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[BLANK_AUDIO] Hi I'm [UNKNOWN] and today on Essence Live. Our girl Tamar is here to talk love, marriage and her new talk show. Plus we've got the hottest fashions to get you through the rainy days of spring and Slayed Or Shade is back. But right now it's time for The Hot List. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] I'm so excited for Essence festival. It is going to be lit. It's going to be a lituation. And with a no limit reunion I can't wait to hear your masterpiece hits, like, Make them say new limit soldiers and more on the main stage. Plus Master P is from New Orleans. So you never know if he's gonna bring some special guests with him. Maybe festival performer Solange, maybe or hometown fave Big Frieda, maybe maybe and finally We're so here for Mia X's comeback. Since her No Limit days, Mia has used her battle with cancer to inspire others. In 2016 she wrote on Instagram quote, I think about women who can't afford their copay, their medicine. The additional costs for seeing specialists. Women who leave radiation therapy and go to work, because they still have bills. No matter what God's plan for me, I'm ok. But I want to make sure that I help as many women as I can. Aw Mia, we love you. Now remember to get your tickets for Essence Festival now. At Ticketmaster.com. [BLANK_AUDIO] In the words of our girl Tamar, the lies you tell. That's what many Americans are saying after President Trump continues to deny the truth. Or, plain make up stuff. There was this tweet of Monday that Russia had no influence over the election. Nevermind the fact that James Comey had just testified that they, in fact, did. Then there's the bold face insistence that Obama wire tapped him. Again, no proof of that. And then there's the dumb stuff he says just for kicks. now according to a New York Times article, Trump once lied, get this, get this, about his tiles in Mar-a-Lago club being made by Walt Disney himself. Seriously? Seriously. Unlike our new president, we can't make this stuff up. But unfortunately, all this lying could be bad for our brains. According to political, quote "When we are in an environment headed by someone who lies, so often, something frightening happens. We stop reacting to the liar as a liar, his lies become normalized." We might even become more likely to lie ourselves. [MUSIC] Now Tyrese, let's talk right? We let it slide when you kept tweeting questionable relationship advice like exhibit A. And again when you whined about not being able to sing at our black women in Hollywood event. despite the fact that you are invited as a guess but now your post and delete on Instagram about women who wear weaves or have plastic surgery, bro, bro. Didn't you just get married? Why are you concern about what other women do to their bodies? But we can't be too surprised after all this is the same man who told us this last year. When I met a women. Thank you. That's got a soft voice. And her voice doesn't even go above a certain octave. [LAUGH] So what say you? Are we being too hard on Tyrese, or does he have a point about natural versus manufactured beauty? Send us your comments right now using the hashtag #essencelive because we're talking about it in Slayed or Shade. Next. It's Tuesday, March 21st and Essence Live. Starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live. You can watch us right here on essence.com and Facebook Every Tuesday at 3 pm. Hey girls, thanks for tuning in. I'm Makho Nolovu and remember you can holler at us anytime using the hashtag #essencelive or email us at [email protected] If you want to sound off on the topics. And speaking of sounding off, it's time for a little slayed or shade. Joining me today is radio personality MEZ; entertainment journalist Sharon Carpenter; and Slayed or Shade regular, celebrity stylist Rory Vice. Hi, good to be here. Listen, good to have you guys here. Let's get right into it. Let's not waste another second. As I mentioned in today's Hot List, newlywed Tyrese criticized women who rock weaves, and may have gotten a little nip tuck plump. He wrote, "We know the difference in real hair and fake clip ons. We know eyelash extensions and we know fake, hard titties pointing in four directions with your ribs showing in the middle, we know when you got little chicken legs and it leads to an oversize ****. Hashtag, fake ****. You guys are really starting to go too far with the manufactured beauty. Finally, she writes, if your beauty has been purchased, that's fine, own it, enjoy it. Just know that us [UNKNOWN] out here See the real. Panic. Okay, now, that's a lot to take in. Are we slaying or shading in two, three, please hold up your card. You already know. > Shade, shade, shade, all right. Yes Slayed. [LAUGH] Eazy, you're gonna