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[BLANK_AUDIO] When will the new album be released, and what can be expected from it? We are planning to released it in May, and you can expect a lot of beautiful, meaningful Meaningful love songs. But also a couple of beat songs that we wanted to include also, because I didn't really have that many on the last album and that was a point we definitely wanted to. And you know we love your up beat music. Like.[CROSS_TALK] Me too, but its hard to do sometimes. For me. So, are there any surprises, any visual albums, any videos that gonna drop along with that? That will be awesome. The project? We did that on the last album, now, we are, we are gonna do a documentary though, we gonna do it like a live kind of style where, is like in studio, and we shoot, we. Perform maybe five songs off the album. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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