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[MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Yes. Yes. I am the so funky Janelle Monet. The electic lady herself. I mean. Okay, no no. I'm Makho Ndlovu And today on Essence Now, our editors have a few things to say about our new favorite black TV couple, Brek and Randall, from this is us. And, you all, it's Halloween. We've got some great DIY makeup that you can use tonight to celebrate. But right now, it's time for the hotlist, the biggest stories you're buzzing about. Today. [MUSIC] We're all praying for our girl, Wendy Williams. Seriously, this was so scary. During the taping of her live Halloween special Wendy was in the middle of introducing her guest. When her speech began to slur, she started swaying, lost her balance, and eventually collapsed. Now then the show returned from a lengthy commercial break, Wendy explained to her viewers that her Statue of Liberty costume just got a little too hot. Now the show has since released a statement on Wendy social media pages conforming the host is doing just fine. They said, Wendy's feeling much better. She overheated because of her heavy costume, makeup, and lights. She was able to finish the show in true Wendy spirit. Thank you for your well wishes. [MUSIC] Now the entire world may be following this Trump Russia story where three, three of his former campaign officials have been indicted for colluding with Russia. But according to 45 himself, this is all still just fake news. Trump thinks the focus should be instead on the Democrats, specifically lobbyist John Podesta who stepped down from his firm. He tweeted this. The biggest story yesterday, the one that has the Dems in a dither, is Podesta running from his firm. What he knows about Crooked Dems is earth shattering. He and his brother could Drain The Swamp, which could be yet another campaign promise fulfilled. Fake News weak! Meanwhile, one of his boys has already pleaded guilty, for lying to the FBI. Yeah, that's not a real story at all. Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see here. [MUSIC] So exactly what are the rules for Halloween costumes when you're not black, but you wanna dress up as someone who is? Well, Kim Kardashian found herself in the middle of that debate, after she tweeted a video of herself dressed up as Aaliyah from her Try Again video. And Ramona Childs wrote on Facebook, I'm not a fan of hers but she killed it. White women have dressed up like Tina Turner, Diana Ross or Beyonce and it has never been a problem so why now? Shanni Gillespie says, it may be just a Halloween costume, however with their history of cultural appropriation It comes off like every other time they try to mimic black women. So what do you think? Did Kim kill it as Aaliyah, or should non black people just stay away from dressing as black folks on Halloween? Send us your comment using hash tag Essence Now, because we're talking about it in. Slade or shade, next. It's Tuesday, October 31st, and it's time for a special Halloween edition of Essence NOW. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Now. We are the only digital live show where black women come first, and you can watch us every Tuesday at 3 p.m. Eastern on Facebook and I am your host, Macone Devaux, I mean, the one and only Electric Lady, Janelle Monet. Do you see the resemblance. Do you see, do you see it, do you see it? I know it, I know it, I know you see it! Remember, you can talk to us at any time, using the hashtag #EssenceNow. And if you wanna come on the show to sound off on topics with us live, you can just email us at All right, it's time to get in on some of the week's buzziest topics, where we're either gonna slay Or throws some much needed shade. Joining me in the studio are assitant entertainment editor Sydney Scott appearing as Bob Ross, that's very nice. Comedian and actress Michelle Attoh dressed as marshmallow man. Last but not least, we have black girl magic ballerina Scottie Bean. [UNKNOWN] is a digital producer and personality for New York's Hot 97. Hi! Thank you so much for joining us in these costumes, I'm gonna have so much fun today. All right, as I mentioned in the Hot List, Kim Kardashian-West went all out for Halloween, wrapping not one, not two, but three costumes over the weekend. However, there's one look in particular that got the social media streets accusing Mrs. West of, you guessed it, cultural appropriation. The criticism came for the costume of Kim dressed up as the late Aaliyah in her Try Again video. LAGrlCrookdSmle tweeted, legend or not Aaliyah is a black woman and you're