a hypothetical situation, that they have herpes, what should you do in that scenario? And so in that particular scenario I think you would want to be open and honest with your partner about how you're feeling about the particular situation. And I think you just have to educate yourself and know that Condoms are great. They're very important. Especially if someone has Herpes or another sexually transmitted infection. Know that with Herpes specifically, condoms don't protect you 100 percent because like Dr. Dray said, it is skin to skin contact. So, the condom won't protect you against everything. Also realise that most people. With herpes don't have any symptoms, or they have very mild symptoms. And so, when I say mild symptoms, that may mean that they saw a bump, and they thought it was just a pimple or an ingrown hair, when it was really To herpes. So there are suppressive medications that someone can take to help suppress an outbreak, but unfortunately, even if someone is not having an active outbreak, they can still transmit a virus To you. And while I have the OBGYN panel here in terms of having children, women that are inflicted with herpes they can still have normal ->> Absolutely. Births and have children and that's- So we do manage them with medications during the pregnancy to insure that they don't have an outbreak or minimize their risk of having an outbreak during the delivery and also during the pregnancy, but the main thing is for women to In this particular instance, know their body so well that you can sense possibly when you're having an outbreak to let your doctor know so that you can possibly be increased on the medication, be put on correct dosage. But yes, I've had a couple of patients since this incident happened who have come to me and said I do have the virus. Do I have to have a C section? I'm like absolutely not. You know you can still have a vaginal delivery, and that comes, again, with misinformation that's out there that we would love to correct [CROSSTALK] This is why these actors are so necessary. I'll let you wrap with it and you can So to the pregnancy at 36 weeks anybody who has genital herpes we typically puts you one suppressive therapy if you're not already on medication. So like Dr. Shaper was saying it is very important to share that information with your provider because If you are having a herpetic outbreak, or if you're having symptoms of an impending outbreak, meaning you're having burning or tingling when it is time to deliver, then you will need to have a cesarean section. So that's why it's so important to suppress the virus just because when you are pregnant, your immune system is kind of lower. It's weaker. So it's more prone to, you're more prone to have an outbreak. So, just make sure Be sure you're telling your provider and like Dr. Shepherd said they're not judging you. We just really want to help you and no judgment. We want you to have healthy happy babies. Yes. Look at these beautiful Drs. No judgement they just want to help. A huge thank you to our OBGYN. We are answering all of our pressing questions today. Now coming up we have the results of today's viewer poll and our Black Girl Magic salute. But first here is the clip of Iyanla Vanzant's visits to Essence's Yes Girl podcast. Spiritual code of conduct says ask For what you want, because you know who you are, and believe you can get it, just because. Stop thinking that you gotta work so hard for your blessing. Stop thinking that you gotta work hard to prove you're worthy of your blessings. [MUSIC] What's up, y'all? This is Joseline Hernandez, and you're watching Essence Now. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Now and I'm your host Makho Ndlovu. It's time to check in with you on social media. Hey Kayla, what are folks talking about? Okay so we asked who's at fault for the transphobic Comments made at the breakfast club, a little Duvall, b the breakfast club, c all of the above. Frank Jones says breakfast club is at fault. The entire cast is immature and allowed him to continue with this foolishness. Immanuel and Osiki say they are all responsible. Especially just after they had Janet Mock on the show, there need to be some repercussions. Hm. But the scale is tipping towards Duval. And Stephanie Ann says, this dude is included on the important issues of today. In today's intolerant climate, making jokes about people just aren't cool. Adalia Gutierrez says that when you have a platform that reaches hundreds and thousands of people you have to be Responsible with what you say, comedian or not. That's exactly right Kayla. They had a platform, I think they should have used it responsibly. Do you agree? Yes? No? I agree, and when it's really happening in the transgender community, don't make a joke. It was insensitive and ignorant. No. I don't find it funny at all. Alright. Let's reveal the results of today's viewer poll. We asked you, "Who's at fault for the transphobic comments made at the Breakfast Club?". Is it A. Lil Duval, B. The Breakfast Club or C. All of the above? And here's how you voted. 88%, Lil Duval, I think that's about rate, Lil Duval, watch him out, watch him out. Alright, and now it's time for this week's Black Girl Magic Salute which goes to Kayla Robinson. She's the 18 year old designer who has some book celebrities rocking her t-shirts. Recently Frank Ocean performed at the Panorama Music Festival wearing one of her shirt that read why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic, when you can just be quiet? And just last month Zendaya tweeted Kayla, Currently buying all your shirts. Fist emoji. Go ahead Kayla. Now if you are looking for even more stories like this, we got you. Essence.com's original black girl magic docu-series has powerful short films on everything. From black teens in the foster care system, to what it's like being a black, Muslim teen in the south. and you can watch them for free at essence.com/blackgirlmagic that's essence.com/blackgirlmagic. Thanks to lettucey and all of todays guests for coming through. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all of our videos, and tune in next Tuesday at 3pm eastern for an all new essence now. I'm Makho Ndlovu and we'll see you then. Thank you so much for watching. Bye. [MUSIC]