have to explain yourself. But we're gonna give it to ladies first. Sharon, tell me why you're shading him. Well, here's the thing. I mean, I think the way he delivered the message was atrocious. It was offensive, it was misogynistic. So no one's gonna listen when you're throwing all this garbage. Out there on Instagram. But I, and there is a big but here. Okay. There is a big but, I feel like deep down Tyrese did have good intentions for this. Here's why, so, I'm a woman I love to rock hair extensions and eyelashes. I don't care what any man says, I'm gonna do that for myself to feel good. But we are living in a day and age right now where young women are feeling so much pressure to look perfect. On Instagram, on Snapchat, we're using filters and Photoshop filters and all of these things. And some of these young women are taking it very, very far, getting surgery, sometimes illegal **** shots, these things that can really harm their health as well. And I think what Tyrese underneath all of the BS is trying to say is that you have to learn how to love yourself for who you are and how you were born. And at the end of the day and if a man really loves you.>>Yeah>> He's gonna to love you for you.>>Yes.>>Rather than Your assets that you might be showing on Instagram- I wish she we would write- So- On his Instagram and write on his behalf because that was perfect. [INAUDIBLE] Where [UNKNOWN] yeah. [INAUDIBLE] Stayed there. Yeah. That's the thing, the way he said it- [INAUDIBLE] Exactly. There's no need to be offensive, I find that a lot of times in the media right now, there's more offense and defense than anything. Like let me offend you first and then defend it later, And it's like, just don't be offensive, say what you mean without having to go there. We don't always have to be shady. I mean, shady can be good sometimes, [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] Tell the truth. [CROSSTALK] filter out there. I agree. Too much access to it. [UNKNOWN] we gotta talk about your slayed here. I think she kinda took some of my wind on that. Women love to say they wanna feel pretty and beautiful If that's what makes you feel that, go ahead and be that. We know what the fake is. And we know what's real. I don't think it's that big of a deal. So really it was his delivery that. Absolutely. The delivery was bad. And he probably talks to his boys like that at the end of the day. Well me question is Was before you got married, though. So that means you didn't do no fake titties, no- Wait a minute. Let's not pull up the receipts. Kayla? Let's not pull up the receipts. I'm just saying cuz it happened with Mary so does that mean I know [UNKNOWN] there? You gotta change, hey. Yeah, okay. [LAUGH] Kayla, what do the folks on social saying? My god. Yeah. So much shade, I can't even keep up with the comments. Please. All right. So Bar. Honey West says, Tyrese can go straight to hell. Tanya Thomas says Tyrese who? Lisa says not interested in Tyrese's comments. Those are just his opinions not facts, so I'm cool. Maureen though says, Tyrese talks too much, simple as that. He usually starts making some sense at first, then somewhere along the line his ego get involved. He should just face his marriage and I hope it's to death do us part. Ooh. That ego keeps coming out. Now that was Reed. It was. Focus on your marriage, and make sure that your message is clear. All right, so we're gonna move right along. Just months after a crushing defeat in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton is reportedly considering a run, wait for it, For mayor of New York City. Reports, yes, reports say her team is currently gauging interest in a Clinton comeback and Clinton herself has recently hinted at the same event saying, I am ready to come out of the woods and to shine a light on what's Already happening around kitchen tables at dinner like this to really help draw strength to enable everyone to keep going. Panelists, I gotta get your thought on this. Is this a good move for Hillary? To run for Mayor of New York City? Or should she just go back in the woods? [LAUGH] And stay there. Let's see if you're slaying of shading it. Can you lift up your cards? Let's see, slayed, slayed, shade. You always gotta be- Why I gotta be the bad guy? [CROSSTALK] We're gonna start with you. Cuz you're clearly, yeah, so. Listen, I'm all for the women empowerment and everything else like that. I feel bad that she didn't win the election. But if If you go up and lose this mayor But do you think she'll really lose the mayor? People of New York like her. We didn't think she was going to lose the presidential one either. That's true Sharon? Here's the thing. By the way, I love Hillary's whole new swag that she has. The new hairstyle, she seems to be re-energized. I think she would