Should O.J. Simpson Get To Keep His NFL Pension?

ESSENCE Now's 'Slayed or Shade' panel discusses life after prison for  O.J. Simpson.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 26, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] It has to be 1995 because The Juice is loose. [LAUGH] He will be come October. OJ Simpson was granted parole and there's a lot of speculation about what he'll do when he becomes a free man again. Will he write a tell-all book? Will he enter the Reality T.V. world? Well, one thing he won't be is broke. So, according to ESPN O.J. made over $400,000 While he was incarcerated for armed robbery and none of that money can be touched because NFL pensions are protected by Nevada State Law. But critics say that the money should go to the family of Ron Goldman who won a civil case against OJ in the murder of Ron and some says ex-wife Nicole. Panelist, I'm really interested to get your thoughts. Well say it was the time to finally leave OJ alone or is it. Is having O.J. literally pay for his alleged crimes the right thing to do? Is it a slayed or shade? And 1,2,3 go! Here we go. You're taking your time, okay here we go. Essence let me start with you why is it a slayed? Well because he killed them. For the record it was. No, I know he was acquitted. The thing is I think we It's hard for us to separate, once we have information, it's hard for us to separate what justice is. I think that people kind of go well he served his time for armed robbery but people are still convicting him for a crime that he was Found innocent of, but at the same time he was found guilty civilly. So I definitely think that the Goldman's should get their money. Yeah. I don't know how that's gonna be possible, again with the fact that Nevada protects his pension and the NFL does but I think the Goldmans are entitled to what they were granted through the court system and we have to let him, or if he does go on to do reality tv, [UNKNOWN], yes that money should definitely go to the Goldmans. Laura? Well, I feel the same so maybe I should have said Shady instead. So I just really feel since they won the civil suit they're definitely entitled to some of that money, and it just hurts that the fact that his family still continues to suffer right? And I just feel like It's crazy that that money is protected. And whose going to force him, because nobody can really force him to pay the money that he owes to that family. How much is it, like $30 something million? Couple million, Danielle. I agree, I think the emotional part is the grey area. I think a lot of people put the case of Nichol Brown. On him versus this isolated incident of him trying to get back his stuff. I think that he needs to pay them if he owes them money, civilly. I didn't even realize he still owed them. Yeah. Right. So if he does, my God, pay them. Right. Yes. But in terms of what's protected, it's the law. I feel like it's hard to detach emotional from the law. Mm-hm. But if It's his money then, in the state of Nevada, if he's entitled to it. So the consensus is pay what you owe. Halo, what are folks saying on social? [LAUGH] People are kinda angry. Are they angry? Okay. Sandra Ryan says, I'm over this convo with OJ. Sit down, go home, and be quiet. So, that's the overall consensus [LAUGH]. Wow.