Nicole Paultre Bell Discusses Remarrying After Losing Sean Bell

Its been over 10 years since Sean Bell's life was taken by the New York Police Department. Nicole Paultre Bell discusses finding love again and remembering her slain fiancé on Father's Day.

ESSENCE.COM May, 22, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] So now you're remarried, right? And how was that? How does your husband feel about remembering Sean, how is that in your life? Well, my husband, when him and I met, we met as friends and after a while, we We started to really take it serious. And he knew, you know, of my background. And then my daughters, how sensitive things were. And even still to this day, he helps to talk to my daughters, you know, especially, Jada. She's my oldest. She's in high school now. She's in high school now? She's in high school now. Time flies. Time flies. Now how do you celebrate Father's Day with Sean being gone? Like how do keep his memory alive? Significant days are always sensitive, especially for my oldest, Jada. And Jordan. She's now. You have to learn how to overcome. [BLANK_AUDIO]