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[BLANK_AUDIO] And in other petty news, Steve Harvey's second ex-wife refuses to let him be great. Mary Harvey is suing Steve for $60 million. For child endangerment, torture, conspiracy, kidnapping, breach of contract, and get this y'all, murdering her soul. Say it loud. What she says is due to his having sole custody of their son. Now the two divorced in 2005 so this isn't the first time they've battled it out in court. So panelists, do we commend Mary Harvey for fighting for what she feels shes owed or after 12 years, is it time to file this one under let it go already.com. All right panelists I am even scared to ask what are you? Are we slaying or shading? One two three go. Slayed slayed slayed shade. All right [INAUDIBLE] why are you shading? 60 million come on that is a lot of family feud okay? [LAUGH] And I think she has already been paid some money. But it's like write a book. You can get $60 million by doing a tell all about him and things like that but attacking him like this, it just sounds bitter because where is all this coming from? It's been so long ago and we know that he's been paying spousal support, things like that So I think she's just really hurt and I think she needs a meeting too with Monique. Both of them. A get together get over stuff from 2008. Sydney, what do you think? I'm going to go with Shade as well, because she does. She needs to get over it. Like, you. You had your chance to get money when you got divorced and it just didn't work out. That sucks, move on. But how do you **** somebody's soul okay? Do they have receipts for that, because [UNKNOWN] Yeah where are those? A lot of men are **** muscles, believe, I think I can understand that- More time and we've got to hear what you've got to say about that. You should both be ashamed of yourself. Ooh! Wow! Why? Tell us. She is out here hurting, and these years of anguish, ironing 35-button suits, hanging up lace-front flat tops, all the pain she's been through having to be with this man. [LAUGH] Murdering your soul. I've never heard of. I got family that's divorced. I've never heard of a murdered soul, and I've had family that's done some BS. So she should ask for more, in fact. She'd get all- $60 million ain't enough! $60 million is a lot of money. Don't get me wrong. That is a lie, though. I didn't say it wasn't a- That's a lie. Enough. I just said it's fair. I think it's unfair, especially for two ladies such as yourselves. My god. What are you talking about? Two beautiful black queens. The shade of it all! Y'all gonna say that this woman does not deserve what she deserves. Usually men don't even wanna pay. I'm surprised at you Jamal. It ain't my money. I know. Steve Harvey needs to come off that. That's the thing. We're talking about Steve Harvey's money so now you different. All that Kings of Comedy. All that books. Steady rope but every time that an employee can't look at him in the hallway. [INAUDIBLE] write a book and make 60 million that way. Exactly. This is a hot topic Kayla what are folks saying on Facebook? Everyone is saying let it go already. So [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Shawanna Wilson says Mary need to let it go. Melinda Hammon says, Mary Harvey, you're reaching. Mary Clay says, write a book, and get that money that way. Exactly. [BLANK_AUDIO]