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[MUSIC] Today on Essence Live. Are you at Hillary, Trump, or undecided? We're talking politics in our viewers sound off. Romeo Miller dishes on what it's really like growing up Hip Hop, plus Hey what's up y'all it's Mario and guess what the song you voted for i'm about to perform live so make sure you all stick around and don't go nowhere stay glued. It's Essenes Live. But right now it's the hot list. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] Janet Jackson's baby bump has everybody talking. The 50-year-old singer and actress was spotted holding her stomach as she was leaving a baby furniture store. And while we're giving our congratulations, it seems some of you have doubts about whether Ms. Jackson could really be with Child. All right, you all. Alisha Donigan wrote on Facebook, don't believe it! She looks like she could have just gained a lot of weight. Her clothes are swallowing her, so it's hard to tell. Mm-hm. Ty Leslie also wrote on Facebook, Lies you don't even see her stomach slash body. But Sharon Jones said she can relate to Janet, she wrote life begins at 40. God blessed me with my first son at 40. Ame, thank you Jesus. Well all right Sharon. Ladies, did you have your first child after the age of 40 or did your mama have you when she was over 40? We wanna hear from you. Let us know in the comments so we can shout you out. [MUSIC] Say his name, Alfred Alongo. He's the latest black person to fall victim to a police shooting, and this time he was not only unarmed, but also mentally ill. It all started when Alongo's sister called 911 asking for assistance. Assistance because her brother was in mental distress. However, there are conflicting reports about exactly what happened after that. Police said Alonso was holding an up identified object when they confronted him, But some eyewitnesses told a different story. The black male was up with his hands up like this, scared to death, not knowing which way he He's gonna go. Cause he don't know what's right. He goes. He's jerking. He's confused. He runs this way. As soon as he runs this way they discharge. Boom boom boom. Five shots right into him. And that's the honest truth. [SOUND] Mary J. Blige has finally explained what exactly was happening in that awkward video of her singing to Hillary Clinton for her Beats 1 show, the 411. Mary says she's seeing Bruce Springsteen's American Skin in the interview because "the lyrics impacting me so heavily and deeply. It's like a prayer that I needed. Miss Clinton to be impacted the same ways so the only way I get that reaction from her, is to sing it". Okay, Mary we get it now, but you got to admit That the Internet's jokes about the [UNKNOWN] were kinda funny. @thepartybloc posted to IG, what will you do to fix the national epidemic of hateration in this dancerie? And @ethiopienne tweeted, I, too, am a lover and a secretary working every day of the week. You gotta love the Internet. Meanwhile, a recent post shows that this week's presidential debate gave Hillary Clinton a four-point lead over Trump. So with the election quickly approaching, are you voting for Hillary? Starting to lean to the Trump side? Or just over the whole damn thing? Well, we're talking all about this and taking your comments next. It's Thursday September 29th and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live, best damn talk show on the internet. If we must say so ourselves. I'm your host Dana Blair. Now, I'm sure watching this week's Presidential debate left you with some type of feelings right? Well, Ice Cube is missing no words when it comes to this. Election season. He appeared on the podcast Too Short's Boombox and said at the end of the both candidates suck, okay, and i want another Obama. Well you tell them Cube. Joining us now via Skype is and Essence Live viewer who's also very passionate about politics, please welcome Michelle Soto. Hi Michelle how are you? Good how are you? I am well, thank you so much for joining use here on Essence Live You're a Hillary supporter and you say you're bothered by all of the sexism in this year's election coverage, why do you feel this way Michelle? I feel this way because when it comes to leadership, women have a different standard that society sees them with. We see that Hillary has an attitude and she's strong And the media still depicts her as being mean but, when it comes to a male leader, it's not the same standard. So, I think this election points out of gender when related to leadership and we can see how the media portrayal affects public opinion. Definitely and is there an issue you wish got a little bit more tension from the candidates and the media? I think one issue That, well they've had attention to it, the criminal justice system and the problem. I think it's a big problem that's happening now cuz my background is, I have a Masters in Criminology, so I know how important it is for law enforcement to be trained. I think they've talked about it, but they haven't talked about it in a deeper level like Obama has. And some people still refuse to believe that there's a racial