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I'm Dana Blaire and today on Essence Live we have Ms. Patty Patty, the legendary singer is dishing to us about her newest tasty treat. And my girl Keke Palmer is here to talk about her new book and take your questions. But right now, these are the biggest stories you're buzzing about today. So the internet is comparing the head of Uber to Nino Brown from New Jack City. And trust me, this is hilarious. It all started with Uber broke the strike by taxi drivers against the Trump administration's muslim ban. And the fact that the company is also on one of Trump's advisory boards did not help. So when the CEO responded with a statement naming several other companies as also being on Trump's board, social media was not having it. @Lo_Namath tweeted, the CEO from Uber gave up tape on 12 to 15 businesses. And in my [UNKNOWN] Brown voice, This is bigger than Uber baby @Homa10i posted a clip of Shirley Caesar's viral meme with this caption. Public: Why you supporting Trump? Uber CEO: It wasn't just me. It was Pepsi, General Electric, Tesla, General Motors, IBM, Disney. You get the point. And Uber CEO has since spoken out to oppose the immigration ban. But hey, memes are forever. [MUSIC] Now, it's bad enough that President Trump keeps denying that his travel ban against seven Muslim majority countries is actually a Muslim ban But now he's trying to pin it on Obama. I mean really come on. The Trump administration has said repeatedly that his Executive Order is no different than the one President Obama enacted in 2011, which banned Iraqi refugees from receiving US Visa's for about six months. But according to several fact checking organizations, that's just simply not true And here are the facts. President Obama's order was brought on by a case where Al-Qaeda members were found living in Kentucky. It did not apply to tourists and immigrants. Obama did not say that citizens of the seven countries banned by Trump were, "sources of terror". And, according to the New York Post, people were still allowed to apply for visas through normal process under President Obama. Trump's order does not allow that. Meanwhile, Obama has already spoken out about Trump's order, saying he quote fundamentally disagrees with it. [MUSIC] Okay, so first we had Chrisette Michelle and now this. Mary Mary Tina's Campbell is the latest celebrity to stand for Trump in the name of Jesus. The gospel singer took to her Facebook to write an open letter to our new president and it reads in part a little something like this, I choose to believe in President Donald Trump as a follower of Jesus Christ and a firm believer in the Holy Bible. According to verse Timothy 2:1-3, I have been commanded to, the first thing I want you to do is pray every way you know how, especially for rulers and their governments, to rule well, all right. So, of course we have something similar from Chrisette Michele who says she perform the inauguration out of loved for Jesus. All right, this is my favorite star for you to weigh in. Is supporting President Trump the Christian thing to do? Send is your vote now because we're talking about in next It's Tuesday, January 31st, and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live, only the most popular show on the internet. I'm your host Dana Blair. And, remember, you can always talk to us with #ESSENCELIVE, or email us at ESSENCELIVE@ESSENCE. COM if you wanna come on the show and sound off on a few New topics. And speaking of sounding off, it's been just a week since Donald Trump has been president, and it seems the divisiveness surrounding him just won't let up. So while a lot of people are still anti-Trump over everything, there are some black celebs who say they are supporting him. In the name of Jesus. So today's viewer poll is this, is supporting President Trump the quote unquote Christian thing to do. Vote A for yes, and B for no, Using hashtag essence live and we'll read the results a little bit later on in the show. Okay so you may remember my first guest, cause she's been here a few times. But also in her role in Akeelah and the Bee. But she's all grown up now. Please let's welcome Ms. Keke Palmer to the show.>> Hey and first of all you gonna have to let me know those poll answers. Girl. Girl that was a really good one. That was good.