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Yup, yup, guys. That Lupita and Rhianna movie, it's actually happening. Now after an eagle-eyed Tumblr user circulated this 2014 image of Rhianna, Lupita at Paris Fashion Week Twitter fans came up with an entire movie concept based on it. Now Rihanna's playing an Ocean's Eleven type of scam artist and Lupita is her nerdy friend who helps her get away with it. Netflix has agreed to produce the film. Ava DuVernay, she's directing it. And Issa Rae will pen the script. Now no word yet on if the actual movie will stick to the scamming rich white men plot that fans have envisioned but Ryan Phillipe sure hopes so. He tweeted, I'm down to play the rich white men, I'm just saying. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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