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Why White People Are Still Threatened By The Phrase 'Black Lives Matter'

Acknowledging that Black lives matter would be acknowledging that the system is actually stacked against people of color.


In this episode of ESSENCE Now’s “Kitchen Table Talk,” activists get real about the phrase “Black Lives Matter” and why White people are so offended by it.

Activist Daveen Trentman, a White woman, got real about the criticism she faces when she wears a “Black Lives Matter’ t-shirt.

“Wearing a shirt that says Black Lives Matter is just making a very simple point that Black lives matter, and White people need to be at the forefront putting our bodies on the line,” she said.

“That is where we do the work,” she explained.

Podcaster and Black writer Alexander Hardy agreed. “People see the word Black and feel attacked instantly. We can’t even talk about race [without people saying] ‘This is race-baiting.'”

Check out the full conversation above.

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