not. It's offensive and you shouldn't push this limit. But okay, eye roll emoji. Panelists on the count of three, list Kim K's Aaliyah costume a slade or shade. One two three, lets' go. Hold them up, hold them up. Slayed, shade, slayed, okay Bob we'll start with you. Tell me what you think? Okay, I think she slayed the costume, I get the concern with her like history of cultural appropriation But she didn't do blackface or anything like that. She just kept it simple with the outfit. Okay marshmallow man. Tell me why you're shading Aaliyah. Marshmallow woman. Marshmallow woman! I'm an independent marshmallow woman. I'm not, that's right. Well like you had said Misses Bob, it's sort of like this history of culture appropriation where I'm just like you know, you married a black dude, you have half black kids Like, can't you be somebody else? And I just find it, I don't know why it's so annoying when Kim dresses up as somebody. Cause she did Mrs. Kennedy. remember that? Yes, I remember. Yeah. [LAUGH] This is ridiculous. It's ridiculous, but you're making valid points. You know what I mean? It's annoying and also, for Leah, it's too soon. I think it's too soon. Did you have a problem, Marshmallow Woman, with the, some people call it a brown face. They say that her face was perhaps a little darkened. Do you have an issue with that? I mean, in general, she's always that bronzed, you know what I mean? She always has this self tanning thing, and eating lettuce out of a plastic Container, those are her goto's. [LAUGH] Okay. You know, but I'm just like, the world is watching you. Yeah, black girl, magic ballerina, waltz on in there. It's too soon. What do you think? I think, she's been mimicking black women all her life. I mean, all her life. She slayed the outfit, I love it. I thought it was a great get-together. She really got everything from that video, which is dope. But, she's annoying. Kim Kardashian is annoying, anything that she does is annoying. So we are always annoyed by it, period. And I think that's the only reach. I think we just were reaching to complain about Something about her. But the outfit itself was dope. I like the outfit. Do you think people are just hating because it's- Not hating, cuz she's been appropriating forever. But we call her out on everything, and she's been- Doing it forever. And since she's now been with the black man. She's with the black man and she has half black kids. She now can tell people when to stop being racist. And yeah, she does that all the time. But let this child wear his outfit and shut the hell up. She gotta do what she's gotta do. My question is can she name one Aaliyah song? Song. No she will not. No she can not. Okay, now let's checkout with our girl Kayla, aka Janet Jackson to see what folks are saying on social. Janet girl what are they saying? They are saying that she slayed the costume. All right, Aluchi said I don't see a problem with it as long as she doesn't do black face. Makeba Hatcher says this girl can't do anything without it being a problem, I think she rocked it. Christy Norman said I see all the back soar but we need to stop With the double standard, quit giving $200 anger to $0.50 issues, she said. [LAUGH] Tamika Harris said, Black Twitter, please become critics and lawyers that get paid because y'all doing the most. She did well, in my opinion. I knew the character without the black face being added. And by the way, Kourtney dressed up as Michael Jackson. Right, folks didn't have an issue with that right? Courtney. It's Courtney. So Courtney gets a pass. [LAUGH] I don't see the pass [UNKNOWN] I don't know if I can pass. Okay, all right. So let's move along Chrisette Michele is being criticized and praised for a series of Instagram posts where she revealed she's experienced suicidal thoughts Suffered a miscarriage and was dropped by her record label and that yoga saved her life. Whoa! That's a lot right there. One of her captions, Chrisette also spoke about the backlash that she faced for performing at Trump's inauguration. She wrote: You've spent ten years kicking your own **** to be there for everyone, and subtly no one is there for you? I don't need to be here. Mm, while some applaud Chrisette for being open and honest, others say her posting of photo of what appeared to be the remains of her miscarriage This one too far and she's merely trying to deflect from what many film was justified many criticism for her support of Trump. Panelist weigh in, should we give Chrisette a break and slay her for her vulnerability or this is another case of social media over sharing. In 3,2,1 panelist hold