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I'm Cori Murray, and today on Essence Live, Larenz Tate is here to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Love Jones. Plus, we're going to give Oprah Winfrey and Renee Goldsberry a little science quiz based on their new film. But right now, it's the Hot List. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] The internet is loving the photos of the wedding of Orange is the New Black star Samira Wiley and writer Lauren Morelli. Particularly for the bride's stunning Christian Siriano dress. Of course, Christian has been the go to for black and curvy women in Hollywood He's also designed this beautiful yellow gown for Angela Basset. Yes. And this stunning number for Celange for the Oscars. All right. Samira Wiley who owns this black gold star loves Christian as well. Diane Brooks told ET in 2016, Christian has surpassed a lot of his counterparts in this business by a long shot. He's showing the industry that it is possible to design clothes for all women. [MUSIC] And just when you thought Donald Trump was the worst, here comes Bill O'Reilly to claim his spot. Here's what happened when Congressman Maxine Waters spoke in Washington last night. We're fighting for America. We're saying to those who say they're patriotic but they turned a blind eye to the destruction that he's about to cause this country. You're not nearly as patriotic as we are. So what does that mean Bill we've been listening all morning- I didn't hear a word she said I was looking at the [INAUDIBLE] brown wig. [LAUGH] First things first Bill, you're an ****, we already knew this of course but since you're clearly and also an ignorant **** let us educate you a bit on why you should actually listen to and respect That's respect Maxine Waters. For one, she doesn't give up. In 1996, she reintroduced a bill to divest California state pensions from South Africa six times to make sure it got passed. Two, she fights for underserved communities. Maxine has been a fierce defender of rights for women and for the poor. And 3. She believes in job creation. Her project bill works on job training and placement for young people in Los Angeles. So Bill O'Reilly, follow the advice of our girl, Angela Rye. Go straight to hell @billoreillyfactor. Straight To hell, #keepMAXINEoutyourmouth. [MUSIC] So on Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, this happened. Babynup agreement, is that what we're talking about right now? Is that a real, real thing? Excuse me! We send baby pics to each other and talk about babies all the time. Did Phaedra draw this up? No, well no, she's actually not in favor of any of this. This is not saying I will not marry. This is only saying if a baby happens before we get married we have this in place, that's all. and Twitter wasted no time sharing their opinions. @iamjoecarnell tweeted @porsha4real and this baby nuptial needs to beat it! That can't be real! Like there needs to be another storyline #foolish. @asiarchapman wrote, wow I feel you @porsha4real but your man was right #babynup was one side as hell. Maybe try drafting it together with the prenup. #getaring. Okay Essence Live fans weigh in, would you have a co-parenting agreement or baby nup before getting pregnant? Send us your votes now, because we're taking your comments next. It's Tuesday, March 28, and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to essence live your weekly black girl magic fix for the best in news, entertainment, fashion, and more. I am essence entertainment director Cory Murray. Hey girl, hey. Come talk to us using the hashtag essence live or email us at essence live at essence.com if you want to come on the show and sound off on topics. I get a little lonely being here by myself. As mentioned in the hot list Sunday's episode of real Housewives of Atlanta was an interesting one, if you've been watching this season you know that Portia Williams has been talking about having a baby with her new boyfriend Tod, but she wants him to sign a baby nap before she gets pregnant, which will stipulate all his responsibilities as a co parent so today's reviewer's poll is this Would you have a co-parent agreement or a baby nup before getting pregnant? Use #ESSENCELIVE to vote, and we'll read the results later in the show. Joining us right now, via Skype, is family law attorney, Crystal Holmes, who share some insight on this topic. Welcome to the show, Crystal. Than you for having me. Great. Can you tell us exactly what is a baby nup, and is this even a correct legal term? [LAUGH] Well, as Portia's boyfriend asks, is this a real, real thing? No, it's not. You have to be really careful when parties decide to have babies and they're not married. Because you can't contract things such as visitation and custody, and even child support, in that manner. If you do you can always write down an agreement, and of course I encourage clients to try to agree to as many things as they can. But if you do, you might find out later that a lot of those terms in this baby nup are not going to be enforceable in a court of law. Now, is a baby nup a better option than child support, or can you have both? No, it's not a better option because if you agree in a baby nup to child support, it's not enforceable. So if that non custodial parent doesn't follow their obligations and pay the child support per this baby