win, if she made a bid from there she would win, at the end of the day I think New York would love that. I don't think she's gonna do it though, at the end of the of day she is used to running national politics, international, secretary of state, a run for the White House is very different. To run for Gracie Mansion, very, very different. At the end of the day, I don't think she's going to want to run. She was a Senator for awhile, right? So it might be a step back. So maybe the state level, but not the local level. I don't know, Hillary likes to be in power Being the Mayor of New York is a big thing. And I think that she would just really be excited to have a position. I will be excited to have her as a Mayor cuz we probably gain some of our city back. New York has gotten lost in its way, though our past two mayors. Yeah. present one included. Yeah. And, I don't know, she might be able to help us get what we need back. Well, either way we'll be. Some of our swag back. I agree, either we'll be watching, it sounds like we're all excited. Kayla, what are the folks on Facebook saying. Hey, well people are showing her love, so people are. Ready for whatever she has in the works. Gloria Sykes says go Hillary, keep hope alive. Vanessa Wright says, go Hillary, believe in you. Karma Channey says, Essence Live, no one cares about Hillary, so where's Bernie? So not everyone's showing her love. Wait a minute, we love Hillary. We can love Bernie too. We love Hillary. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. We love you, Hillary. So here's the last one. Lastly, ahead of the Netflix special, Dave Chappelle sat down with Gayle King for an interview where he admitted that it hurt to see the show Key and Peele Use the sketch comedy format that he fought so hard to establish while working on Chappelle's show. Without getting any of the credit, watch. When I watch Keane and Peele, and I see they're doing the format that I created, and at the end of the show it says created by Keane and Peele That hurts my feeling. Mm, panelists, what are your thoughts on this, and does Dave Chapelle have a point? So let's hold up the cards. Is it slayed or shade? Shade, shade, shade, slayed! [CROSSTALK] I feel Dave Chapelle on that. Okay, tell me, why is that? Why do feel him? I fought for all this, and then the minute I'm not here, you guys full of position, you've created it. Come on. Sharon, what have you created? Wait a minute, it was about 10 years later I think, and here's the thing, I mean, if we look back at the Chappelle Show, we can see credits for Eddie Murphy, and Chris Rock, and Richard Prior, if that's the case Right. And their show's not as close to the Dave Chappelle Show. Now, no shade to them, but Dave Chappelle Show was amazing. Key and Peele, [SOUND]. But have we gotten Key and Peele's side of the story? [UNKNOWN] what do you think about that? We haven't gotten their side yet. However, so what does that mean for shows like In Living Color or The Williams Family? They created a certain type of sketch comedy. Flip Wilson did a sketch, there's a format that has been built on for black comedy shows for years to come. I don't think Dave Chappelle created it.>> Yeah. You know what I mean.>>Everyone is influenced by someone.>>Absolutely. Now Wants credit for being the influencer, that's up to them to want to give him that credit. But at this moment in time, I think it's important to not create this type of, you know. No, I agree on that. But again, everybody wants to be offensive to be defensive. But this is the thing, I mean Dave Chappelle is a legend and he gets credit for being a legend. Still around. He has these Netflix specials coming out. I don't think Key and Peele are taking away from him. Yeah. He's stands alone. I tend to agree with that. And obviously [INAUDIBLE] is doing something completely different with Get Out. Absolutely and congratulations to them. All right, Kayla. What are the folks saying? Hey, girl. So people are on his side. They are slaying Dave Chappelle. There's others, they are. They're saying Ernestine Hill says they should give him credit for sure. Deborah Trainer says if they took it from him they should give him his props. Polly Fraser says give him his credit due. So everyone's on his side. Well wow. Can I just say he is actually giving them his props. Or giving him props. Because in interviews, They say that he's been a very big influence. That's all they need to say. We just need to get them in a room. They need a comedy hug. A comedy hug, I love it! We'll make it happen. Panelists, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me. Coming up, Tamar is here. Here to talk about the new season of Braxton Family Values. Plus, we've got fashions to get you through the rainy spring season. But first, Essence editors Lauren and Sydney give their take on the epic film Get Out. Watch. [MUSIC] Okay so we really need to talk about Get Out because everybody's talking about it. I've seen it twice. I've seen it three times. It's time we discuss. We gotta talk about it. So good. Phenominal.