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Music always, that's my passion, that's where it started. You know, my Pops founded No Limit and built that. I'm always going to love music, but it came to a point where I was so successful at a young age, to where. People stopped doing music with me for the passion and more about the money, what they can get out of it. But I now, I found that passion again. And like they say, lightning strikes twice. And I'll be coming back. And I'll tell you all first the name of my new- Okay, got this first, yes. The name of my new single is called Idol. It's featuring [UNKNOWN] I'm in the works with Gucci and Kodak Black right now, and I'm gonna reach out to Lil Wayne, so I'm trying to bring back that vintage, you know, New Orleans style with a little bit of vintage, no limit. I love that, so no limit in cash money, working together on a Romeo album. My first singer is what I'm Okay, can you tell us when that's coming out? Or when we can. Can't tell you. Follow me on Instagram and you'll know. @romeomiller. Now what about your acting? Because we've seen the acting on the show and that you really wanted to pursue your acting Acting career. Are you still acting as well as doing the music as well? Yeah well, let me tell you something about my acting, okay? Yeah. I got six movies coming out at the end of this year. Six? One, two, three, four, five, six. Six, all types. Actually I did a movie with [UNKNOWN], it's called Never Heard. It's a fake face movie. I have a drama called Adolescents based off a true story. This kid who was chasing love and literally lost his life three times chasing love. Mm-hm. I have a action movie called dead trigger. And I actually I'm starting up my own film company and film studio called Romeoland studios- I love it. Which will be based out of Miami. I just got greenlit for three movies that I'll be starring in and directing and I wrote So I have that coming. So Romeo Lance Studios. I've got my comic series, You're busy. Yeah, I'm busy. There's a lot [BLANK_AUDIO]

EXCLUSIVE: Romeo Miller Is Bringing Back Vintage No Limit

Miller discusses his new music, teaming up with his dad, Master P, and the six films he's got coming at the end of the year.