Ox Tails, Edges & Jesus? Get to Know Letoya Luckett

On this segment of ESSENCE Live, watch as our panel tries to figure out our special guest. 

ESSENCE.COM May, 11, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] Right now, it's time to play Guess the Guest. Here's how it works, we have three Essence Live viewers who have no idea who our mystery guest is. Now each guy will ask our mystery guest three questions, and at the end of three rounds, they'll write down who they think the person is. Fellas, some of your opponents questions may also be clues for you. So pay attention. Now, before we get started I'll give you one clue, just one, to get your detective juices flowing. I see you got that pen. All right, you ready? So our mystery guest is a singer and actress original from Texas. This. Is everybody ready? Yeah. No. [LAUGH] All right, Jamir, you're the star. You go first, what's your question? I'm the star, I want a suit. All right. Our guest, I wanna know What makes you. Do you love fried chicken? [LAUGH] Absolutely. Okay. Okay, that was absolutely mouse which you got. Are you friends with Beyounce? [MUSIC] Yes. [LAUGH] I know who it is, I know who it is. All right, Marcus. [LAUGH] Marcus, you're next. Have you recently had a baby? No. No, ooh, okay. That was really good guys. Okay, we're gonna start round two. And this time, we're gonna go in reverse, reverse, reverse order. Reverse. All right, Marcus, what's your next question? [MUSIC] Do you have any children? No, I don't. Miles? I ain't got no, do you love Jesus? [LAUGH] Absolutely. Amen. And Jameire, what's your next question? Okay, all right Question number two for me, you have baby hair? That's a good question. I do have baby hair. [LAUGH] With the baby hair cut. Now Kobe. Guys, I hope y'all are getting this. All right, this is the final round fellas, so you got to make it good. Mouse, This is the final round. Don't blow it. What's your question this time? Okay, now you say you love Jesus. [LAUGH] And you're friends with Beyonce. Yeah. And you got [UNKNOWN]. Uh-huh? When was the last time you had a platinum album? [MUSIC] My first album, 2006. Ooh. [SOUND] Jamir? That threw me for a loop that time. Threw you for a loop? Okay, so I already think I know, but, just to make sure. Just to make sure. Can I get an eraser? You're throwing me off. All right. Jameer. Please. Here we go. [UNKNOWN] Are you, [BLANK_AUDIO] A fan of ox tail? Ox tail? Okay. Mystery guest, do you like you some ox tail? Absolutely. All right. Last but not least, Marcus. Hey. You get the final question. So just in case you don't know, this could be The thing that breaks it. Okay, the final question. Yeah. [BLANK_AUDIO] Make it good. Make it good. Singer, actress, Texas. Singer, actress, Texas. She got baby hairs. One more question, [UNKNOWN] Make it quick. Okay, do you know Slim Thug? [MUSIC] I do. All right, all right. [CROSSTALK] That's it, that's it. No more questions. And hopefully you gathered enough clues to figure out who it is. All right I'll give you ten seconds to think about it. I don't even think you need ten seconds. We know. Have you Have you written down your answers? Yeah! Yes I have! Okay As we, sorry All right, let me see your answer I don't know if it's alright [INAUDIBLE] about that capital school but [LAUGH] I don't know about that spelling Letoya Luckett. Mouse? Latoya Lockett. Okay. [COUGH] I like it. All right. That's fancy there's a tree there. [LAUGH] It's a T for Tia. I think it's a tree. Guys why don't you come on over here and meet the fellas. Come on over. Is it, is it, is it? [SOUND] [INAUDIBLE] You can't cheat on that. [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] Let's see. No, no. L, E, L, E. No, no okay, it's. No. Come one. I'm not gonna answer you guys. You just changed it. I went to Catholic school so the A's look like- [BLANK_AUDIO]