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Of course I have a book coming out called Whoa Baby.>>Oh what is that about.>>Oh I am so excited about the book, Its called Whoa Baby, its basically A guide for women who have had babies and basically what happens to you physically, emotionally, spiritually after you have a baby, so many things happen and I remember calling my doctor who I collaborated with Doctor Tristan Bickman, seven to eight times a day no exaggeration Asking her all these different questions and I was like why hasn't anybody wrote a book. She's like I don't know, I was just saying that. I was like why don't we? Ding. I was like why don't we write a book, exactly. So, that's exactly what we've done. The book and i'm working on a record right now that i'm so exited about. You have a lot. I do. I have a lot. I said 2017 will be my year.
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