<p>Does 'Passive' Racism Exist?</p>

Is there really a difference between a White supremacist and a White person who is silent about racism in America?


In this episode of ESSENCE Now’s “Kitchen Table Talk,” we discuss the rise of neo-Nazis and whether there are different levels to being a racist.

Writer Rich Juzwiak said, “There’s active White supremacy, like Klansmen, and then there’s passive White supremacy that goes un-commented on a lot of the time.”

“White people can benefit from that and just kind of slide through life without realizing it,” he continued. “I think that there are White people that you can talk to about race, and then there are people that I just completely count out immediately because you’re a lost cause. You’re a total racist and I want nothing to do with you.”

But not everyone agrees. Check out the video above.