>> That was good, That was church Ease, ease move the bangs. Why does she? It's always kinda uncanny answer. What would Jesus do? What would you do? I think, I don't know, That's such a hard one. Some what, yeah. It's a tough question. It's just like, on a human level? Mm-hm. Much love to you, brother. I have, you know, much compassion for what you're going through, okay? Mm-hm. But then at the same time is like, I just I just it's so I know it's like I don't mean to take it personal but I take it personal. What are your thoughts in like the ban and everything that's going on because it's been a big week for Trump. Tell me exactly what you're talking about there is so much stuff. So Trump's ban on the 7 muslim countries and just all I think it's all extreme I don't understand anything that he He's doing what he's coming from with any of it, I mean I really hate to have to say and feel that way, because I dont want to be like, you now this is my country- Right. I don't wanna be feeling so torn, and my feelings with my present but the reality is, he dont really care about what we're thinking and from my point of view It's not about the people. It's about something else that we really aren't privy of. I mean I don't know. At the end of the day it's really not feeling like, there's such a discord. Right. That I don't know what to do other than to be like I'm not with it. I wish we could be with it but I'm not. I understand that. We're gonna get off politics real quick. Yes yes. And get on this popping book you have here. We have here. There's a lot of things that are happening right now, lots in social media. You went on social media to talk about the book as well. But there's also some social media going on right now with you and Trey Songz. [SOUND] Lots of buzz there. Can you tell us about what happened and why you've decided to take legal action? Well, my feelings about that have pretty much resolved. Definitely in a In private matters. And how I feel about it is just, I don't want that specific situation to overshadow my reasons for speaking out. My reasons for speaking out, you know, of course were definitely about that specific situation. But more so in totality of the fact that as women we have to say no when Things that a renormalized. Can you tell us a little bit more then about what happened? The situation, where you talk about normalizing the situation. Are you able to go into a little bit more detail? I don't want to be so specific in the details, but I will say that it was a objectifying situation where as a female, I felt like I was being objectified an women go through it all the time. You're going through work. People make comments about you. Is your sexual- You're showing up thinking it's one particular situation, it's something else. Giving a little bit more context to your story here. Exactly, yeah. It's pretty much saying what we all go through as women, wherever we are, in any situation. Where we might come up against someone, a male person, where They're pretty much making us feel less than because we're female. So you were on an expectation that it was a social event and it ended up being more of like a professional music video type of situation. Yeah, which is a whole another thing in itself. It's actually both two different situations as opposed to One not being professional. One A not being professional, and B, you know, the misogyny that is seen as normal in our world. And so my reasons for speaking out is like, it's bigger than that person. Right. It's bigger than that one situation. It's more so about we have To say yo this stuff ain't cool. No it's not cool to misuse and abuse my brand. Right. Without my permission, and no it's not cool to the tactics in which we take as male and female to get what we want. I know that your audience has felt a certain way, but have your peers made any comments in regards to it? People definitely feel different ways. I mean, because it isn't like that isn't someone that people know. And at the end of the day it's not like I hate you forever. It's not the same thing. No, no, no, no. Yes, yes, it's not that. It's not that kind of situation. It's more so, I'm taking my stance on What I feel. And in your book, you talk a lot about social media. Yes. You talk about social media, you talk about abuse, you talk about personal growth. Why did you feel it was important to write a book now? I Don't Belong to You. It's a very powerful title. So tell me a little bit. Why you felt, Because I think this is where we really have to start. I mean at this age, I don't know when we're going to take ownership of ourselves. I found that I was able to achieve so much more in my life as I started to gain more confidence and learn how to build my confidence with myself by caring about how I feel. Trying yoga meditation and giving myself a moment of silence and learning different Practices that allow my mind to be clear enough to where my creativity can flow through. Mm-hm. And so I wanted to write it because it's like, look I'm 23. I've been exposed to so many things that unfortunately not a lot of people my age have been exposed to because of money and things such as that. And so I felt like it would be a disservice to not only You know them but to myself to not give that away you know it wasn't giving me the just hold inside. I know when I read the book, because I mentioned off camera that I had a preview copy if you will. I found it really shocking you've had so much success from such a young age, you struggled with self-esteem issues. Definitely. So how did you exactly tap into that and so this is who I am and I own it cuz you're definitely owning it. My gosh, thank you. Well I started to, my self esteem came from the