nup, you're kind of left out in the wind. You will have to go to the court. Okay. So we saw Portia on Real House of Atlanta struggle to get her boyfriend to sign the baby nup. How do you approach a man about this? And what should his reaction be about moving forward. Basically how do you go about legally co-parenting the child you're about to have? Right. It's a hard thing. Now of course a baby nup would be similar to I guess what you would know as a prenuptial agreement. And if parties are planning on getting married, they can put certain things that relate to a baby in a prenup, for example, who's going to be responsible for the medical expenses in giving birth for this child, for example. But when it comes to, like I said, custody and visitation, that's a different story. Moms and dads just need to try to come together and talk about these things before the baby comes. That's always great. But once the baby is born, you need to take that additional step and drafting a formal Agreement that can then be turned into a court order that will address your child support and address your custody and visitation issues. You know, we read a story in The Guardian Leah Hunter wrote about she and her partner did not wanna have child support. Do you advise women against that if you supposedly have a good relationship with your partner? [MUSIC] Well, you don't have to go to the courts if you dont' need to. If you have a great relationship with your partner, and you trust them, you don't need to go to the court. However, understand that in order to have child support awarded, you will have to go to a court. Now, you could always come to the table and agree, and do an agreement, but it will have to become a court order. Okay. Now I'm assuming that the law already covers responsibility for children and marriage but should engaged women get a baby nup too? Engaged women probably should have some sort of document that outlines what the responsibilities are going to be not necessarily for the children or the potential child But how are we going to deal with costs for the baby and those types of things. But like I said understand, as far as visitation and custody and child support, that's not gonna be legally enforceable. So, let's hope, assuming they don't get married, they need to understand that that document is not gonna help them necessarily in a court of law. It could be used as evidence. But it's not something that's gonna be impossible. In your practice have you ever had a client come to you with this idea of a baby nap? Yeah. They want to know what can they do. A lot of times, one party has cut of the other party, someone is pregnant. They won't speak to them. And I mean, there's really not much you can do in that scenario but wait until the baby is born and address it with the courts. But, yes, people do come. And like I explained to them just like I'm explaining on this show right now, you can't really put provisions involving custody, visitation, or limiting child support in this kinda document. Document. Okay. Crystal, thank you so much for joining us. Kayla, what are folks saying about this on social? People are very, very passionate. So Monica Shannon says, no, it's ridiculous. It's like you're planning for the worst. You should always do it, but if you're that immature and insecure, you don't have any business trying to have a baby with someone. Debbie Thomas says why it's called child support. Tonya Arrington says, he'd better think it through because Portia's not the brightest. Sheryl Beecher says, yes I want an agreement, these men run off most of the time. Clapping hands emoji. Charmaine Noble says, this is so bonkers. Why not just find a man who wants you forever, marry him, and then have the babies. So mixed bag. So interesting, cuz I always hear the worst when it comes to dads. But like Leah Hunter wrote, they had a really good relationship, and they Made it work, this document. I think the good fathers who are not with their child's mother don't get enough credit for making it work. That's just my personal opinion. [LAUGH] All right. Keep those comments coming for today's viewer poll. Would you have a co-parenting agreement or a baby nup before getting pregnant? Use #EssenceLive to vote, and A for yes, or B for no. And we'll read the results later in the show. Coming up, Larenz Tate is here. [SOUND] But right now, let's get caught up with our April cover girls, Oprah Winfrey, and Renee Elise Goldsberry, stars of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. To see how much they really know about the science at the heart of their film. [MUSIC] What did I learn about cell biology? No [LAUGH]. Take the lead. Can I be your wingman? [LAUGHTER] Yes. True. Yes. True. It's a science test! [LAUGHTER] I thought it was gonna be a test about stuff we actually knew. [LAUGHTER] Okay. The largest human So no. I'm gonna say true. [CROSSTALK] I was gonna say false. I thought you were tricking us. She got it. [BLANK_AUDIO] Yes. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] Within a cell membrane. There two, so there's the nucleus and the cell membrane and then cytoplasm. Yes. Yes. True. You all are so brilliant.>> [LAUGH] l'm so glad it was true false. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Hey I'm Kelly Rowland and you're watching Essence Live. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live, I'm Christina Coleman, Senior News and Culture Editor for essence.com, and joining us now in studio is a man we've loved since the 90s, Larenz Tate. Hey, Larenz! What's up? I've got to give you some love. Yes! Larenz Tate just gave me a hug, y'all! He just gave me a hug! Okay. Okay, so we wanna have some fun and see if you're [UNKNOWN] your classic films as well as we do in a little game we call, remember the line. Here's how works. We'll play the clip, and then you have to see if you can finish the line. Got it? I'm okay, okay. Okay? We'll see what I can do. [LAUGH] The first one is from 1995's dead presidents. Okay. I know about pride. But you got mouths to feed. Now I laid a little cash on Juanita. Hey man, stay the [BLEEP] away from my family. What did you say? Mm, okay Laren, so what's your next line? So I have to say, I don't, [LAUGH] I'm gonna lose this game. Don't disappoint me right now. Don't embarrass us, come on, come on I'm gonna have to pass on this one, I don't know, what's the next line? Okay, well let's see what it was. Ooh. [LAUGH] You heard me, [BLEEP] dammit! I said stay the [BLEEP] away from my family. Listen I wouldn't been able to say. [INAUDIBLE] It's okay we got the [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE] NOISE] [LAUGH] [SOUND] You have to keep on seeing me. [LAUGH] Fall down the stairs Listen As well. Cmon. [LAUGH] That was the moment. I remember that part. Okay. Very well. Okay. Okay. Okay. Let's see what you can do for me. Okay, so next you play Franky Limon in the classic why do fools fall in love? So let's see how well you remember the rest of this scene. Roll clip. Here he is. [COUGH] Mr. [BLANK_AUDIO] he's sick. What's wrong with you? It's okay we don't [UNKNOWN] we go out. I go out with you. I got here, all right? Mm, what was your next line? Listen, you all make this very difficult. Why you all doing this to me? Is this too hard? Yeah, that scene cuz I don't know what happens next in that scene. I don't [LAUGH] Okay. Let's see what the correct answer is. Wait a minute. I wrote this song with Herman and I know the high part. I can sing it. I can do it I can I promise. I can do it I can I promise. I know the high, I wrote this song with Herman I know the high part. You remember that. My gosh yeah now I do. [LAUGH] Okay so make it a little easier. The next one gave us some trouble though. Okay. It was hard finding a scene where you weren't cursing up. ...a storm. It must be Menace. But, yup, it's a movie we love, Menace to Society, so ,let's roll the clip and see what happens. [UNKNOWN] Yo, dog, let me [UNKNOWN] of this [UNKNOWN] man, this is [UNKNOWN], man. What is the line? All my Menace to Society O Dog fans are gonna be so upset with me because they know the line and I need some help, what was that next line? We can't give him any help, can we? Okay. So we just have to see what the line was, come on. [BLEEP] it, I'm selling these mother [BLEEP] for $59.95. Yes, of course, the infamous [/u]. Come on. Okay, yes. I remember these, but O-Dog was selling the tape. He was selling the tape! He was out there trying to get his money up. Yeah. Remember when he was trying to sell the cheeseburger? He was always about trying to sell it. He wasn't trying to sell the cheeseburger, he was trying to give it away. Hey, anybody want a cheeseburger? [LAUGH] Okay, and the last one is a classic romance. So listen, love Jones. We just celebrated the 20th anniversary. The pressure. So let's roll the clip. And do they call you daughter to the spinning pulsar, or maybe queen of two thousand moons. Sister to the distant, yet rising star. Is your name [UNKNOWN]? Mm. Hell no it has got to be Ocean. [APPLAUSE] Of course, I got it. Let's go to the [UNKNOWN] we all right, because Corey's even over there talking about- [LAUGH] So, come on, let's roll it. Distant, yet rising star. [MUSIC] Hell no, it's got to be Ocean. [BLANK_AUDIO] Yeah. That was a moment. [CROSSTALK] Yes. Okay so just for fun do you remember lines from the poem you have to, it's such a classic? Some of them. You know, it's been a minute since I've done the poem, but- Okay, you can just spit a little bit for us, right now? Say baby, can I be your slave? I've got to admit girl, you're the **** girl, and I'm digging you like a grave. Just a little bit. Just got my whole life, just got my whole life. We gotta- I gotta snap it up. Yeah. Snap it up. There is love, all. Okay and so why do you think Love Jones still resonates with people 20 years later? It was a universal story, really about love and romance. I think that, at the time, that it had come out, a lot of people weren't used to seeing black people in love, and black people vulnerable and there was a certain sort of Way that they spoke, and how they lived, and how they saw life. And what, the prism that they looked through was a lot different than what you've probably seen with movies like, Menace to Society, or Dead Presidents. So it was really nice for us to do that movie. And where you have, just a great song, it can stand the test of time. Yep. And that was so Well crafted and people still love the movie. I can't believe it's been 20 years. 