>> First of all, a warning to anybody out there dating someone named Rose. Film history has proven, first with Titanic that you cannot trust a Rose. She will not move over on the door for you. You do not need to go to her parent's house. And hang out with her family. Don't trust a Rose.>>Don't trust a Rose.>>Never met a Rose I liked.>>Let this be a PSA.>> Although Rose that shoots here, quality Rose. [LAUGH] Only Rose I'll trust. I would trust that Rose with my life. But all the other Rose's gotta go.>>Gotta go.>>Out of the garden you go.>>Mm-hm.>> Okay so I need to talk about how in the end Spoilers out there, if you haven't seen it. Spoiler alert. In the end, when, what's his name? Chris! Who's man is this? When Chris didn't kill [UNKNOWN]. I kind of understand why he didn't. I have a problem with it. I'm still upset about it. I've seen it three times and I'm still kind of angry that every time he doesn't do what I need him to do. Well they were like five months into this relationship talking about they love each other. So I can understand why he didn't- Which is also a red flag. Yeah. No, what, we've been together- It's only five months. Five minutes basically. [LAUGH] You don't love her. She was a bit peculiar to Begin with like at the beginning when she tries to get in and knocks with her head. I was like you have feet. [CROSSTALK] You could have just tapped on the door with your foot. You didn't have to head bang on the door, no. She's not wise. Red flag right there. If anybody knocks on your door with their head, don't let them in. But there were red flags from the beginning of this movie. I don't like scary movies. You know that. I love a good scary movie. Everyone upstairs knows that I do not like scary movies at all. So I was really hesitant to see this movie. It's not that scary. No, I jumped several times. I jumped when the deer got murked. I jumped when rose was not empathetic to the fact that the [INAUDIBLE] that the deer got murked. She really did not care about that deer. She didn't [CROSSTALK] I was scared when the cops showed up, and he asked Chris for his ID. I'm mad at Rose for that though. Yeah Rose was about to make the situation way worse, like mind your business. And don't say my man. Yeah I'll give him my ID, Sweetie. We'll go about it and we'll leave. Sweetie that is not your man. That is not a Okay? Situation you need to escalate. Thank you. [MUSIC] So it was Halloween, everybody was dressed, ready to go trick-or-treating. Everybody taking pictures, and then all of a sudden, my mother gets ran over. By the golf cart. My momma can't even go like this, not in front of my baby. [LAUGH] You're watching Essence Live, I am Makho Nolovu, and that was the clip from the new season of WeTV's hit show, Braxton Family Values. We are just thrilled to welcome back one of our favorite ladies, Tamar Braxton. Hi. Hi Tamar. Am I one of your favorite ladies? You really are. Like no lie. No, because I really love this show too. But I really love you. Thank you, thank you. We love you. You are such a huge part of the Essence family. Before we even get to the love fest How is mama Evelyn doing? Listen, she survived [LAUGH]. My god. And she's great, she's great. Thank god. What happened in that club? Well we were really about to go trick or treating. We were taking pictures and I don't think anybody was paying attention for like 3 seconds. Because he's 3, he's so fast and he just. Runs over her. My gosh. Gets in the golf cart and just hits the pedal. My gosh. But she's okay, she went to the hospital. She's okay. I wasn't okay. You weren't okay. You were emotional. My God. Not my mama though. Not my mama from baby. How you get over that? You can't get over that. [LAUGH] Okay, so you've been very outspoken about finding love for Mama Eve. Yes. Which we all want. We all want her to find love. Me too. If you could hook her up with a celebrity, who would it be and why? A celebrity. A celebrity. Okay, I think she has a crush on whoever has the State Farm commercial. Wait, the guy from the [UNKNOWN] movie with the real deep voice? The real deep voice. He has a real deep voice. Or like James Earl Jones, she likes real deep voices like that. Now that's a good hookup. Yeah, it is. Is he married? I don't know if James L. Jones is. We're going to have to check on that. But the guy from State Farm is 60, so that's That's great. Yeah. So we've seen the show. We love the show. We are part of the Braxton Family Values. We love you and your sisters. And you have talked about leaving the show at one point. There have been some tense moments. Why do you keep coming back to the show?