industry meaning the industry start to pigeon hold me and turned me trying to let, trying to maneuver myself to let them pigeon hold me, that's one thing not as multi [UNKNOWN] as I actually am That in turn is what made me have low self-esteem, because I was not putting myself first. Mm-hm. And so what happened was, I spent a lot of time in and out of depression, in my anxiety, and understanding that culturally that is something that my family has dealt with for years. And coming to understand all these things I started to peel back the layers, and I pretty much just started to simplify what the problem was. Which is that yo I gotta be Kinder to me. I got to take time for me. I have to input practices in place in my life, that allow me to feel good about me. What I'm eating. Like I say, what I'm ingesting. The knowledge, the things I'm reading. People you're around The people I'm around. All those things that we just think, it's like when you're a kid and your mom is like, we got to go to church. And your dad is like let's go to church,and you're like why we got to go to church. Church, I realized that's why. Church, let's take away the whole religion part of it that gives people the heebie jeebies, and lets just say church is just meant to be a place where people that are like minded can go together and talk and uplift one another. Right, and be in those environments. And be in those environments where they're supportive and your getting I feel good and like man somebody's helping me I've got to call them up I know their mind and their heart is in the In the right place. And you're very passionate and your confidence I absolutely love it. And, you're sharing a lot of yourself not only in this book but on Twitter, Instagram and you've wearing some risky outfits. Yes girl. Okay, I go a live I had a body I'd be in the glossary store in a bikini every day. First of all, you do have a body and you're showing that head. Yes yes, She is showing her head Absolute bang But you're getting a lot of attention. Yeah, yeah. And per the usual, you get criticism. Yeah. So what are your DMs looking like right about how? You know what? My DMs aren't looking like anything. I don't believe that, Kiki. I'm talking about my DMs. Nobody's Kiki's DMs. You know why? Because first of all, my DMs are blocked. [LAUGH] This is the first I'm [UNKNOWN] about it. Unless I follow you. But also I don't know. And this is why I always say, it's not about what you're wearing as much as about how you're carrying it. Hating yourself at the end of the day of course people will respond in the way they are. Right. But having said that I think you know people know what I'm about at this point you know what I mean. People know what type of young lady I am, what I'm going for, what I ain't going for. So usually knuckleheads- [LAUGH] the people that would be like you know excited by those photos on a very surface level. They already know not to hit my line. I have a question. So, what did your mom say when you're like, I'm gonna wear a see-through bra today momma. Yes, girl! Yes. [LAUGH] Because if I had my dully like that, I would. My mom is really a very Chicago mom- Yes, mom. My mom's whole feeling is be true to you. Don't do, like if I was saying You think I should show my titties so they like it? Right. Then she be like yuck. But I'm not thinking about it like that. I'm just look ooh this is hot. Like, this is a vibe. You know I love this. She supports it. But my mammas one of those people that if it's coming from me, as genuine to me, she'll be cool with it. When she feels like it's Not genuine, that's what she doesn't like. And so I'm gonna go back to work because I can sit here and keke all day and I keep saying that. I love that you don't mean to but it's just that- I don't mean to. You have the book, you have television, music, I also read here in the book that you wrote your first screen play. I did. During season one of Scream Queens. Yes gone [INAUDIBLE]. I been paying attention. Yes girl. So, what's in your future? Are you looking to start your own production company perhaps? You're looking to do more of your own- All those things are definitely in the view. I mean, for me it's like I'm always dreaming and thinking of a hundred different things. So I would love to, of course, keep writing, acting is going to always be in my life. I mean, I love Acting, music I love. I'm really excited about starting to go on tour, cuz I just dropped my EP Lauren. Okay. I do my first performance at SOB's February 8th. Okay, SOB's in New York City. You should come, girl. Me and my [UNKNOWN] are gonna come through [LAUGH]. And so I'm excited about that, getting ready to start formulating all that stuff. But then, also, I really would love to be able to be in the position in Be able to support a foundation where I can help other talent, not just in acting and film and stuff, but also in music. I admire so much the Motown. Right, more entrepreneurial. Yeah, look, Face Records. That type of the, being able to If I could