John Legend On The Joy Of Raising Baby Luna

John Legend stops by ESSENCE Live to share his heartwarming experience of raising his daughter, Luna over the last year. Check out the above clip.

ESSENCE.COM May, 04, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] Baby Luna, you know we have the same birthday? April 14. You do? April 14. It's a couple years between us. A few. A few. [LAUGH] But how is dad experience? [CROSSTALK] It's been one year and we've had such a good time, just watching her grow, we just going through all the photos on her birthday and looking at how much she's growing in this 12 months Period, and it's been incredible. What is her personality like, does she take more after you or Chrissy? I think it's both. Everybody knows the basic vibe of who I am and the basic vibe of who Chrissy is. Chrissy's more exciting and dynamic and fun, and I'm more laid back. And I think she has a little bit of both. What about her music? Is she showing any signs of like playing the piano? She dances a lot already. She like bops to music and she will try to play the piano with me. She'll sit up there with me all the time. And it doesn't sound good at all right now, but. She's trying. We'll give her time. And she likes it. Like she's really, you can tell she engages with music, so that's exciting to see. That is very exciting. I'm hoping that I can influence her in the right direction. [LAUGH] You still have time. Yes. [LAUGH] Some time. But, speaking of which, you have a couple years until she's like ready to date and boys and all of that. A couple. [LAUGH] A couple years. I mean, she's only one, right? Yes. But what will you teach her about men? I want her to be smart and independent and a good leader and to have emotional maturity, but these things take time to develop. And I'm not one of those people who believes you have to keep your daughters in a straight jacket and let your boys run free. [LAUGH] Right. I'm a feminist and I believe women should have agency. And shouldn't be shamed for being curious about sex and dating and all these other things that humans do. And so I feel like when the time is right we'll try to guide her and help her make good decisions, but she's gonna have to make her own decisions at some point. [BLANK_AUDIO]