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[BLANK_AUDIO] Now we're gonna have some fun. Mm-hm. And we're gonna see how much you remember from Making the Band. Are you game? Yeah. Are you game to play a game? Yes. Here's how it works. You'll have each 20 seconds on the clock to answer as many questions about making the band and whoever gets the most correct answers, wins. And just to keep things interesting, these questions from all the seasons of making the band, not just your season. Okay. You got it? Okay. Yeah, I'm going to be making the band expert. Expert, alright. Well, Lee we're going to start with you. Which Making the Band got bad boy solo deals outside of their initial groups? Donny Clain? I don't see that. All right, so the answer is Dawn, Ness, Babbs, and Chappa. Yeah. Okay let's go to the next one. Which cast member has starred on the most reality shows? Aubrey. That's right! She's been on seven shows. All right last question. What was the name of Danity Kane's first single? [SOUND] [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] [SOUND] Time's up, time's up, you were so close! Show stopper- [INAUDIBLE] Show stopper, [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] He was close, he was close. [INAUDIBLE] I got one. You got one. You get half a point for that, [UNKNOWN] was there. I get half for this. Okay, so Q, Can I have 20 seconds on the clock control room please? I'm gonna read them as fast as possible so you can get as many of them right. Okay. All right, and go. On Making the Band, who had to walk from Manhattan, what did you have to get from Manhattan to Brooklyn? What item did you have to get? Cheesecake. All right, ding-ding, right. What sound did Laurieann Gibson make to count steps in choreography? Boom, Cat What was the name of the den mother who was sent to whip Danity Kane into shape? What was the name of the den mother sent to whip Danity Kane into shape? I don't know. All right, what was the name of the first group from MTV's Making the Band franchise? The band. No! Old time. I forgot about that. Austin, time;s up but you got two right. Okay. You got two right. So with the time penalty. The Den Mother's name just for the record was Jason Diva Williams. Jason Diva Williams. Yes. Diva! [LAUGH] Yeah. [LAUGH] Up next is Big Mike. [UNKNOWN] 20 seconds, you wanna stand up? No, I'm ready, I'm good. Okay, and all right. What was the name of the recording studio where you recorded your debut album? [UNKNOWN] Yay, which Making the Band member fell into some bushes after a night of too much partying? Robert. [LAUGH] How long did Diddy give you to finish your debut album? Three days. Five weeks is the correct answer. Name all members of the band. Chopper, Ned, Sarah, Babs, and [UNKNOWN] Time's up. Time's up. Time's up. [LAUGHTER] [UNKNOWN] You did say Sarah, yes. Is I think you got them. Fred. Fred. Fred. Crap. [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] [CROSSTALK] So you got two, he got two. Hold on, he got two. Nylon. He got five nylons in there. Up next is Robert. Control room, 20 seconds please. You know what to do. All right. Which making the Band contestant was directly affected by hurricane Katrina losing her home and mom's dance studio? Woolly? Robert? Juan. Okay you said it. Which Making the Band contestant became known for spitting that hot fire? Dylan Dylan, Dylan. That's right. Which member clap back Which member clapped back at Diddy [SOUND] during rehearsal and almost ruined his chances of Making the Band? Donnie Klang. That's right, time's up. You got three! Yay, I'm winning. Yay, okay, I'm sorry, I thought it was you. [LAUGH] It's all right, it's all right. [INAUDIBLE] And last but not least, yes. They saved the best for last. Let's go. That's right, Brian. Man, you- Let's get it! [INAUDIBLE] I'm gonna turn this way, go ahead. You gonna turn this way? No, but we can't see you, so you gotta turn that way. Okay. Okie dokie okay. [LAUGHS] Yeah yeah yeah ready set go all right. On making the band which Day 26 member panicked while parasailing in the Bahamas ?? Mike. No. Rob Rob Rob. Robert it was Robert. Which other nickname `did Chopper from the band go by? It was Young City. That's right. During your making the band finally episode what's the song you all took turns singing? Perfect Blond. Exclusive? Exclusive. I won! Which Jersey Shore- times up. I won.>>! Congratulations. [BLANK_AUDIO]

On this week’s episode of ESSENCE Now, Day 26 talks moving past Bad Boy, Power star Rotimi talks about his love and relationship style, and we discuss the historic floods in Houston.

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