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[BLANK_AUDIO] When I discovered Beyonce when she was a member of Destiny's Child, I was also in the beginning of my transition right? So I was in this beginning of my transition and trying to find my look, and find like my womanhood. And there was this group that was like. Fly and on the radio and on TRL. And they were just, they were from the South, like me. And there was sort of all this, I related to them. I came into my womanhood listening to Destiny's Child and looking at their fashion. I had the loose braids that Beyonc�� had. And then, as she matured and became Beyonce. There was this level of excellence that she began to really began to embody where it was just like became undeniably that she was the best at what she did. And And when you're black, when you're a black person and when you're a black woman, you have to be very best at what you do. And so I aspire to that. And so with someone like Beyonce, It;s someone who makes me to aspire to that. You know. Aspire to be the very very best at being great. So needing her it's been almost twenty years of growing up with her. And all the inspiration. All the choreography. It was major. It was major and she. I went up during a commercial break and everyone was surrounding her, of course, and so I kinda glance and I'm smiling. She sees me and her face lights up. My god. Awe. And she says can somebody help me up? And she didn't get up for anybody else. But I was like, my god. [LAUGH] I'll help you up. And so Beyonce gets up for me then she gives me a big hug. Awe.>> Awe. And she was like I love you so much. And I was like I love you. Love you so much and I just thank you and congratulations. And then Jay was there and I said congratulations to him. And Blue was there. He was so proud. He was such a proud father but then proud father and husband. And if he was just there to support his wife is what it felt like. It was beautiful. And she said your lip synch battle performance was amazing. I was just. She sent me flowers. I said, thank you so much for the flowers. She said, I've loved you for years since, I said, I know everybody's been telling me. [BLANK_AUDIO]