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[BLANK_AUDIO] What does the electoral college mean and what does popular vote mean? Got it, so if I could give a very quick explainer. So every four years people go to the polls and they vote for a president. The popular vote is the vote that the people cast. And so Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote. Well over two million votes that she's won more than Donald Trump in this election. But the electoral college is what determines the presidency. So when you go to the polls and you vote in I'm from Nebraska and you vote Nebraska, that electoral college number is different than say Florida. States like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, those states, Texas. Those states had key numbers of elector college votes that matter in the tally. You need 270 electoral college votes to win the presidency. So while Hilary Clinton won more votes, I E more people that went to the polls cast their vote for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump essentially won in key places where they had more Electoral College votes. So that is how somebody can win the popular vote and not the win the Electoral College. Now I would say the Electoral College was made up of the founding if this country and you'll know that the states, Southern States has substantially less. Electoral college votes than other states. And that goes to African Americans only being counted as three fifths of a person. And the electors and the founding fathers way back when, not wanting states with majority black populations to essentially count for more than somewhere like an Ohio, or Pennsylvania. So technically this electoral college, how many votes go per state should be reevaluated. Has it ever been reevaluated? It should defiantly be reevaluated. It has not been reevaluated in recent history, in order to revisit The Electoral College, you had to have some congressional things that happen and go on in congress. But the Republican majority in the house and the Senate right now, I don't necessarily think that'll happen. But it is really important that if people don't like the Electoral College If they don't like what they're seeing, they speak out about it, that they write their reps, that they continue to talk about it on Twitter, that they host convenings about it in our circles, that we put it in our group chats where we're having these conversations. Because it can change but we have to keep the pressure on. So nothing's gonna happen with the electoral college if we stop talking about it a month from now. It does need real reform The system is not set up for the people, if you will, and I think it's incumbent upon the people to do something about that. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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