>> Well, because these are my sisters and what I don't want is for people to always think that's all me and my sisters do is argue and fight. And it's not like that you know, in real life. And I love my sisters, and I respect my sisters. Mm-hm. So before I get on TV and continue to act crazy, and you see the bad stuff, you know, Yeah. With sisters, instead of always the good and the funny. Mm-hm. I'd rather walk away from the situation. Yeah. Because that's not what I feel, my family value is So we're gonna see a lot of balance in this upcoming season- Well, it's a little bit. Fighting and getting. A little bit. Wait a minute. What you mean [CROSSTALK] Because I'm honest. Be honest.Please. Please. I mean it's there. However, I think I'm I'm in a different place, to where if someone has an issue with me, I wanna talk about it right then and there and apologize for my part in the situation, and move on, because life is short, and I love my family, and I just want us all to get along. I'm so here for that. [LAUGH] It's true. I'm so here for the reconciliation of the Braxton family sisters. [LAUGH] Now I love that you keep it real on the show. We get to see you and [UNKNOWN] relationship. Now we've heard some crazy rumors, there was an alleged 911 call, an incident that happened in [CROSSTALK]. I heard I got my finger bit. I heard you got your finger bit. Did that happened to her? Yeah, but that was hairstyle battle or something that was crazy Yeah, but every single year, I don't know if you remember, me and Vince are getting divorced. Yes. I don't know where this is coming from. But the devil is alive and we're together. Amen. Let's clear it up for the record. Cuz we wanna make sure we keep it real. Did it happen. I didn't call 911, I don't have a male assistant. It's just Vince and I when we travel together. I don't have security, We don't roll like that we're regular people. Yeah, Yeah and I'm so glad that you could because there's another story that popped up and keep it so real. Another story There's another story Well [INAUDIBLE] So this story involves a Lady who says that she had. No, I'm rolling my eyes over [INAUDIBLE]. Liza, Linda Where I'm going. [LAUGH] She says that she had a baby, father to child, while you were with Vince. Mm-hm. What is going on with that, is there a paternity test that's pending? What is happening? In real life? With real life, tell me. So here's the thing, the only reason why I chose to address it was for it to not become a thing, you know what I mean? Because it's a fictitious story The night before my wedding, my husband was over at Tony's house. Tell us. He was very afraid, of course, like very other guy, right? And, no. I don't even know this lady. I don't know this beautiful child and obviously somebody on Facebook's child. But my husband Even if he did step outside of my marriage and I took him back, you would know about this, baby. Because you keep it so real. You are on TV, you go to Instagram and share with us on social media. You are an open book. I'm not that much of a liar because I have no memory. You have to be able to remember your lies to be a good liar. I know that's right. Yeah, you know what I mean? So you're reading this story. You're hanging out. Home you and Logan and Vince. How does this story all unfold? How did Vince react to it when he found out what was going on? Well, he found out after I posted it. [LAUGH] He found. [LAUGH] Tamar, wait a minute. I had a little bit too much time that day. And what happened was I had my little phone and I kept getting tagged. And then I didn't think it was gonna blow up the way that it did, to be honest, because I didn't really think twice about it. And so I just had to let it be known that if this was his child, or if he did have a child outside of our marriage, and I decided to take him back, that's not the type of woman I am, I'm gonna stand by my husband, I'm gonna love every part of my husband, I can't just love the part that I like about him, that's not marriage. So, this is a birthday month We're celebrating your birthday in a month. Yes, yes. It's not even a day or a week or- My birthday season, I like to call it. [LAUGH] Hello, and you, like this is, forty! How, wow, you look amazing! I cannot believe I am forty. I mean, it's amazing. The baby of the family is now forty. I know, I know. Amazing, yeah. And I feel great. Yeah, so what is on your birthday wish list? What are you hoping you're gonna get for the birthday season? Okay, so I don't know if Vincent Herbert is feeling this, but I just wanna go to a hotel with my girlfriends and have a slumber party. Have a slumber party. Yeah. Who would you invite. Who are some of the girlfriends? I would invite Tisha Campbell. Love Tisha. Love her. Malika and Kadisha. [INAUDIBLE] I do the twins. [INAUDIBLE] the twins. See I don't have that many friends. [LAUGH] I'd invite Toni cuz she's already in LA. Okay. And I think that's it. That's it. Maybe Tasha? Tasha, so maybe that's it. Okay, I hope Vince heard that, cuz birthday month is the whole month, so he has lots of time to plan. Yes. Yeah, so I'm a Tay Martian, if I haven't made that clear. You're so sweet. Even though I totally almost butchered that We gotta talk about this new music, Tamar. You gotta stop playing with my feelings and emotions.