on to your panels. All right, shade, shade, shade, all right- Wow! We'll start with you, Marshmallow Woman, okay? Tell me, Michelle. [BLANK_AUDIO] Nobody's perfect, right? And it's very hard to do it all right all the time. Look at this costume. [LAUGH] You look great. It's okay, it's okay, I made a choice. But I think it's also important to speak on it and try to normalize things that women go through, like rejection, like miscarriage, like suicidal thoughts, like not feeling like you are enough. And I don't know that Instagram was always the place to do it, but if you do have a platform where people do listen to it like, look, we're talking about it now than that's helpful. Because it is TMI but it's also TMI for one person is healing for the next. Damn! Interesting! I can't breathe in all this plastic? Scotty? Do you think perhaps she was trying to deflect? Cause she did face a lot of criticism from people saying about why she performed for Trump. Do you think perhaps there was an element of that in that post? Well, yes. Well I do agree with Michele I do agree if you have a platform and you feel like you're going through something and you feel like,you know people,will feel like they are not alone and you know with your pause I get that I understand it and I understand and I'm sorry for your miscarriage. As far as Chrisette Michele is a person as a whole I'm not here for a period. And her choice shaming that she called. Standing by Trump was choice shaming with black people are choice shaming her and all that BS. I think it's deflecting. Yeah. She's just trying to be the victim of something that. She could just own up to. You could just be accountable and be cool. You know what I'm saying? Hold yourself accountable for the mistakes that you're made, because obviously it was a mistake and I would be cool with it. But since you want to continue to play a victim Them. And then I'm going to shade you today. All the way. It's like what Kevin Spacey did? Right. That's a lot. That's a lot. It's turning into another situation. It is turning into another situation. [UNKNOWN] jump in. Yeah. I do. I feel like she deflected. Like, had she, I'm all here for women sharing their experiences, especially things like this because it's tough. But when she connected it to how people treated her after the inauguration, it was just like this is not the time girl. And who is her core audience? Black women. They're the ones who buy her albums. So, what did she think was gonna happen. She should ask those Trump supporters about her outfit maybe she wouldn't have got chopped. We not the ones girl. Exactly. All those Trump supporters buying it. All those Robert E. Lee fans. [LAUGH] Let's check in with Kayla to, see what social media is saying. Hey, Miss Rodriguez If You're Nasty. Hey. .What them comments looking like. Shade all around for Chrisette, unfortunately. Yondele Benjamin says give homegirl a break she is going through a difficult time. So she tried to have some sympathy. But everyone else is saying Jessica you mean Trump's base isn't your fan base? Christine Chuck said it's career suicide. People warned you when you put the rope around your neck and stood on the shaky chair. Karen Lane says this is the case of having a warped sense of self. She made a miscalculated business decision. Alienated her fan base. Started with her behavior on reality TV. Now she's focusing on her healing, but her music career is done. Ouch. That's a lot. [CROSSTALK] All right. Next up. Let's move right along. Everybody that was anybody in hip-hop and black media attended the Wapsta's wedding. A couple of weeks ago, I think my invite got lost in the mail. But what a lot of folks want to know is were the kids there? Yep. According to the newly married Keyshia Ka'Oir, her and Gucci's children live with them in Atlanta and they've made a conscious decision Decision to keep them out of the public eye. During a recent visit to the breakfast club, Keyshia explains. Gucci and I both have children. We do. It's a situation where I am proud to be a mother, but at the same time I need it to be private. I don't want the kids in the limelight, I don't them on social media, I need them to go to school and just be children. Hm, panelists, does Keyshia Ka'Oir have a point by shielding her children from the public eye? Or is keeping the kids a secret pointless, considering the couple already broadcasted their wedding on TV, and shares the rest Every day on social media. Let me see your panels, hold them up. Here we go, and 3, 2, 1, go, go, go. My God. [LAUGH] Shade, marshmallow woman. [LAUGH] Michelle? Your