My Mane Moment: Serayah

"We come in so many different colors, shapes, sizes and textures. Black is beautiful means embracing whoever you wake up as."

Nikki Brown Apr, 06, 2017

Everyone’s hair journey tells a different story and Serayah is proof of that. Long before she started walking red carpets or won the role of Tiana on Empire, the 21-year-old struggled to love her curls.

“To be completely honest, growing up, I hated my hair,” she told ESSENCE. “So anything straight, or not like my hair, I was about it.”

Since then, she’s grown to appreciate her textured tresses, thanks to her work in the Fox series and positive affirmations from people like her mother. 

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“She just always told me that my hair is beautiful and to love it and that people pay for this type of hair.” 

Today, Serayah is dedicated to helping other young women embrace their curls, too. So much so, that she’s the new ambassador for TxturePro, a line of brushes and combs designed specifically to detangle kinky and curly locks without snagging or shedding.  

Shop the collection below and learn more about Serayah’s hair journey (above). 

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[MUSIC] To be completely honest, growing up I, I hated my hair. So, anything straight, or not like my hair, I was about ii. [MUSIC] Obviously that changed a lot. My mum she just always told me my hair is beautiful and to love it and people pay for this type of hair nd all that kind of staff. And I understand it now but then I also like also get it away please. When I took a role on the empire and My character wore curly hair. That was the year that I decided to like really grow back my curls from all the heat damage and just everything I'd been doing to it my whole life. It just made me love my hair. Actually my favorite hair moment and I'm trying to get back to that moment, was BET words a few years ago. I wore a similar cut to this and it was all curly. That was like one of my favorite Omits, my other favorite moment has to be when I do like the long pony tail end, recently I've started doing like the textured long pony tail so that is my favorite because I still feel like me but extra me. Black is beautiful means os much, we come in so many different Front, color-shaped sizes and textures, and things like that. And My Black is Beautiful, it means embracing whoever you wake up as, and embrace our black beauty. [MUSIC]