>> I'm not, I promise. [LAUGH] What is going on with this album? I am not playing with your emotions.>> [CROSSTALK] Please. It was just like everybody else wants to hear it. I want it to be out as well. Okay. And I think this is the most amazing album that I've done so far and I know I said that about Calling All Lovers. And I was right about that. Mm-hm [LAUGH] Then this record now is my best work yet. And you're working with Rodney. Rodney Jerkins and Vincent and LaShawn Daniels and TC. And we just- I gotta make a date, I have to pull a date Tay. I don't know, I can't tell you. So it's TBD It's TBD. We gonna be waiting, we'll wait. I think he's just gonna drop it one day when he feels like he wants to drop it, and he's gonna drop it. It's T Price. So keep your iTunes card ready. [LAUGH] Keep your little coins together. I will, I will. [LAUGH] I'm so here for it. Another thing that we have to talk about is your talk show, which I am So excited about that. Can you give us more details about the talk show? Well the only thing I can give away right now, is that it's gonna be amazing. And we are still working out a lot of the details on what it's going to be about, and when it's going to happen. But it's definitely happening. Clear that up. And you're still with Steve Harvey, and all of that. Still with Steve Harvey. All right. I am so here for that. [LAUGH] Tamar, thank you so much for coming through. Remember you can watch Braxton Family Values Thursdays on WE tv. Coming up we've got the hottest rainy day looks to get you through spring. But first, Essence Festival is in New Orleans 4th of July weekend and you do not want to miss it. You can buy tickets now at ticketmaster.com. But here's a look at who's performing this year. [MUSIC] You are watching Essence Live. I'm Senior Relationships and Lifestyle Our Editor Charli Penn and it's time for Ready, Set, Fierce! Where we showcase fabulous fashions, with expert advice. Now that spring is here it's all about flowers blooming and milder temperatures, but unfortunately that also means Spring showers, but that doesn't mean you can't still look great in rainy weather. We've got our guy, Essence fashion assistant, Avon Dorsey, here to take us through some ways to get through those rainy days in style. Welcome back Avon. Hi. Hi love, it's good to have you. Thank you. I always love coming here. It's always great. We love having you. But before we start talking about rainy weather fashion can we talk about spring trends in general? What can we expect? Okay so for spring you can expect two tone denim, uneven hem on the jeans and also So we work shirts. What's that? What's a we work shirt? So a we work shirt is not your basic button up. It's a white shirt, but it may have an extended collar or it might have an extra sleeve or the hem of the shirt might be long. It's just reworked in an untraditional way that you can wear underneath of your rain clothes. I love it. And speaking of rain clothes, let's get to it, shall we? Let's do it. So coming up first we have Katrina, who is reworking a classic look. Katrina is wearing the classic trench coat look. This coat is by LL Bean, it's a crosstown trench. It's 129, available at LLBean.com. She also has on a pair of Harlequin Olive duck boots from GHBass, and those are a whopping $79. That's a great deal. It's a great price for a great look and the classic color for the trench matches the boots. Love it. You can just put on your dark jeans. You can be- Go. Out the house in a minute. And it's belted. And you know I love a belted coat. The cinched waist is always a go to and it's just such a clean look. Up next we have a bold look We have [UNKNOWN] in a bold printed pattern, and it's perfect for especially on a gloomy day. Yes, for spring it's all about florals and prints for your rain jackets, and she has on a Draper James Meadow Garden rain jacket. She also has on a Dooney [UNKNOWN] patent mini Barlow bag, which adds a pop of color to your outfit. And then get into those boots, the Bearpaw constant boot with white and it's a whopping $48 boot. $48? $48 to have your feet singing in the rain. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] and I love it. I never would have thought about white boots. But you know what white doesn't get dirty like that and plus the water is coming down, so it's always gonna be rinsed off, so. Thank you so much Alan. Up next, we have Chanel, who is giving us a modern update on a look we all love, okay? The traditional yellow raincoat. So we all know about the rubber ducky. So Chanel has on he yellow Maison Jules hooded raincoat, available at Macy's. It's only $99. She also has on a Draper James umbrella, and she has a Bernardo 1946 peony rain boot. And a good thing about those boots is, they look like a dress shoe, but it's all waterproof. I love it. The whole everything, boots, jacket. Everything's waterproof, the umbrella, everything's great. And then with the boots, your ankles won't get wet, because the mesh is waterproof as well. Janelle, thank you so much. And last but not least we have Amber. Amber is rocking a look for the divas that are just a little bolder and really just want to make a statement and don't want to sacrifice that [UNKNOWN]. Yes, Amber is giving you unconventional realness. So she has on a Veronica Beard hero camouflage parka. She also has the [UNKNOWN] cross body bag and then the [UNKNOWN]. Camel duck boots from G.H. Bass. I love it. So this is for the fashion girl. You want to be out in the rain but you don't want to be looking drab. I mean all the looks are great, but there's camouflage and then the camouflage boots. Fantastic. She pulls it all together. She sacrifices no style here. No style, fashion girl all the way. Amber, can you show us the bag? Now this is waterproof, Ivan? This is a waterproof Dooney & Bourke Patent Ginger crossbody bag in the orange She pops with the camouflage. So this is your style saver. I mean, everything is affordable, everything looks great. It's just the way to go. I love it. Well, thank you so much, Amber. Let's get all the models back out, for one last look at their fantastic rainy weather outfits. Yes. Ladies, you look lovely. Okay, so to recap, We have Katrina wearing classic rain gear in her classic trench. Darolyn being bold in her printed raincoat. Shanelle wearing a traditional yellow coat. And Amber wearing an unconventional but stylish way to keep dry during rainy days. Ladies you all look fantastic, thank you so much for coming out today. Avon, as always, it's It's a pleasure. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming. You're welcome. Putting these fantastic looks together. Of course, any time, any time. All right. Essence Live fam, leave us your comments now with #essencelive and let us know which look you loved best. Miko, back to you. Thanks, Charlie and Avon. And thanks to our models who look Fabulous in those raincoat. All right, Kayla. What did you think about those looks? Those looks were cute, right? Love it! And everyone online is loving the spring looks, and loving our interview with Taymar. But the comments are still coming in for Tyrese. Okay, wait, what are they saying? People are still talking about Tyrese, who recently went online to bash women who wear weaves and plastic surgery. I mean and have plastic surgery. So Brandy Love says women of all races wear weaves. Hair sheds for different reasons, childbirth and stress. Regina Hicks says, I don't see why people are getting so upset about who He married, we are one race. Stop putting people in those boxes. Mm. Sharon Lee says, I agree with him, I don't like Tyrese, but he spoke the truth. So some people did agree with him, but most [LAUGH] did not. So Desire Des says, he is a bit messy now, shut about Tyrese, what about your wife, and what's she hiding? Wait a minute, and that's valid. [LAUGH] He did just get married. Why is he focused on what other women are doing? I don't know, my personal opinion, I want Tyrese to have a seat Because- Right? Have several. There's so many here. Several seats. He was on my bad side, when he was on Wendy Williams. And he was bashing women, telling them not to internalize getting cheated on, but he could never take that from a woman. So I'm burning my Baby Boy poster. [LAUGH] Bye, Jody. You can't separate the person from the artist, Kayla, it's not gonna happen? Nope, bye Jody. I tend to agree with you. I think Tyrese, what he was trying to Perhaps say got lost in the way he delivered it. The message about empowerment and loving your body. If that's what he wanted to say, he should have just said that. Just like that. Just like that. Thank you so much, Kayla. And a special thank you to our girl, Taymar Braxton, and all our guests for coming through. If you missed any of today's show, you can watch the replay shortly on essence.com. And see all our videos on our YouTube page. I'm [UNKNOWN] and thank you so much for watching. Bye. [MUSIC]
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