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[BLANK_AUDIO] You're watching Essence Now. I'm your host Makho Ndlovu and as you can see we've stepped into the lovely kitchen to talk what else. Fold joining me is Chef [UNKNOWN] show us how to remix a popular Thanksgiving side dish. Not one, but two different ways so you're not stuck eating the same old leftovers and over and over again. We have our mac and cheese. You don't have to re-heat it. All you have Just make sure it's really, really cold, and you use a scooper to scoop it out. That's a good point, so you just keep it cold. Keep it really cold. Okay, how big should the balls be? The ball, about one inch. But if you don't have a scooper like I do, you can just cut it in nice little squares. And then you can just dredge it, make sure you use one hand for dry. Okay, what are we dipping in now? So we're dipping in a little flour with salt and pepper, and your other hand for wet. [UNKNOWN] and that's eggs. This is egg wash, eggs and milk all together. Eggs and milk mixed in together, okay. Yep, and then panko crumbs at the end. Ooh, fancy. Make it nice and crunchy. Now do you have to make it a certain size ball or the ball size really- I want to get it on the smaller side, because you don't want it to break. I see, okay. So, it's breaking a little bit there, but no worries. No worries. Gonna fix it up. Keeping it together. Keeping it together and we're gonna fix it up. [first speaker]: and if it does break, you can actually lower it in, and that way you don't have to worry about it breaking. [second speaker]: How long should you fry it for in there? [first speaker]: You fry it for about ten minutes. [second speaker]: Ten minutes? Wow! [first speaker]: Yeah, really quickly. And as long as it's golden brown, you're good to go. [second speaker]: Okay [first speaker]: because it's already cooked, so all you're doing is reheating it and making it yours. [second speaker]: Alright, on to my favorite part. Let's taste it. [first speaker]: Yes, let's taste it. [second speaker]: Yes! Yes, and this is what it's going to look like. Okay, thank you, thank you. Yes. My God, it looks amazing. [LAUGH] Mmm. So good. [LAUGH] Girl. Mmm. This is delicious. Thank you. My gosh. Okay. What else do you have for us as I chow down on this? So now I'm gonna make the same mac and cheese but let's add some sausages, some spinach, and even more cheese. Okay. Even more cheese! Even more cheese. Excuse me. Are we using the same batch or macaroni? Same batch of macaroni. Okay. Yes. So now I'm just gonna add some butter to my pan. Okay, now this macaroni is still, is do you warm it up or it's the cool I mean, I would like to have a room temperature so you set it out for a couple of minute just to get a room temperature, it will be easier to To warm back up back in the pot. Yeah since its already cooked. I see, I see. And what are we doing with this dish? I know we had the rice, the macaroni balls here. But this particular dish, what are we making here? So it's a loaded mac and cheese. So my loaded mac and cheese has andouille sausage in it Spinach and extra cheese, cuz we need cheese. You need cheese, cheese on top of cheese. So again with the smoked gouda, extra sharp cheddar cheese, and any other cheese that you wanna add in there. I'm just buttering the pan so it's just a little bit easier for me to mix everything in. And if you can pass me the [UNKNOWN]. Of course, I would love to. My gosh, this looks so good. Scoop it out here, right? How big a scoop are we making? Let's Do you need me to hold it up, or this is good? Yea, let's just pour the whole thing in there, right? The whole thing, okay. Yea, let's half it first, because we don't want to splash. Let's get it closer. Closer, okay. Now I saw you use butter, but if I wanted to use olive oil, or canola oil That's perfectly fine. That's fine? Yep. Okay. Whatever you have. See, it's easier if you just section it out. And we don't want anything to go to waste, because we want to eat all of our leftovers. Yes, everybody wants to eat the same thing over and over again. No, and if you want, you can add the turkey to this. You can add ham or whatever other meat you might already have, instead of making sausage So you just wanna get a little sizzle on it. And then we're just gonna add as much- Do you want me to keep mixing as you- Yeah, please do. Okay, all right. All I did was chop up this fresh spinach. I use fresh spinach because it has less water in it, I know a lot of people have frozen spinach laying around. But you just don't want any added moisture to it, so the fresh spinach is the easiest way to go. But the fresh spinach can wilt away sometimes, right, so you don't wanna cook it for too long, right? Right. Okay, All right. So you turn it down? [CROSSTALK] We're gonna add something else? No, we're good to go. We're gonna put it in the pan and then we're gonna top it with some more cheese. Now, this is the type of pan that you can throw in the oven [CROSSTALK] right in the oven. Yeah, so we wanna throw right back in the oven, because you want to [CROSSTALK]. You're good. I wanna take some extra cheese. And what kind of cheese is this again? This is just sharp. Sharp cheese, okay. Or whatever extra cheese you might of shaved off the day before for your mac and cheese. You might have some extra already there, whatever you have. Okay. You just wanna make it as easy as possible. I think my mouth is watering. [LAUGH] This looks amazing. Yes. That looks so good. Okay so, I'm going to dive right in. And this took a total of what? From start to finish, from making it. Something, maybe 20 minutes if that. 20 minutes if that. Yeah. So good. Thank you. So, so good! Please don't judge me. [LAUGH] I'm about to eat this quietly in a corner. Chef Lexi, thank you so much. This was so good. This was absolutely delicious. Thank you. Well, there you have it, Essence Now Fam. Chef Lexis has shown us how to make two super easy and Super tasty waste to remix your Thanksgiving leftovers by turning Mac and Cheese into fried mac and cheese balls and mac cheese turned up [INAUDIBLE] with spinach and [INAUDIBLE] sausage. Now hit us up on Facebook and let us know how you plan on remix in some of your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Don’t just plan for the big meal, plan for the days after too with these remixed recipes. In this Essence Now segment, show host, Makho Ndlovu and Chef Lexis, repurpose a popular Thanksgiving side dish. Chef Lexis turns leftover mac & cheese from Thanksgiving into two different dishes. The first dish is fried mac & cheese balls, breaded with seasoned panko bread crumbs and then deep fried.  The second dish is macaroni and cheese turned up a notch by adding sautéed spinach, andouille sausage more cheese and finished off in the oven.

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