<p>112 Opens Up About Those Jagged Edge Beef Rumors </p>


R&B group 112 are back with a new album and fans are over the moon.

After touring and performing their hits, the quartet decided to put out new music in their sixth album. Deviating from what they’ve done in the past, for this project they’re working with Jagged Edge. 

The Bad Boys stopped by ESSENCE Now to discuss the reason they approached the Atlanta-founded group.

“We wanted to do an album with Jagged Edge for so long and we finally had the opportunity with the sixth album,” said 112 member Michael Keith. “They are a phenomenal group and like us, they have an incredible fan base. We wanted to merge the two fan bases, we wanted that energy. And we wanted fans to know there’s nothing going on between us, there’s no animosity.”

When asked about the rumors that they didn’t get along during the height of their careers, Keith denied any animosity. 

“The most it was was competitive energy,” he said. “They felt like they were the best group and we felt like we were the best group. And it only enhanced R&B music. It made us want to go harder. It was actually to the benefit of both groups.”