Richard Collins III Honored at Bowie State Commencement

Collins was killed on the College Park campus of University of Maryland days before obtaining his degree from Bowie State University, a historically Black institution.

ESSENCE.COM May, 25, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] About today, [BLANK_AUDIO] Richard Collins III was 22 years old, an army lieutenant, a college student, someone's friend and someone's son When he was senselessly murdered while waiting at the bus stop and now thankfully the FBI is investigating his murder as a hate crime. After quickly arresting Shawn Urbanski for stabbing and killing Collins. The police later discovered that Urbanski was a member of a white supremacy Facebook group. They're now looking into his deeper into his online history into any clue into his motive. Earlier today but we still students and administrators remembered Collins a graduation by draping has gone over an empty chair in the front room