create something like that with both music and entertainment, you know acting and stuff. I would love to do that. And so Keke since we're having so much fun I want to play a little game with you before you go. Okay. Okay, you know you come on Essence you've gotta play a little game. This game is called Kiss, Marry, Diss. It's gonna be fun, all right? So we'll give you three men to choose from, and you just tell us who you'd kiss, who you'd marry, or who you'd diss. You ready? Okay, so here's the first one. Actor is category, excuse me. Category is actors. No. Jesse T., Usher, Donald Glover, and Jay Ellis. You already know. Honey, I would definitely marry Donald Glover. Glover. Yeah, it's the beard isn't it. No, it's his mind girl his mind. I'm superficial. I said, it's the beard isn't it. No, he has inspired me. Girl do you know- He's very inspiring. When he got out of college he started writing for 30 Rock, then staring on 30 Rock, then produced his own stand up show, his own television show, and his own- So they're telling me I have to move on. I have to move on. So we choose Donald Glover. Got to love her and then JL is for kiss, then. Jesse. Jesse for just because I have to. It's ok, it's ok. Next up we have musicians chance the rapper, Chris Brown, and Trey Songs. We have kiss, marry, diss. No. Quickly whatever comes first to mind. My gosh. Okay, marry Chance, kiss Chris sorry Trey. Okay, all right, all right. Okay, I can see it. And- Chance I'm attracted to the mind. Chance is hot. I like that. He produces his own, he created his kit-kat commercial girl. Do you know he pitched that himself? I didn't know he did that. I'm impressed by that. Look at what you learning on Essence live. And finally, our last one. We have athletes Odell Beckham Jr., Stephen Curry, and Matt Kemp. Who would you- Matt Kemp I would definitely kiss. [LAUGH] I'm kidding. You know, I would say kiss Steph Curry, just because he's married, but he's definitely marriage material. I love him and his wife, [UNKNOWN]. I will marry Matt Kemp and, sorry Odell. It's okay, girl, even though he did go to LSU. Shoot out to Louisiana. All right, let me check in with my girl Kayla on Facebook. Kayla, what are the fans saying to Kiki? A lot of fans showing love. Val Debt Palmer says, you go girl. Now is that your family, Val Debt Palmer? [LAUGH] Like is that your cousin? There's a lot of Debt Palmer's out there, so maybe. Maybe. All right, Lisa Perry says, very intelligent lady, a good example for young girls. Man, thank you I appreciate that. And a lot of comments started to come in earlier when we asked earlier if Tina Campbell Was right in her statements. Supporting Donald Trump is the christian thing to do. A lot of folks are saying no. Brittany Jackson saying Tina, Tina, Tina, I respect your decision, but really and Lisa [UNKNOWN] says who cares what she said. Her real name ain't Mary anyway. See. See. They [UNKNOWN] hot topics as well, but they giving you some love. First of all, her hair is [UNKNOWN] You just have to let that be known. Her hair is [UNKNOWN] Thank you so much, Kayla, and of course thank you so much Keke for coming by. Everyone please check out her book. Lots of gems dropped in here. Remember to keep your votes coming in for our viewer poll, using the hashtag #EssenceLive, and we'll shout you out a little bit later on in the show. Coming up we sit down with the queen, Ms Patti LaBelle to talk about her latest yummy project. For right now we have an exclusive sneak peak at the movie, Girl's Trip, which is scheduled for release this summer and takes place at a very special event. Mm-hm, I wonder what that could be, mm-hm? [LAUGH] Girls, you know you got those friends. The ones that got your back. the ones that make you laugh. the ones that keep it real, we haven't hung in five years. We need a girls trip. Well come up, cause I plan on getting white girl wasted. Ok. That's hand sanitizer. It burns. Who's ready for? [MUSIC] It smells like innocent booty sweat up in here. I don't find this funny at all. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] You're watching ESSENCE Live. I'm your host Dana Blair. And in studio with us here right now is a legend, an icon, the queen of everything, Ms. Patti LaBelle. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm good. I'm nervous and shaking. I've loved you so much! I don't know what to do with myself right now. Keep on shaking, girl. Yes! Keep on shaking. [LAUGH] I like that. You know, I appreciate it. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for being here. We all know the success you had with your sweet potato pies at Walmart, and you're here at Essence Live to announce a brand new product. So can- Yes.