20 years. Why do you look the same? [LAUGH] That's the real question. I give that to my mother and father, the genetics. My mom and pop still look ver young, but just trying to do my best to stay young at heart. Yeah. And that always helps, but yo, listen, I appreciate All of the Love Jones fans, and all of the support that we've had over the years. Myself, Nia, and the rest of the cast, and the director, we were very proud of that movie. Yeah, and we love it too, but we do wanna know is there any behind the scenes tea, or some moments that you can share that we don't know? We just had a great time, we did the movie in Chicago, my home town. And it was just like surreal to go back to Chicago to do a movie like this. It was an underworld of these poets and intellects that I wasn't even aware of. Yeah. Until we started doing the movie, but there's no [INAUDIBLE]. Everybody got along very well. We had a great time, Bill Bellamy is a close friend of mine, Isiah Washington, Nia, everybody.Ted Witcher who cracked it, like I said a amazing script. And his direction which is beautiful its actually become a classic. Yeah, and so your new project, deuces Yes. Can you tell us a little bit about that? >. Yeah, Deuces is a crime drama. I'm kind of getting back to a little bit of the crime drama. Crime drama that stars myself, Megan Goode, Lance Gross, Rick Gonzalez, Rose Tenny, Lala Anthony. It's about loyalty, about friendship, about love, deceit. and, its something that we have produced along, I produced my company TateMen entertainment produced along with Queen Latifah's company OK So, you know we just want to do something that we felt could really resonate. It does have a combination of love, as well as some edginess to it and it comes out this Saturday April 1st on Netflix, yeah we wanted to do something. We got something to watch. Yeah you got something to watch so tell everybody about Deuces, really proud of that. What else we got? Also Right now we have audio series that I've produced with Ronsville. Ronsville. Were you gonna bring that up? [CROSSTALK] We could just talk about Ronsville right now. People could check it out on iTunes or Are Spotify or SoundCloud, its an audio drama that really reflects on the lives of African Americans in the 1940's at a time where black communities were self sufficient. Black folks had their own businesses. We had our own department stores. We had our own grocery stores, our own schools. Museums, churches you name it, we had a true community and we wanted to do a series that sort of reflected that and a lot of people don't know that the economic engine from which they were sufficient was running numbers You know gambling if you will. Yeah. Racketeering. But they flipped into something bigger. After a while other communities began to adapt that system and then the government came in and turn into it what is today, the modern day lottery. Mm-hm. And, so that starts with my self known that Ashburn would had. Harris, Tracy Ellis Ross, [UNKNOWN] Sumter. Who else? We've got my brother Mark Tate in it, Corey [UNKNOWN], Maury [UNKNOWN]. That's like a all star cast right there. We got a lot of people to come in. That's amazing. And it's [UNKNOWN] of the mind, so I hope that people can download. Every Tuesday, there's a new episodes, a ten part Series, and hopefully people will continue to check it out. Yeah, you stay working. Yes. You stay working, and we are so excited to see you in this crime drama. But we gotta get to the love, cuz I know the ladies wanna know about the love. Yeah. So you and your wife Thomasina, y'all are relationship Goals. [LAUGH] Okay, y'all been married for 11 years now? Yeah, 10. 10, okay, so that's a milestone. Yeah. Okay, so if you have to pick, what are two things that you think have made your marriage work? I think the compatibility is really important. And the friendship, you know what I mean? When you can have friendship, and compatibility, and true love, that is for us the ingredient of Of a successful relationship. And the thing about it is, we don't go by other people's standards. Mm-hm. What works in our relationship and our household may not work for the next people. But it's what we create and what we do. We don't get involved with anybody else's business- Yeah. We just do our thing, so. I know, cuz we were trying to dig up some Some information. We were like, they keep it on lock. Yeah, Love that. And the one thing about our relationship and our family, we have three children, we have three boys. And our children are truly our pride and joy. And that's the only thing that we can have. I'm out there, you know what I mean? But when it comes to our children and what we have, I think it's okay to Have some level of privacy. Yeah, I agree, Well, thank you so much for joining us, Larenz. Appreciate you all, appreciate everybody's support. Thank you so much. So more from Essence Live is up next. Experience it all at the 2017 Essence Festival presented by Coca-Cola June 29th through July 2nd in New Orleans. 