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[BLANK_AUDIO] We're doing a simple easy dish. Okay, I see peppers. Yeah so at my house we also have rice left over. Okay. If you have rice left over, you made it the day before you're going to take your rice. Already ready. And you're going to stuff peppers. Okay. And make it super simple and easy. So the rice is cooked that's going in. Put that in there. Okay. And I'm going to Add in. I'm a have you chop. Ok I know your knife skills. I'm hurting. I heard they were pretty good. Yeah, you know I know a few things. [LAUGH] A few things. I think I can do this. So you're literally just gonna rough-chop some of the collard greens. I know what that is. Yes, and you're literally just running your knife over it. [LAUGH] Okay. And we're gonna rough chop. Yep. How's that? I'm not on TV here, guys, but I mean I'm doing it. You're gonna add those into those rice. Now do you just scoop it up? Yeah, absolutely. You can use your knife, you can use your hands, completely up to you. We're gonna add in our favorite again, parmesan cheese. Cheese, please. So I'm gonna let you say when when we stop. There's no wrong way. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] There is no wrong or right way. That looks like a good amount to me. That looks good. And we're literally just going to mix everything together. Easy, that's really simple. Today we're using a brown rice. Okay. Super-healthy dish. So right here, we have our peppers. Okay. We had them on 375 for 15 minutes A quick roast. Cleaning inside the pepper. Just want to soften them up. Because everything else is cooked, you don't need to cook everything together, like you would if you were doing it from scratch. Okay. So we're going to stuff the peppers. And we're going to take it, we can get a little messy with it, and stuff it in. Stuff it in. Now, if you had mashed potatoes instead of rice left over, you could use that as well. So there's lots of substitution. Absolutely. That's simple! And so, whatever's in your fridge? Absolutely, and if you wanna do a portobello mushroom instead of the peppers, do that too. All right. Yeah, you're doing great, see! And how long are we gonna cook this for? Look, I'm loading mine up. I love it! [LAUGH] Can't you tell I'm ready? Okay, okay. That'll work. Cheese. Cheese. A little more cheese. Never mad at that. Yeah. So, you're gonna top it with a little cheese. Okay. And how long is this gonna go in the oven for? So, you're gonna bake it for about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your temperature. You're really just looking for the cheese to melt. Okay. And the rice and the collard greens to get friendly, cuz everything's already in there. And then we have some toasted Bread crumbs here that I just added some dry parsley to. So you are just loading all of the goodness on [INAUDIBLE] This is all things that I'd already used the day before and it's really simple and easy. And you're gonna have all of this handy the day after Thanksgiving, you're winning already. Yes, so we literally take that, stick it in the oven 15 minutes, or until the cheese melts. Yes, absolutely. And what is the finished product going to look like? I think you're going to like this. So the finished product looks like this. Drumroll please. That looks amazing. Isn't that beautiful? That looks really good. So, the collards with pepper and then literally We're adding a little to you. A little extra? If you want to get a little fancy. To show off. Who doesn't? I like to show off every once in a while. Do it for the gram. Make it gram worthy. Exactly, do it for the gram guys. Before you eat it, make it pretty. And now I'm going to taste because I really can't wait, I'm excited. I can't wait for you to taste this. So, simple, easy Be under 20 minutes, you're back on the couch with your family and loved ones. Everyone's happy, everyone's fed. And you had all these left overs? Mm hm, everyone's happy. Mm. What do you think? Gil, you know what I think. Winner? It's delicious. Yes. [LAUGH] It was so simple, thank you so much.