thread there that needs to be discussed as well and Donald Trump has been blasted for his racist ways. But a lot of folks are saying Hillary's not great when it comes to race relations either. Michelle, how do you think Hillary Clinton's presidency will benefit the African-American community? I think it'll benefit the African-American community because she's started to talk about it. It takes one step at a time with a touchy subject. So I think she'll be great for the African-American community because she's talking about it. She notices what's going on. And she has stated that she has a plan. So it takes step one, to acknowledge the problem and then move forward. Do you think she should reveal her plan before the election? Tsk. You know that's a sticky situation but I think she should give a little bit more detail so we could understand where she's coming from and if she's even taking the right route with her plan. Definitely. Now, as I mentioned you're a Hillary supporter but do you personally know any black Trump fans, and if so what have your conversations been like with them? I do not know any blacks from fans, but I think in the office that I work in there are some Trump fans, and when I was stating a little bit of my opinion, they where very offended, stating that the world would be better with the businessman running our country, it is very difficult to talk about politics with people but I have not run into any African American fans as of yet. I understand. I understand. What did you think of Lester Holt's performance as a moderator. He's been getting some backlash for not necessarily jumping in more. Some people felt he should have been more aggressive. What are your thoughts? I think he handled it just right. I mean, Donald Trump was interrupting Hillary over 20 times. There's only so much you can do in a debate. It was a debate between Hillary and Trump, not Lester Trump and Hillary. So I think he handled it well. He was a little passive but what would anybody do in that situation, engage Trump or just take the high road. Definitely, Michelle. Thank you so very much for your thoughtful commentary and Skyping in with us. If you're watching and you'd like to call or Skype in with us to sound off on topics, you can. Just email us at ESSENCELIVE@ESSENCE. COM for details. Thank you. Thank you so much, Michelle. All right and all of you out there in Essence Live land we'll check in with you on social media a little bit later on in the show. But first we have more Essence Live coming up. If you're on the fence about voting this year let us know your thoughts. Essence has partnered with over 50 media brands to make sure women show up at the polls in big numbers this year. And please Come to our site. Find out more, educate yourselves. Visit Coming up, Romeo Miller is here and he's gonna give us the scoop on the new season of We TV's Growing Up Hip Hop and his dating life. But right now performing his new single exclusively for Essence Live. Here's Mario with I Need More. [MUSIC] [MUSIC]. [MUSIC] Hey my name is Marcus Scribner and you're watching Essence Live. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live. I'm your host Dana Blair. Joining us now is jack of all trades actor rapper entrepreneur and a little bit of a comedian here in the studio please welcome Romeo. Yo. It's Essence Live, how are you? I'm good, how about yourself? I'm fabulous! You know, we've been sitting here- You didn't tell them how I just serenaded you off camera? You need to put singer in there, too. How about we dive on in. Whole world. You know, but we've got some good energy. So I'll take that. To kind of just bring it back just a little bit to some of the things that we discussed in the hot topics. I know I'm kind of jumping lanes from From laughter to serious for a little bit. Let's talk about some of the police brutality that's going on right now in the United States, and that's a big, it's finally on entertainment, social media as well as the political platform right now. What are you thoughts right now on police brutality in America, especially as it targets young, bright men? Yeah, where do we start? That's something where you need More than a day, more than a month, more than a year, because it's been going on for so long. But me growing up being a young black male my whole life, always I knew that I had to be more cautious with the police. When I had some of my chinese friends, my white friends, in the car there was this one time. A police was behind us. Mm-hm. And he put on his sirens. I'm like, yo, throw on y'all on y'all seat belt. Don't say nothing, etc. etc. And they're like, why are you freaking out? I'm like, y'all just need to be cool and calm. Like don't say nothing, react. And the police went past But it's just like, it's crazy, how for me growing up, that's always kind of been like a threat to me. And it's real because in this world today what we're seeing going on is real life and it's been happening for a long time. But it's just, it's a tough position for both to, doing that job I mean, if you're going to live in fear at all. If you're going to be