>> You tell us about it? I'm going to say Happy New Year. Happy New Year. And happy banana pudding for the new year. I have a Patti LaBelle banana pudding that's phenomenal. Yes, banana pudding's one of my favorite desserts. Really? Mm-hm. Well I have some for you outside. Yes. It's my first dessert for this year, but I have many, many more things still coming. And I was blessed the cobbler, and the sweet potato pie. So I'm very happy about the banana pudding. It has 12 wafers 50 billion bananas, some other kind of cream, and some other kind of cream. And you can eat it with whipped cream or ice cream. I like mine with ice cream. Okay. [LAUGH] It's excellent, it's so good. Is banana pudding like one of your favorite desserts? Is that why you chose it next? It's one that I've been doing for a long, you know when I was a kid I started cooking and following my mother and father and Getting their recipes and them making them mine. So, yeah, and I love the banana pudding. Is that how you discovered that you're a good cook? Because you're notorious for being a great cook. I am a great cook. I found out Yes, because I would take my little things to the garage, like a little outhouse we had in the back of the house. Mm-hm. And experiment with hot sauces and ketchups, Mm. And stuff like that and watching them then I learned how to do everything they did but they didn't let me show it. So, you know, I'm sorry my parents are gone. But they will be proud of me doing what I'm doing now as far as the foods, the baking items. Mm-hm, that's a beautiful thing. And also Ms. Patty, you were known for having a mean shoe game. Mm-hm. When did you fall in love with shoes, was that always been. I must have fallen in love with shoes when I fell in love with the hot sauce I was making in the garage. [LAUGH] Girl, I am a shoe fanatic. And I buy shoes lately but. Don't fit. Yep, what. I was just, something's wrong with me. I have them and my friend, Norma, my best friend. Mm-hm. That you met. Said Pat, when are you gonna wear these? [LAUGH] I said, honey, they hurt. Uh-oh. But why did you buy them? Because they're beautiful. They're beautiful, they're like artwork, right. Yeah, and I look, I Put them in beautiful places like on my fireplace when I'm in bed, and look at the shoe. But I wear a lot of money, a lot of them can fit. I just love- Which ones do you have on? What do you have on today? You have a classic one on today. This is a Choo. Yes a Choo. It's beautiful. Yeah, ooh [LAUGH]. I love that you still love a good heel, because I love me a heel. I see you do. I love a heel. I'm like you stand different in heel. Yes. I had my flats in the bag but I come out pumping. Yes, you've gotta come out pumping. Yes girl. [LAUGH] And were did your first start kicking them off in the concerts? [LAUGH] One night my feet were hurting really badly, and I had on a shoe with no strap. So I said, this sucker can come off. [LAUGH] So I started kicking the shoes from then, and I'm still kicking them. Now I have to ask you a question, cuz you love your shoes. What if it's a pair of shoes you really love, and it goes flying in the audience? Aren't you funny that you're saying this? Last week I bought a pair of Manolos. Mm-hm. And we had a performance. I don't know where we were working. But at one point in the show, I kick my shoes off. And so Norma said, you're not kicking those shoes off because they have beautiful jewels on them and everything. Girl. Something came over me and I kicked that shoe. [LAUGH] And after the show, I said, did it make it backstage? And they said, we got your red shoes. Good. Yeah, but I It's just a habit and have not stopped.>> I love it,I love it.>>Just like I said I wont wear [UNKNOWN] shoes on stage because you know.>>But I will let you when you can get your shoes back though.>>I get them back.>>Would you get all of them back or just the special ones?>>No,all of them.>>All of them,I love that. I absolutely love that.>>Yeah. And so Miss Patti, you're of course, you have a classic voice. you're just an icon. Are there any artist that are out right now were you see a little bit of yourself in them, a little bit of performance or? Yes, and they both told me, Fantasia and Legacy. I take them as my daughters any day and they sing their faces off. That's great. You know Fantasia kicks her shoes off too. Does she really? Yes, girl. She kicks them off before the show starts. Mm-hm. I said, "Babygirl, wait at least until the seventh song." She comes out there and singing her face off and here comes a punk. You know we got to do this now. Let's do it later. We have to do this now. Let the people see the shoes because of their fears. You know I want to keep them on the whole show if I can. Get a little strut on first. [UNKNOWN] and I have a bunch of shoes Stacked up on my Louis Vitton luggage that I have, the hard luggage, they're onstage, right? My boxes. And I place all the fear shoes on top of the piano and the luggage. Do you get nervous still? A little, some jitters? Yes! Always jitters. Really. Yes. And how do you combat, do you just kinda take a deep- I really just Say that whatever is out there is for you. And make the best of it. And sometimes what is out there is not always for you because several has been times when i perform and the audience could care less. So we've heard long time ago it was a Some