shading? I'm shading. I mean, what does she do, again? She's a business woman. She's a business woman, but she likes reality life. So if you like reality life, then your show has to be on the platform. So I'm just like, I don't know that you get to pick and chose, unless you're like the EP of your show, right? But, I don't know. I'm just like, if you had another talent besides just being a reality star, then maybe. Ouch. But the Kardashians and a lot of the reality stars do it. They tend to share some things and show some things. So why is she exempt? Well, I think If I am correct, Kanye West does not want Kim to show the kids, because he actually has a talent, and he wants to be famous for other reasons. They do not. That's why Courtney's kids are all over the place. Ouch. Sidney has a lot of shade. Sidney, tell me what you think. All right, sorry, I just screwed this beard in, and it's, like, getting Yea, the beard is very nice Yeah, I think she slayed, because Keyshia and Gucci have decided to be famous. But their kids haven't. Their kids didn't make that choice. So if they don't want their kids in the public eye, that's their decision And you have to respect it. And, also kids nowadays, you grow up in the limelight, some of them are absolutely crazy. So, just pump the brakes. Let the kids have a life. Let the kids be normal kids. I agree with her. Scottie? Yeah, I totally agree. I think if Keyshia's kids or Gucci's kids decide that they want to be out there, then let them be out there on Instagram or whatever it is But some people don't like posting their kids on Instagram, on Twitter and stuff like that, because people are ruthless. Yeah, they are. And rude, and I am not one. I don't have a kid yet, but I know that once my kid is out there. You won't be saying anything disrespectful, it's gonna be a problem. Gonna be a beautiful child. It'll be a problem. But as far as talent is concerned, [UNKNOWN] is a talent. Yes. But [UNKNOWN] could also tell Keyshia hey, I don't my kids anywhere near that TV's great.>>But that's what I'm curious about right? And I'm not even talking about when kids have a hashtag for their name it's like stop. But I mean, this is a televised wedding you know a lot of people are watching.>>This is true but I do think that kids were on the show but we have to keep watching to see. All right. We're gonna keep the Halloween slate or shade party going, As natural hair debate get reignited by Porsha Williams. Okay, now before we get to that, Kayla, tell me what folks are saying. Okay, they're slaying Keyshia and her decision. Sandra Batiste says I can respect her decision of keeping her family private, no one has the right to see your kids if you don't want them to. Cosette Brown says I don't know this woman, but if she's happy, God is love, stay blessed. [LAUGH] Daniela says, I wanna show you my kids pinkie toe, if I were celebrity, because people are mentally off their Rocker, they're more bullies now than ever, so I don't blame her. That is so true, you do have to put, they chose to be famous not the kids, all right, we're gonna keep the Halloween Slater shade party going, as the natural hair debates get reignited by Porsha William. And Tyreece well Tyreece is still being Tyreece. But first our editors explain why Beth and Randal from NBC's This is Us are couple goals. Watch. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Okay Sid, we need to talk about This Is Us. In particularly, the wonderful, magical, amazing relationship between Beth and Randall. Honestly, if they had their own show, I wouldn't be mad. I would sign up for all the show alerts. I would be on twitter, tweeting my little heart out I would die from embarrassment. The love between them feels so real. It's so authentic, it's so black. It's so black. The only thing that would make it blacker is if she wore a bonnet and he wore a doo-rag. That's the only thing we're missing. Scarf with a bonnet on like "don't talk to me right now." We're fighting, do you see this bonnet? Once it comes on it's not coming off. We do need to touch on their tension cuz the are kind of having a little tiff right now. Yeah, but all couples do. But this is, I feel, like so much. There's so much in this tiff because Randall is like I don't wanna adopt suddenly and Beth is like wait a minute, we got two little girls. I'm trying to like, I don't know. I think they just went through a lot of transition in last season. William obviously was the biggest one, gaining and losing him. And then the whole Kevin sleeping in their basement thing was weird. Beth finding out Randall's secret before