Balancing Act: John Legend Loves His Activism Just As Much As He Loves His Music

On this segment of ESSENCE Live, John Legend discusses his role as an artist and activist. He is using his celebrity to address mass incarceration in the African-American community and more. Check out the above clip. 

ESSENCE.COM May, 09, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] It's such an interesting time in our career right now I mean with the new presidency, and all these issues and I know that you're involved in a lot of activism what are the issues that are most important to you? Well the things I focus most on are ending mass incarceration so thinking about our criminal justice system and how to do better, how to make it more fair, more just More compassionate when it's appropriate, and smarter in some ways too. So, that's one of the issues I care a lot about, we started an organization called Free America which is devoted to that. And then we started an organization before that called Show Me Campaign which is about Thinking about ways to fight poverty through education, education reform, and improving instruction for our young people. Giving them more options when it comes to good schools and good instruction. Education is key. And there's a lot of stuff that you guys doing. I remember during the Ferguson protests, I believe, you fed some of the protestors that were there. Yeah, it was actually in New York. We fed some of the protestors. Was in New York, it was after Eric Garner I believe. But it was all kind of coming on the heels of what happened in Ferguson. And we had been in touch with a lot of activists and we wanted to find ways to support them. And we continue to be engaged in that way, supporting activists. Amplifying what they're saying and their voices and trying to make sure we use our celebrity to actually impact what's happening on the streets. And doing it in a positive way. I love that. When I saw that story I was like, okay instant fan. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] It was my wife's idea so.>> it was crazy Chrissy's idea? Yeah, her idea. She was engaged with certain people on Twitter that were involved in the protest and saw that there were opportunities to help. And she loves food and food is her way of making the world better, and making the world more beautiful and more Interesting. Yeah. And she wanted to contribute in a way that was close to her heart which was food. And then support the cause of the people that were marching in the streets. [BLANK_AUDIO]