members in the audience. Mm-hm. And I said to them, did you think you were coming to see Tina Turner? Let them know. And I let them know and they left. Mm-hm, what do you feel has been your best performance? Because you performed for the Obama's and->> I appreciated what I did with Sarah [UNKNOWN] Hendrix at the Met. Mm. The first black woman to play the Metro [INAUDIBLE] Opera house many, many years ago. I'm so proud of that, and getting to play there we all said that we wanted to play. So I said well, we all can play. I knew it was something possible, and so we met Ron Delsener and he said sure, he would promote the show. That's amazing. So, in life don't ever tink that you can't do something. And that you can't be the best at it when you get the chance to do it. Would you ever go back to acting? Of course. Cuz I love you in a Different World as Dwayne Wayne's mom. I have something coming out with Vanessa Williams. It's called Daytime Divas. Yes. I've heard about that. And I'm gonna do some more stuff with Lee Daniels- Really? I like it. Before we let you go, I'm gonna play a fun little game with you. Okay. All right, so. The game that we wanna play with you is called If only you knew. So here's how it works, we are going to play a line from your classic song If only you knew, and then I am going to ask you a revealing question, so for example, if only you knew my favorite color is and then you would finish. ok? Sound good? Mm-hm. All right, so let's cue the first piece of music here. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] You're bad. [LAUGH] If Only You Knew, I cannot cook this dish. Rice. Really? Rice, oatmeal, and grits. Really? I can't. Norma has to cook them for me when she comes to my house. [LAUGH] I never watched her make them. I think if I did I could, but those things, I don't do, and I don't eat them very much either. Okay. I'm surprised by that one. Yeah. All right, let's do the next one. [MUSIC] All right. [MUSIC] The last time I left the house without makeup was. Yesterday. Yesterday? Where'd you go? Here. I came from Philadelphia to here. She's like I came here to New York, girl. Girl, with no face and I do Lipstick and a sunglass.>>All right.>> And I don't do makeup when I don't have to.>> Right, I heard that.>>Yeah, I go to the supermarket and everything was just a little lip, maybe but a fierce outfit. [LAUGH] Like a slam. I'm slaying all over [LAUGH] .There you go. All right, the next one.>>I swear I work it.>> [MUSIC] Okay. This is a cute them. It's fun, right? It's a fun game. We like to have fun here. So if only you knew, the song I listened to most right now is. Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin. I like that song. I love that. I have to play that for a particular gentleman. Really? We'll talk about that later. I got it. Okay. So let's cue the music. [MUSIC] If only you knew. The one thing that gets on my last nerve is. Fingerprints. [LAUGH] On my tables. On your tables? On my. Walls, or whatever, drives me crazy. [LAUGH] I don't like that. Thank you so much to Miss Patti Labelle for joining us here, in the studio. Don't go anywhere, there's more Essence Live coming up next. [MUSIC] The Quad is about a fictious HBCU called Georgia A&M, GAMU, and it takes place in Atlanta. So, it has flavors of FAMU, Morehouse, Spelman Sort of represents RHPC user one. So now we enter 2017, what does college life look like on a black college campus? It has a lot of drama, a lot of political issues, little stewing resentment sort of brewing, because we have our first female president She's coming in, Anika Noni Rose, as our new president and there are a lot of clashes. There are a lot of political clashes on campus. The world of academia can be a little ruthless and tricky and Not wanting to change. My character is a, I teach history, I mean dean of sociology at the school and I'm really supporting our new president, I wanted a woman, I wanted this woman and so I'm kind of her Joe Biden, I'm backing her and holding her up And I love that relationship. So you think because I grew up in a wealthy family, attended Ivy League schools, and married well, that I'm not down. Not black. My ability to survive and my intellect are both very black, Mr. Diamond. My point is simple. I don't answer to you. And I never will. My point is simple as well. You do as I asked you, or I will not hesitate to put my foot directly in your ****. That black enough for you? [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Hi, it's Sophia Bailey from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and you are watching Essence Live. You're watching Essence Live, I'm your host Dana Blair. We still got one more fun segment coming up where our lifestyle editor Charli Penn. Got some help reorganizing her closet. But first, it's time to check in with you girl, social media queen Kayla. Hey! So everyone's showing you love and Sandra Okerulu wrote, Dana you are a ray of sunshine. Aw, hi Sandra. And YoYo23071 Girl I love the host's hair or should I say no hair. Thank you yoyo because all the time people are trying to say she's bald like I don't know what happened. Thank you yoyo. > Tracy E said love the host and Marina Roberts said the host is so fab. Everything is on point.