he did. Yes. And confronting his mom about it. They just went through a lot last season. So I understand why she is obviously hesitant to make any big changes to their household. << Sure. But I also understand why he is so [UNKNOWN] And wanting to make a change, but, you know, that miscommunication is something that happens with couples. They've been together for quite some time. We still need a back story. We definitely need a back story. I need to know. How they met. Because you know it's going to be good. And fell in love. You know it's going to be good. It's going to be so black. I hope Randall is like, I went to an HBCU, we met on campus, this like really cute. Could you imagine. Let's do that. Homecoming. My god. There's something cute on the yard. I saw across the yard, and then I knew, that would be amazing. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Now. I'm your host Makho Ndlovu and we're in the midst of a very special Halloween edition of slayed or shade. This is where we take on the week's buzziest topics with our all star panel. And today I'm joined by comedian and actress Michelle Bato. Who is dressed as Marshmallow Woman. Big puff Marshmallow Woman, independent [UNKNOWN] I love it. [UNKNOWN] .com's assistant editor, Sidney Scott, appearing as Bob Ross. And last but not least, we have black girl magic ballerina, Scottie Beam who also moonlights as a digital producer and personality for New York's Hot 97. Thank you for joining us. Yes. Ladies, all right. Let' jump right back in to it. Now, in a recent interview with, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams revealed that underneath all the wigs and weaves she's natural. But here's the catch. She still relaxes her edges. Here's what she said. I will say Say that when I'm doing a lot of bookings I'll take a little toothbrush on the edges and the perm that I like to use is Just for Me. It's gentle and it's quick. So does Porsha get a slay for having her hair that slayed? Or is trying to call yourself natural when you're still using that creamy crack always a shade? All right panelists 3,2,1 hold up your panels please. That was a slow shade, okay. Scotti, we're waiting- Yeah- Any day now. Okay we'll start with you since you're not sure, what aren't you sure about? I don't understand what's the big deal- Yeah. Cause she puts her creamy crack on her baby hairs Cool. I don't, I don't know what the big issue is. But natural Twitter, in my head, natural Twitter, natural Instagram is really really cliquey to me. And they're so mean! They're not mean! But Michelle is Yes! Can you call yourself a naturalista if you're putting the creamy crack on your edges? I mean, clearly not, but this is the most interesting thing about her, so that's cool. I mean, I don't understand how you put your **** on national television every week fighting. Boobies, titties everywhere, but, you know, you can't have some cute little kinky curls. Yeah. That's so true. So I don't understand. Yeah. Sydney? I'm gonna say slayed because it's her hair, her choice. But I'm worried that would her hair not break off at the point where she relaxed it. Also, no matter how gentle the relaxer is you'll still mess up your hair. True. Just a tip. Very interesting. Okay, now our last story is dedicated to all things Tyrese, who has been very vocal about the custody battle He's currently in with his ex-wife over their ten year old daughter. Now while his ex-wife claims Tyrese abused both her and her daughter, instead of just fighting the case in court and being cordial for the sake of their child, Tyrese resorted to what he knows best, doing the absolute most. So far he's flown a banner over his daughter's school that read Daddy Loves You, checked himself into the hospital under the name, Black Father, wore an all black to a court hearing because he was quote, attending a funeral. And lastly, dedicating Marvin Gaye's hit, Let's Get it On to his own daughter. No. Yep. Let's get it on. Michelle's already saying no. But panelists, are Tyrese's latest shenanigans a slayed or a shade? All right, let's see what y'all were saying. Shade. You don't have stupid. Shade. Shade. Okay. Michelle, I feel like you just going to jump in.