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[MUSIC] Coinage. Life, well spent. Presented by Geico. You're watching Essence Live and I'm entertainment director Cori Murray. And I am still hot because I got a selfie with Larenz Tate before he left. But anyway Let's talk about Essence Festival which is presented by Coca-Cola and it's going to be epic. You can buy your tickets at essence.com/festival tickets. And here to talk all things about Essence Festival, supervising video producer Noni. Welcome to the show. Hey. What's going on, Corey? I love your shirt. Thank you. NoNe, we have a big-ticket sale going on right now, that ends on April 5th. Tell us all about it. Look. For a limited time, if you go that website you just said, people can get a ticket for all three nights. They're giving out a package deal. All three nights, basically for the price of one. So if you think about it, Every night there's a main show at the stage and you got four super lounges so that's five concerts a night and then three nights and then you have 15 shows that you can basically see for one ticket so you gotta go out and get that. Come on. We've got Chance the Rapper, Solange, Diana Ross. John Legend plus I hear that Mary J Blige is doing something special called Ladies night. My goodness. What can we expect. So that is the night that is on the tip of everyone's tounge. Mary has curated a special ladies night for us that she has picked her favorite female artists to perform so you've got Mary herself of course, hits upon hits upon hits. With the over the knee. With the over the knee, come on you know you're going to have to marry that. And then you've got Jill Scott who's got, come on, amazing hits. And you got Chaka Khan, queen mother. And then you also have Ari Lennox who is this amazing new artist on J. Cole's label, who's actually amazing. Monica and Jazmine Sullivan, that's just the main stage. Then you got the super lounges which is gonna feature Jhene Aiko, you got Remy Ma, we all wanna see what Remy Ma's gonna say down there at Essence Fest. Festival and then you have Tionna Taylor and that's just to name a few at the Super Lounge. It's gonna be an amazing night. Wow! And Essence Festival is more than just about music. There's the empowerment stages. Last year we had Oprah Winfrey, which was amazing and those speakers give so many legendary gems. My goodness. Tell us about that component of the Festival. Yes, I think, like a lot of people, this year above any other year, with a lot of people feeling disenfranchised and just fearful of the uncertain future with the political climate that we're dealing with. People are gonna be flocking to the Essence Festival in droves. And I think the Essence Fest team has left no stone unturned with bringing some of the most Thought provoking speakers we hame Iyanla Van Zant who we know is going to fix all of our lives. Then we've got congresswoman Maxine Waters who you guys just spoke about earlier in the show, so. Respect. You gotta respect Mrs. Maxine. And then you have Michael Eric Dyson and then Ava Duvernay just to name a few. Then we also are featuring some millennials this year. You got NOLA poet Cleo Wade, and then Mary Pat who is a 90 year old sophomore in college at Spellman, who's making history running for public office. So I don't remember what I was Doing at 19, but it wasn't running for public office [LAUGH]. So this is definitely not the year to sleep on Essence Festival, like you've got to go down, you have to get your tickets. We have to all come together, you know, this year it's gonna be really important. And remember, where can you get those tickets? So you've gotta go to Essence.com/FestivalTickets right now, only until April 5th can you get the special. But definitely be there, gotta be there. Thank you Noni, thank you so much. Thank you, thank you guys. All right, so before we head out, let's check in one more time with our, on social, hey Kayla. Hey, all right, so everyone's excited for For Essence Fest and for Larenz Tate, still. Yolanda Hunt says, I've got divorced after seeing Love Jones. She said she needed something more, she left it at that. So the poll question we asked, would you have a co-parenting agreement and or baby nupt? Tish Williams says, no, you couldn't possibly cover everything when it comes to parenting. Karen Blueford says, why not? A lot of people are crazy now and money hungry. Yolanda Hunt says, for me, a prenup and marriage license covers it all. She agrees. Nadine Jones says, yes. After my divorce from hell, I went through it all. No man can talk me into any more children without the financial security. Wow. Yeah. It kept her real. All right that was, it felt right. I think I need a little more information about the baby. You're pregnant right and then you throw a contract on the table and if he proposes you throw another contract on the table it's one too many contracts. At least you have it all in writing, you know what you're getting into cuz the worst thing you can do is to go down becoming a parent Parent. And then your child's father flips a mess on you. And you're like, why didn't we talk about this before? But with something like this, you know where his feelings are. You know where he is about religion, finances. All of that stuff is pretty much up front. I'm not mad. So thanks, Kaylynn. So it's time to see the results of our viewer poll. We asked, would you have a coparenting agreement or babynup before getting pregnant? And the results are Yes 5%, no 95%. What? Ladies y'all going to this blind I'm telling you. Thank you for giving the poll today and thank you to Lorenz Tate and all of our guests coming through. If you missed any of today's show you can catch the replay on Essence.com and see all of our videos on our YouTube page. And remember to tune in next Tuesday at 3:00 pm for an all new Essence Live. I'm Cory Murray, see ya! [MUSIC]
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