afraid. Don't do that job. Let the next person do it. Let somebody do it who's brave who's going to put their life on the line, because we can't be murdering innocent people. Right. I just think it's not even a color thing. It's a human thing. It's good and bad. We have good cops too. We got good cops, we got bad cops. We got good people, you have bad people. You got good sports starts, you got bad sports stars. I think it just starts with us understanding each other. I think a lot of people think you have to Be able to relate to the person. But a white kid from Wisconsin's not gonna relate to me fully. He may understand me, but he can't truly relate. Right, that's not- And I think that's where we have to realize, if we really want peace, if we really wanna make a difference, if we really wanna make a change, we gotta learn to live in peace. And not worry about understanding, but just letting that person live their life happy, in peace, and not living in fear. Did your father give you any tips growing up? Like, look, son, okay, when you, like once you started driving, like that instance you just mentioned. Conduct yourself this way, move this way. Let me tell you about my pops. Y'all know who my pops is. Mm-hm. From one of the murder capitals, Calliope Projects, gold teeth Master P gangster rapper. Mm-hm. And this dude would literally tell me growing up as a kid When you see the cops, you better be the nerdiest damn kid ever. Right. Don't speak back. Do whatever they say, because for us one wrong move could be your life. And that's something my dad knew. And that's why we've gotta [UNKNOWN] it's the sad truth, but we have to educate our young black men to if you wanna be walking home that next day or waking up Sometimes we can't just do what want to do. Right. In that situation which is sad. I've been in situations where I got pulled over and I really feared for my life sometimes. But like I said, it's good and bad. You get some people who abuse their authority, that would be basketball coaches. My coach had, one of my coaches at USC One night, they recruit me. They try to use that power against me. They try to make me quit, I didn't quit. But that's something I can deal with. You gotta learn how to live your life and still you know cooperate so you can see another day. But my dad used to say yeah, when I get poor, all his brothers. He may be the most gangster one. When they get pulled over by cops, yes, sir. Right. It's that, put my hands up. He said that your job is to come home. Yeah. Yeah, definitely, thank you so much for touching on that. I'm gonna go a little bit lighter and switch some gears here. You are all over TV. Yeah. First, let's talk Empire. You're Hakeem's rival, if you will, this season? Yeah, this season, my character name is Gram. Mm-hm. He's Hakeem's rival and He's Tiana's love interest and my first appearance is the next episode, the third episode. So you all get introduced to Graham and that was just a blessing, you know, being a part of that. And I was like if I could play one character I pray to God, literally this specific character. And now I'm here. Now what's that audition process like? Yeah, that audition process. It was awhile. It was awhile. People don't know, like I would go in there. I meet with Lee. I meet with his sister. I would read back and forth. And it was down to Two guys, me and another guy. Do you know who that guy was? Yeah, the whole world know 'cuz I kinda like, but, it shows up what's happen. Are you saying, sort in the process did you know. I did, I knew it was meeting and cut it and I just knew it. It's just deretrolize if you wanted to go like the more different type of. Like, different flavor. Weird, if you want the more romantic, you know, You know [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Will Smith. But Didn't go your direction, right? Yeah. And now there are also some pictures, you mentioned that you have a love interest on this show. Yeah. But there have been some pictures of you out and about with Seryah from the show. Really. Now what's that about? Can you spill some tea? Co-stars can't hang out. No, they can. I'm asking are you just hanging out though? Co-stars can hang out. How you doing? Diane and I, we hang out. Is that, you hang out with your co-star? You know, but- No, we're really actually Cool we're really good friends we have a lot in common and our characters have to be very bonded so it's cool. So if you start dating in real life you're going to come back to essence and tell us. Is that what you're saying? Look we're costars right now and good friends. We're going to be hanging out a lot. I caught that but look let's get to the next question. She's a super star though. No, definitely, definitely. We've actually had her on some of our carpets. And you're also on Growing Up Hiphop? Yeah, Growing Up Hiphop. What can we expect from that season? Season Two, October 13th on WE tv. Which is everywhere. Man, we have a lot going on. What will we find out in this season? We gonna find out a lot, you know, where we opened up, we put our Heart on our sleeves. Me and my Dad, was like, let's show the