- What are we getting on? Child support? What is he doing? Relax! Perhaps trying to [CROSSTALK]- He needs a Xanax or a glass of pinot grigio, a massage. Why is he so extra? Calm down, black father, really? [SOUND] [UNKNOWN], I don't even understand. I can't even understand. Right? I don't even understand Tyrese, period, as far as captions go and anything. But he's just Right, I can't even believe. Why would you? Why Let's Get it On? He's probably going through a tough time. Do you think, perhaps, this is his way of reaching out to his daughter or? I mean, the Daddy loves you banner, not bad. What? That's terrible. That's embarrassing. So embarrassing. Is it her birthday? Yeah, Sydney, you're like, no? It's embarrassing. Tyrese has the ability to do the most and the very least at the same time. Yes. And this is one of those situations where it's just like. Speak about it, boss. Speak on it, [INAUDIBLE] Stop. Yeah. Doing the most with the very least. Okay, now let's check in with Kate, Kayla, who's clearly part of the rhythm nation, to see if social media has any words for Tyrese. Many words. Hey Miss Jackson. Many words. Alright, so some slade, some shade. In support of Tyrese, Janet Williams says her father will do whatever it takes to show his love for his daughter The love between a father and his children are priceless. [UNKNOWN] says by any means necessary. As long as there is no physical or sexual abuse, let the man see his daughter. But some people aren't here for it. [UNKNOWN] says he's losing his mind, shoulda checked into a psych ward. Scilla Coat says he's desperate sad the kids are dragged to the court system because the parents are immature. Poor little girl. Awws! Okay, well ladies thank you so much for joining us and rocking your fabulous costumes. And now if your in need of a unique Halloween make-up look so you can hit a party or two tonight we got you. [INAUDIBLE] My name is Siraad and today I will be creating a Halloween look. I'm going to be turning myself into Black Girl Magic. Of course, I already am Black Girl Magic, as we all are. But I want to just amp it up. Up and show kinda what the embodiment of black girl magic is to me when it comes to beauty and to makeup. [MUSIC] First I'll be using the PAT McGRATH Mothership Kit, which just landed. And then I will line my eyes. And then I also will do it super close to the lash line. [MUSIC] I'm gonna add another little pop of color. I'm gonna do a similar type of thing with pink. So I'm literally just gonna trace this over. And of course, what is black girl magic without lots of glitter? So, I'm just gonna put a little on top of my eyes. And I'm gonna actually use this as, where you would use like a highlighter, I'm gonna use just a little bit of my glitter gel. [INAUDIBLE] we have to rub it in. Otherwise, you might look a little cuckoo. And then I always like to put a little highlighter on the bridge of your nose. So kind of where I have already put a little bit of glitter, I'm gonna go back, just add a little bit of highlight. So Pat McGrath has this pinky color, dust on. So I'm just going to curl my lashes I add a coat of mascara. All types of black girl magic. Give my hair a bit of a jush. And I'm going to add a few more elements. [MUSIC] So yeah, just grab a couple of things that make you feel beautiful. And wallah, black girl magic personified. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] You're watching Essence NOW. I'm your host, Makho Ndlovu, and it's time to check in with you one more time on social. Kayla, you have been combing social media so long, but I want to know what you think. What do you think about some of these topics? Very interesting. As far as Kim wearing that, the Aaliyah costume, I mean it's just Halloween, we can just kind of take a chill pill. I think she slayed it so I'm gonna give it a slay for that one. What do you think? I just wanna know if Kim knows one Aaliyah song. If she knows one Aaliyah song, she can come to the cookout. We may never know. We may never know. Now thanks to all our guests for joining us for a very special Halloween edition of our show. Now remember Any of today's show. You can watch the repeat on and see all our videos on our YouTube channel. Remember to tune in next Tuesday at 3 PM for an all new Essence Now. I'm Janelle Monae. [LAUGH] Really, I'm Makho Ndlovu. And thank you so much for watching and have a very happy Halloween. [MUSIC]

ESSENCE Now: This Week's Episode Breaks Down Tyrese And Chrisette Michele's Revealing Social Media Posts

ESSENCE Now: This Week's Episode Breaks Down Tyrese And Chrisette Michele's Revealing Social Media Posts


This week’s episode of ESSENCE Now was full of the buzziest news in entertainment.

Our slayed or shade panel discusses Chrisette Michele’s revealing social media posts, Tyrese’s Instagram meltdown, and Kim Kardashian’s homage to Aaliyah.

Editors Lauren Porter and Sydney Scott also talk about Beth and Randall’s flawless marriage on This Is Us. Check out this week’s episode above.