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Prince has died at the age of 57 and today we remember his life, his music and incredible legacy. This is Erica and I'm the former [UNKNOWN] director at Essence. I'm so glad To be able to participate in this conversation. He was just excited about being in Essence and black women supporting black women, being able to be a part of that and Janelle Monet was part there saying he was Speaking about the war field and how she was the next to come up under his umbrella so it was really, really magical and I'm thankful to have that moment and to be able to be in his presence. My name is Denise Manning, nd what I would like to say about Prince He was so like unapologetically himself that you couldn't look away. You know you wanted to be as free as he was. I just feel like Prince transcended what it was to be human and I mean I'm really grateful that we got to experience him in our lifetime. Thank you so very, very much for calling in. Well said. That is very well said. It's that freedom. What are your final thoughts? Yeah you know, I mean I'm hoping obviously He's gonna live on and so many of us and so many artists. His music, there's so much of it that probably more than people even realize because he was crazy prolific. Like, even put out a three disk album, Emancipation, that kind of got overlooked. But you're like, how can a Prince album get overlooked? Mm-hm. Maybe we even took a little for granted because we expected him to be a genius. It's funny one of my former colleagues had, Sharon Boone tweeted today, she never, Prince is so timeless, she never would have thought he died. Right. So I replied and said right and I said I hope that when it came, he just went poof. And there was a cloud of purple sparkly dust. Mm-hm. You know what I mean, that he didn't you know, he just went in the air. I, yeah. Yeah. [BLANK_AUDIO]

'ESSENCE Live' Honors the Life & Legacy of Prince

ESSENCE Live honors the life and legacy of Prince. ESSENCE Entertainment director Corri Murray and ESSENCE Festival Executive Editor Chuck Arnold celebrate his life and everlasting influence. We take a look back at ESSENCE Festival 2014 where his biggest fans were put to the test on their knowledge of his music and more!