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It's been reported that Kanye West was hospitalized Monday for sleep deprivation, following a stint of random Kanye rants during his concerts where he blasted [UNKNOWN] and Bey and said he would have voted for Trump, which we're also a little baffled by Panelists, what are you thoughts? Should we be concerned with Kanye's mental health or does his behavior just get the Kanye shrug? Let me know on the count of three, one, two, three, slayed or shade? Okay, Nicki, I'm gonna start with you. Why a shade? I think that it was all fun and games until someone have to call nine one one. I think that we are literally seeing mental breakdown. It's really sad I feel like he is definitely crying out for help. I'm gonna give the shade just because I think that we've been like ready to write this man off as black man loss. Right. But he's been kinda like build, it's a build up. So the shade for just a build up of all of the like. The shenanigans, you're not here for it. I'm not here for the shenanigans. Damien? You slay. What are you slaying? I say slayed. I'm just being contrary, just like he is. [LAUGH] Is he cocky? That's all he wants to do. He knows what he's doing. He's manipulate- So you think this is like a PR thing? I don't think it's all PR. But I don't think it's. I think he's deliberate about what he says. I think he might need help mentally and I feel bad for him more on that level. Now that he went to the hospital, everybody want to act concerned, they want to reluctantly put him on the prayer list and things of that nature, but- [LAUGH] You know, he didn't slow down his sneaker sales. He feels how he feels. He did cancel his tour though, he cancelled the rest of his tour. Well, yeah, cuz I mean- But you ain't worried about that. I'm not worried about that. All right, [UNKNOWN] you had the shade. Had the shade up cuz we call his cocaine use sleep deprivation now? I mean that's how you stay up. [CROSSTALK] I'm just saying, look- Kids, please note that that does not reflect [CROSSTALK] But I just think, we all thought Kanye was awesome. Kanye has been medicining himself with different stuff. His mother died, he almost died in a car crash. He's been going through so much. White America turned their back on him then loved him again. Jay Z's not calling him no more, he can't see Blue Ivy. That's a lot to deal with He is going through a lot. I knew somethings wrong with Kanye when Kanye was like "I can't do this anymore" and just put the stage up and walk off stage. Kanye is been going through this for a long time now. We need to understand, he needs a hug. Okay. It's okay to be crazy and mentally distraught and to laugh at somebody too. But we can, no, no, no, you see, he said to laugh at somebody. Kayla, what are they saying out there in the word of Facebook? I know there's tons of comments coming in on this one. I know, it's a mixed bag. And a lot of people are adding him to their prayer lists, like you said. So Linda Spence said, I hope he gets to help in need, better make sure the Kardashians didn't do something to him cuz they prey on rich men without a strong family support system. Damn. >.That's shady. [BLANK_AUDIO]