John Legend On Kanye’s Controversies: “I Disagree With Him Sometimes”

While we've always known Kanye West and John Legend to be friends, what happens when 'Ye gets embroiled in one of his controversies? The father of Luna and husband to Chrissy Teigen stops by to let ESSENCE know that while loyalty is everything, sometimes friends disagree. But no love lost here! The friends just recently celebrated Easter together. Check out our interview above.

ESSENCE.COM May, 08, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] Your friendship with Kanye, how is that, and how is that been since signed label We're good, we just hung out for Easter. Our families are friends now, Krissy and Kim are friends. You know we're both raising kids now. So, it's kinda cool to have seen both of us grow up from the days when we were just young hungry bachelors trying to make it in the music business, tour together, make a music together. Now, we're like veterans in the game. Yeah. And, Fathers and husbands and it's a new era in our lives but we're still friends and I have the utmost respect for his artistry. Now what do you think of some of the criticisms he's facing because Kanye gets a lot in the press. You know he. He's not been afraid to tell the truth as he sees it and he knows that that will cause controversy sometimes and he's okay with it. And I think he's being his honest, authentic self And if people disagree with him, they can feel free to disagree. Yeah. I disagree with him sometimes- I was about to ask you, John. Do you ever call him out on certain things? I'll mention it sometimes. But it's not for us to always argue in public about what we think. But we're both speaking our truth and everybody has their responsibility to listen and decide what they want to do. Yeah, and that's the mark of a true friendship. We can disagree and still be friends. Yeah, it's like when you have family members that are different from you politically and y'all still have Christmas together, and [LAUGH] Easter together Yeah. Yes. That's skimming together you know, as part of life. [BLANK_AUDIO]