From Katy Perry To Bill Maher: Is It Our Job To Educate White People About Racism?

On this edition of ESSENCE Live, we discuss Katy Perry's apology for cultural appropriation and whether it's our responsibility to educate White people on racism.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 14, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] Is it our job to educate white folks when the racism hits the fan? We're asking because recently Katy Perry has been on an apology tour for all the cultural appropriation she's done. Even sitting down with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson Take a look at this. Even in my, you know, intention to appreciate Japanese culture, I did it wrong with a performance. I didn't know that I did it wrong until I heard people saying I did it wrong, and sometimes that's what it takes. It takes someone to say Out of compassion, out of love, hey, dude, this is where the origin is, you know? And do you understand? And not just like a clap back, you know? Right. Okay, so not only do we have to endure the racism, but we also have to be nice when talking about it. Got it. So we're asking you again for today's viewer poll. Is it our responsibility to educate white people when they do something racist? Vote A for yes. B for no. Using hashtag EssenceLive. Now our ear to the internet streets is manning social media for your comments right now. Hey, Kayla. Hey. What are folks saying on social media? Alright, comments are already rolling in. Bernadine Thorpe says, Katy Perry, still fierce. There's going to be flops here and there. She's going to be all right. Renette Williams says, white people should use the common sense they have and check each other. We have a lot of our own work to do. Making sure they get it right is a waste of our time and energy that we need for other fights. [SOUND] Liz Jackson says, do your research like everyone else. I know that's right. Google is free and it is available to everyone. Alright, now keep those votes and comments coming. We really want to hear them and we'll read the results later on in the show. We asked earlier, is it our responsibility to educate white people when they do something racist? Responses were mixed. [LAUGH] Yeah. Most people said yes. [UNKNOWN] says being ignorant is not a pass Educate, empower, and research. Thankful Glasper says, every race's misdeed is a teachable moment. But John Weatherow said that, I don't think it's our responsibility but some people need some guidance. Wow, sounds pretty mixed. All right, so let's see the results of today's viewer poll. We asked you, is it our responsibility to educate white folks when they make racist mistakes? And here's how you voted. [BLANK_AUDIO] All right 79% of people say that's the only way we'll see real change and 21% said no, white people should educate themselves. Now that is an interesting breakdown. I tend to agree with the 79% that yes We have to talk about these issues, and we have to, like, that's the only way that we'll get real change, right? [BLANK_AUDIO]