>> Well thank you Kylie, everyone. Folks are just really loving you which makes it even harder to announce that you are leaving us. So Dena is moving on to bigger and better things and we have had a great two years with Dena. So it's only right that we take a look at her best moments followed by some well wishes from the larger Essence family. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] blah, sorry. [MUSIC] Do you want a body roll? [MUSIC] Essence Live starts. I'm a cornball. [SOUND] All right. How are you? I was good until you came in the studio and caused a raucous. What do you mean? Bars. Bars, we might let you get in on that next time. He over here trying to be [UNKNOWN]. Must have been really hard working around all those hotties. I'm gonna get me a pompadour. Y'all ain't gone hold me back. I feel like Anderson Cooper. Boo! [MUSIC] Hi Dana bye Dana>> It won't be the same without you.>> Why are you going? Don't go. Dana, what are we gonna do without you?>> Why are you leaving? Where you going?>> I am going to miss you so much. My Office Wife.>> Where you going?>> Thank you for all that you've done for us since the brand all that you've done for us.>> Thank you for your amazing Spirit. You are and amazing person, a good spirited person. Your calves are the bomb. I'm gonna miss your bold head. Throwing your hair walking down the hall. Your dance moves and your high kicks. I can not wait to see you shine where ever you go. But, you know once you're a part of the Essence family, you're a part of the Essence family So you can't shake us. We'll miss you. I'm wishing you all the best. I'm uplifting you in prayer. Walk in God's spirit. Good luck and we love you. Luck, but where you go on. Bye Dana. Muh. Bye Dana. Bye Dana. Love you so much. We will miss you. we love you. And we wish you all the best. Bye. [MUSIC] But, wait, we have one more message from a very special guest. Caller, are you there? Okay. Hello, hello. Well, how are you doing, baby girl? [LAUGH] It's Dana's dad. What are you up to, baby girl? Hey, Daddy. I just want you to know, of course, as you already know That I am so proud of you and so proud of your success. You have certainly come a long way and I remember when I drove the little girl up to Adelphi University. Of course I was the only one crying. You were ready to get to it. [LAUGH] And start working and studying. Daddy, I'll. They try to make me cry, daddy. You're not really helping. Look at my [UNKNOWN] bug. Baby, look- Daddy I'll see you soon. [LAUGH] Yes. And understand, though as we've talked before, this is just a new beginning. A transition. A reincarnation. And your skills and professionalism will continue to mould who you are As you grow in your success. [SOUND] Thank you. I'm very proud of you, baby. As is your brother, even Scarlet. [LAUGH] And of course your mother. Alright, dear? Thank you, daddy. I love you, you're in trouble. [LAUGH] But I'm a call you later. Am I in trouble? [LAUGH] I'll make sure. You're in trouble. Know baby, daddy be in trouble I'm just very proud, very happy, and I want to thank Essence for giving me this opportunity to participate in your retirement. [LAUGH] Okay. Thank you, daddy. I love you. I love you too baby girl. [LAUGH] Bye bye. Thank you. You all are evil. You all are evil, evil, [LAUGH] You all know my Daddy is the way to my heart. [APPLAUSE] [CROSSTALK] [APPLAUSE] Come on, come to the table. [LAUGH] We're gonna miss you.>> Is that how you say it? N'Oleans? N'Oleans. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] Out the bottle. Out the bottle. Straight out the bottle. Hr's on the floor. [LAUGH] I just want to point out. You guys, I don't even know what to say. I don't even know what to say. I don't know what to say. Just thank God for loving me and supporting me and my dreams, no matter how crazy I am coz I could be crazy, I'm and for making me better. Everybody here makes me better, Sean, Tanya are fearless leaders who challenges me everyday. So the control keys. [BLANK_AUDIO] I go away. Thank you all so much.>> Thank you. [MUSIC] And they got a real king cake too right here. That's okay. Straight from New Orleans. Straight from New Orleans. Thank y'all, thank y'all. And you called my daddy didn't you. No I did not. Who called my daddy? That's what I want to know. Who called my daddy? I want to see the results really quickly for the viewer poll. So we asked earlier, Is supporting President Trump the 'Christian' thing to do? And the results are No. 96% said no. Now Dana, although you're leaving your hosting duties, we'll see you again for Black Women in Hollywood in Los Angeles. So thank you for watching. I'm Kayla, this is the Essence staff. We'll see you next week. [SOUND] [APPLAUSE] [LAUGH] You know [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] [MUSIC]