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Keisha Myapolian and Nicki Minaj are both speaking out about racism they experienced in different situations. First, Keisha explained on her Kandidly Keisha podcast how a white nurse seemed turned off by her breasts. During a breastfeeding lesson, and then she offered her information on welfare programs for new mothers. Separately, Nikki Minaj is accusing fashion designer Joseppi Zinati of refusing to give her a capsule collection despite the fact that he named a line of sneakers after her, and has given collections to other artists. So, is this racism? Or not. Ake Ita wrote on Facebook about Nikki's claims. Racist? He recently worked with Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. Disrespect? She took it to social media. Maybe just maybe he doesn't want to work with her anymore. But Franchesca Thompson thinks Keisha may have a point. She wrote, someone once asked me how many of my children's fathers was I married to, which was a total assumption. So while I think Keisha is overreacting and has a penchant to thriving on sympathy, let's not act like this isn't common. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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