Win ESSENCE Festival Tickets With Our YouTube Trivia Giveaway!

We share how you can score your ticket to this year's ESSENCE Festival through a couple easy steps. Check out the above clip.

ESSENCE.COM May, 11, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] You're watching Essence Live, baby. I'm Yolanda Sangweni, and it's time to give away some Essence Festival tickets. Okay, this next giveaway is a trivia question, based on our YouTube videos. But before I tell you, here are the rules. One, you must be 19 years of age or older. Two, travel and hotel are not included. We're just giving away tickets to the Festival concerts. But how you get there is on you. Three, you must subscribe to the Essence YouTube channel. And finally, you must email the correct answer to the Trivia question to Complete rules are available at Okay, ready? Here's the question. Back in 2015, we played a game with Essence festival artist with Remy Ma, and her husband, Papoose. Which of Papoose's items did Remy tell us she wanted to get rid of? I repeat, which of Papoose's items did Remy Ma tell us she wanted to get rid of? Remember, You have to subscribe to our YouTube channel, watch the video for the answer and then email us at to win. Good luck. [BLANK_AUDIO]