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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live. I'm your host Dana Blair. And it is time for ready set fierce where we showcase fabulous fashions with expert advice of course. And December means that holiday parties are in full effect. Which also means different looks and different dress codes to adhere to. But don't stress, we got you. Looking Fly on a Dime author Patricia Williams is back in the house with some holiday party outfit inspirations, so you can look fly at every event. Hi Patrice. Hey. I know you always get us together when you're here, so I feel like I'm in really good hands right now. You are. You're in good hands. Everyone at home is in good hands. So taste the season is a holiday time. There's lots of party from work party to friends and that's what they think. But what do you wear? Or how do you know what you should fall from your closet if the dress code not specify to the invite. That always a little tricky but I said, look at the actual invite. It's a little fancy so maybe you wanna jiggy up a little bit, but if it's E vite that was send to your email maybe a little more casual. But also take into mind the time of day. Is it a day party a night party where it's being held if it's at someone's house or at like a ball room. So those are usually your keys. Those are very good tips, those are very good tips okay [INAUDIBLE]. We never know. We never know. All right so we're gonna go ahead and get the party started. Our first model is Rose Bourne. She is wearing our first look, it's meant for someone who is attending a very casual or impromptu holiday party, right? .>> Yes. So, tell us about this first look. So, this is our dressy casual look. So, dressy casual, you don't wanna be too casual but barely just taking something you'd wear on an everyday basis which is the sweater dress here. Right. And then, just jazzing it up a notch. So, we got her the faux leather with a faux fur collar. So, that adds a little bit of interest to it. And she's got the statement necklace as well. So again, going crazy with the accessories, having fun, wearing something you'd normally wear but just elevating it a little with accessories, a little piece here or there. Yeah, this looks really cool, effortless but put together at the same time. Exactly, it's effortless but people know you put in a little bit of work. And I like the [INAUDIBLE]. Which is always good. Is there such a thing as too much bling for the holidays? Never, too much. The holiday is the perfect time to go all out and it's a really comfortable look too. So if you are going to do some party hopping, she's got the comfy heels, she's got the small bag but it's big enough to fit the essentials. So this is that perfect casual chic Thank you so much, [UNKNOWN]. Our next stop we have a holiday party that's probably the most popular. It's the cocktail party. Now usually women revert to wearing a little black dress, but we did something a little different here. The next outfit that our model, Caitlin, is rock Is something that I think I'm going to take after this show. I know. You're going to have to fight me on that first. [LAUGH] So like you said, people are so used to a cocktail dress for a cocktail party, which is obvious, but here is the little black jumpsuit instead. I like it. It's just as chic as a dress and it has the little off the shoulder detail without showing a little bit too much. So it's still classy and it's really just a perfect way to disrupt the typical Cocktail dress, which you have. It's so good, and I feel like you could layer a blazer over this if you're coming from the office or that kinda thing. Exactly, so layer a blazer over it if you're going out for the night, or more party hopping. Take it off for a more casual affair. And this is just $35. 35 bucks from BooHoo. Awesome. Thank you, [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] All right, coming up next, we have something for formal events, which [UNKNOWN] can have those as well. Now this one can be a little bit difficult. I know it's difficult for me cause sometimes you have to wear a gown and you don't want to do to much or start something that we always have in our closet.>> Right.>> So this is our model Ashia, shes absolutely geougous.>> Yes.>> So seriously tell us about this look. So this dress, it's pretty simple. Monocramatic really long but this is all about the details.>> Yes.>> So it's got ruching up the side panel which is great if you've got the fuller stomach. Which Ashia does not but Again, if you've been eating, it's got the ruching there which is figure flattering for everyone. A little side slit with she loves to show off there, and why would you not? [LAUGH] So, you got the slit. [LAUGH] But it's not too high, so it's still for formal evening. And what I really love about this, besides the asymmetrical one shoulder, Is that a bit of a cape>>Yes.>> on the back of it? So its like your making an entrance and you going to make an nice exit when you have that.>> I like that.>> So, you're making a statement>> You little something, something [UNKNOWN] .>> I know, I know just a little trail [CROSSTALK] And just the back I know. A perfect little clutch. This dress is so gorgeous, and again red is a switch up from the typical black which a lot people will wear for formal occasions. But we just went with black for the little purse right there. Red, nice statement color and it looks good against her skin. And how much is this gown? This is $170 from Macy's. You could also repurpose this for a wedding as well. Absolutely yeah the color's not too crazy so it really works for a wedding and other events. So you're gonna get some wear out of this as well. This is really good, thank you so much Lashaya. All right finally we have Morgan who is dressed for an event. You'll definitely turn up at. Yes. That's the one that I want to be at. [LAUGH] A festive, over the top holiday party. So it's also about this last look [INAUDIBLE]. See, look at it. Yeah, I know, she just looks amazing. So festive. Gorgeous. This is all about fun. This is your moment to go out, wear something crazy. And of course, sequins are an obvious choice. This is beautiful. I mean this is amazing. It's from Eloqui. And even though sequence are really fun and festive, the wrap style is classic, so it's gonna nip you right in at the waist. And it's perfect for women of all sizes. And I was worried about [INAUDIBLE] glitter a little bit- Yeah. But I see she has a little bit touch on the ear, she Of the dress and the shoe and it's perfectly balanced. It is, it's perfectly balanced. You know we went a little sparkly with the shoes as well. But that's okay, because she's got the black clutch. So it tones it down a little bit, but she's also got that sparkly earring and again, nothing too big or dangly. But that nice Pop of color with the green and the gold. It just pulls it all together. Now how do you know when you've overdone it? Like, should you have a sparkle jacket with her sparkle bag. Her date has a sparkle tuxedo on. You don't wanna be a little too much. You don't wanna be too matchy. Right, so I always say, if you think you're going overboard, you might be. So just take one piece away and just look at the entire outfit from head to toe. Put Put all the accessories together and see what it looks like because in your head, something will look great, but then you put it on and you look like a disco ball. No, but she looks absolutely stunning. She looks amazing. Absolutely stunning. Can we have all our models come back out? So if you're just tuning in, we have Rosebourne rocking an outfit that you would wear to a casual event. Kailyn who's dressed for a holiday cocktail party. Ashya in a red carpet ready formal look, and Morgan who's outfit is perfect for a festive turnt up. Ladies you all look absolutely amazing. Some of them wanna fight Patrice and steal. It's okay. We can fight, we fight, it's all right. I'm just saying. [LAUGH] Patrice thank you so much for putting these looks together. Thank you. Essence Live fam talk to us, which of these looks would you rock to your holiday event? Hit us up right now using the #ESSENCELIVE. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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