What Happened When Jada Pinkett Smith Met The Man Playing Tupac

In this clip from ESSENCE Live, 'All Eyez On Me' star Demetrius Shipp Jr. tells us what happened when he met actress and close friend of Tupac's, Jada Pinkett Smith, at ESSENCE Festival.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 16, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] One of the elements that we find out more in the movie is like this relationship that 'Pac had with Kidada and Jada. Did they get to see the movie? And what are their thoughts on that? Well, he ran into them. Did you? Funny, I ran into Jada at Essence Fest. Essence Fest. At Essence Fest? Okay, last year, okay. Yeah, and I met her and That was just, and this was after the movie, you know what I'm saying? So we shared some words. I was kinda like- Will you start [INAUDIBLE]? Yeah, I would, for real. It was one of those moments. Well you've gotta tell her how she approached you. Please tell us that. Don't leave anything out. In classic Jada Pinkett fashion. Yes. Okay so my Keifer was shooting BTS on Girls Trip. Okay. And so he tells her like my boy is here. He plays the guy with Tupac. So she's like where, she beelines to try and find that. Where's he at, where's at? And so I introduced myself She was like wow. She was just like giving me this look. She gave me encouraging words, told me to just be happy with my work, and she hopes the best for me, and she oversees the resemblance and stuff like that. But it was just an interesting moment. Did she tell you you better not mess it up or she say something like that? Nah. Did she say don't leave that part out. Nah she didn't say that. I don't believe It's okay. What about Kidada, has she seen it? No, I don't really necessarily know too much about Kidada. I know that she's private. You know, there are certain people that, who were involved in Pac's life, family, loved ones, like Kidada, or love interests rather, who that took a real great toll on. And as far as anything connected in being out in And speaking about it. Just wanted to see stuff, what's going on. They tend to keep back and play behind the scenes for that stuff and really don't tend to get involved with it. You were going to say something? That would be hard for her for sure. For She's actually connected to two great losses in music, to Aaliyah and to Tupac. Mm. So I'm sure that these types of films open up, the wounds are still very fresh. Yeah, that wound, yeah. Yeah, so I'm sure She will see it when it's time for her to see her brother. Judy Three is very aware of the film is. Talk to our producer and stuff like that. So I think people like that that are really close need to see it when they're ready. [BLANK_AUDIO]