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[BLANK_AUDIO] Girls Trip raked in over $30 million in its opening weekend, which is more than the film's entire budget. And while we're still reeling from that grapefruit scene and the finest that is [UNKNOWN], some folks left the theater with another question. Simply Angie tweeted, Just one Girls Trip ain't gonna cut it. A sequel is a must for the culture. And Luxurious ponded, So for the sequel to #GirlsTrip I see Dina getting married, and they all reunite for this JOYOUS occasion. The Wood vibes but with women. Well, Jada Pinkett Smith says it's a possibility. She told the U.K. TV show Loraine quote, I think with the success of the move, a sequel will happen. They're saying that we've taken R rated comedies out of their slump. So it's a nice moment for us for sure.
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