World our family and show them how real our family is. You know, I have one sister that was a hard time with drug abuse. And we had to save her life. I have another sister who just a little super star and chasing her dreams and kind of on the right path. Right. But it shows, it's like when you have a lot of kids in your family, some kids are gonna go left, some are gonna go right. And I think the cool thing with this season is kinda like a guide through life with friendship, relationships, and even family. And I think everybody's gonna be excited. I'm excited to watch this like literally, I'm excited to watch my own show. But when you're opening up your family like that in the social media and you know how people can be. How do you handle when someone say attacks your siblings or a decision your family made. For them it's entertainment but it's your life. That's the thing that sucks. You know it's a fine line because me and my pops being who we are. People always target my family members and some of them aren't built the way me and my dad are. Right, they want '. Yes, I don't wanna be on TV, that's why I don't like ' some people like why I don't have your siblings on TV is like, this kid wants to be a freaking veterinarian, this one wants to be astronaut, this one wants to be a basketball player. It's like just because this me and my dad business These kids don't want to be in that, this is work. A doctor doesn't bring his whole family to the doctor office. Right, right. So it's a hard balance but in the show, we show you how to try to balance that. Just tune in October 13th. I can't tell you too much. All right, and last time you were here. Yeah. You were with Angela Simmons who just had a baby boy, I believe. Really, she had it? I believe she had the baby. That's what they were telling me a little bit earlier. We've been hearing. It's a surprise. I've been working like crazy. How's you're friendship have been those since then? Cuz that's what everybody wants to know. [LAUGH] Cuz the last time, you're like, you all, and you all get married on a Tuesday on a private island. Yeah. Like, there are all those kinds of speculations. No, that's the thing with life. You grow up and some people get married and some of your best friends go have kids. And that's the cool thing with the show. You I call it, it's like we like the new Dr. Phil. That's all I'm saying cuz he won't mind about life on this show. Because no, because everything changes. When somebody's having a baby, that's a big huge responsibility. It's a life changer. It's a game changer. So it's like your friends, where are your friends gonna come in and play? When somebody's dating somebody, then where are your friends gonna come play? When you get the new job It's like days change. Right. And that's why I love season two. It's like going without a little bit everything. So I'm not gonna tell you too much. You had to watch the full season to find out [UNKNOWN]. You're not gonna figure it out in episode one, not in two, not three, not four, not five, not six. Okay. You gotta watch the full season. We'll watch the full season. Yeah. Starting on October 13. In the meantime we have your fans wanna speak to you as well, Keila What's going on in Facebook world? What would they like to say other than what cologne is Romeo wearing? [LAUGH] Everyone wants to say hello, shout out to Danny L., Bullock, Carla Kane, and Jariffa Thea, they're so excited that he's here. Gillette says what do you think about some of us not voting this election? Ooh, good question. What do I think about some of you are not voting for this election? Mm-hm. Man, I mean, I have no complaints with that, I mean this election is the tricky one. Mm-hm. Because I mean- It's age, it's this generation in general. Right. Like before this and some of the people to be up there shows our generation and that we can't everybody in power. We have to know what we're doing as a whole. And hopefully, the best kind we did. Wins for us as people. Because we want to concede to grow as people. We don't want to be narrow minded. But yeah, my, I just, I got God. I want to let you, I got God. You know, and you know, hopefully the best candidate wins. Yeah, I know it's a crucial election. [INAUDIBLE] Thank you so much for coming by and sharing everything that you're doing.with this empire. Growing up hip hop. That lovely serenade. [LAUGH] I don't know, y'all gonna have to catch that on the [UNKNOWN] for me. Thank you so much. [MUSIC] Ooh, Mario, you better watch out boy I'm coming for you. Mario, you ain't got nothing to worry about. You can catch the season two premiere of Growing Up Hip Hop Thursday, October 13th at 10:00 pm on We TV. Coming up, we've got one more performance from singer Mario and he's gong to perform One of his throwbacks that you voted on. But first since it's throwback Thursday, I took a trip recently to a new exhibit here in New York City featuring all of your favorite characters from the 90's check it out. Hey, hey Essence Live. I'm your girl Dana Blair. And joining me is my new bff, Suzy Lee Raia, VP of fashion collaborations at Nickelodeon. How are you? I'm great how are you? I'm great extremely excited. We are here at. Story Remember When. Now if you're not familiar with Story, it's a pop up shop located here in Manhattan on 10th Avenue and 19th Street and each, say every six to eight weeks or so it changes in theme. And this theme is Remember When. Co curated by Nickelodeon and it's all 90's nostalgia. This room we're in right now. What is this fabulous space that I have to live in. This is called Homeroom, where we take all of our favorite 90's characters and really mash them up. My absolute favorite item, the Cynthia Doll. This is the best. And I used to cut all of my dolls here just like that. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Well now in our besty section of the store. Where we really celebrating our like most amazing duos from the 90s. From here we have Ren and Stimpy. Which debut at Fashion Week last spring in February. The boots. The boots. The boots are everything. Could you rock this? Of course I could. I think you could. Of course I could. [MUSIC] So this machine was brought to us by a company called Fox Tails and it's a virtual slimming machine. So you know it's an honor to be slimed right? Of course it is. So. And I've always wanted to. Must be slimed. Shall we? Let's do it. I'm all about it. Let's get slimed. Here we go. Here we go. okay so Suzie this is the hamster wheel. It is. From Double Dare. Right. Feels a log like my own life emotionally but has anyone ever made it to six? Here. People have made it to six. in the store? yeah. They clearly don't have anything else to do. I'm not helping you at all. Jeez, I need you to help me because this is this is this is too much. This is way too much. This. Jesus. Okay you know what. You're at 4. I'm at 4? I'm at 4. I'm at 4, keep going. You're at 5. You're lying to me. [LAUGH] Not lying, yes, 6. Whoa. [APPLAUSE] Winning. Thank you so much of this experience. This is awesome, guys, you have to come up story. Remember when don't wait, don't procrastinate, this is only here for a limited amount of time right here in New York City on the corner of 19th street in 10th Avenue [BLANK_AUDIO] You're watching ESSENCE Live, I'm your host, Dana Blair. And it's time for our Black Girl Magic Moment of the Week. With election day just around the corner, we have to give a very big shout-out to Vivica A Fox for landing the role as president in the sci-fi film, Crossbreed. Vivica is reportedly the first The first black woman to play the US president in a movie and production is set to begin in October. We'll definitely be watching madame president. In addition to our Black Girl Magic docuseries, Essence has another original documentary out now. The latest one is called The Racial Politics of Abortion. Here's a sneak peak. You pretend to be a Christian. When are you going to come back to Christ? Hi. How are you doing? I have my three month old baby. i thought I can't I can't do it again. Not by myself. I mean my child's father is not as involved as he should be. Tell me what you want him to be when he grows up. What do you want for his life? [UNKNOWN] But [MUSIC] I just wanted to be better than me. That is definitely some powerful stuff, make sure you watch the rest on Okay, let's switch gears and do one more check in on social media. Kayla, what's going on? Hello. Okay so our comments were flooded with political comments in Hillary versus Trump.>> Uh-hm. So, let's see. [INAUDIBLE] said red pill or blue pill, pick your poison. And Latoya says, well, no one. I am not interested in anyone, Catherine [UNKNOWN] says both blue, period, and the most interesting one came in from Reggie Anyaki, who says, no sitting on the fence in the name of middle ground, cowards are on the fence, Hillary is far, the far better candidate thank you all for sign in and on the subject matter please down out and vote, even if you do not agree with one another please get down and vote, you Have the right and it's pivotal. Women are pivotal, especially black women are pivotal in this electure. So, thanks to Romeo Miller and you, our viewers for checking in. If you missed any of today's show, you can catch the replay shortly on And see all of our videos on our YouTube page. We're gonna close things out with our final performance from Mario. We did an online poll asking you which of his throwbacks you wanted to hear. Just a friend, braid my hair, or let me love you. And, the winner is let me love you. So, here he is performing just for you, Essence Live. I'm Dana Blair. See you next week. Bye. [MUSIC] This is for the diamonds and for the, ladies you know that you're a star. I just wanna show you, you are. You should let me love you. Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need. Baby good love and protection. Make me your. Show you the way love's supposed [MUSIC] That's all you need baby.

Romeo and Mario Give Us Total PYT Fever On ‘ESSENCE Live’

In this week's 'ESSENCE Live', Mario performs his single 'I Need More' exclusively for ESSENCE and Romeo Miller stops by to talk joining the cast of 'Empire',  'Growing Up Hip Hop' and his personal take on police brutality.