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[BLANK_AUDIO] I'm Makho Ndlovu, and today on Essence Live, Demetrius Shipp Jr, the man who plays Tupac in his first biopic is here, alongside the film's director Benny Boom. Remy Ma dishes on her Essence Festival performance Ready, Set, Fierce! is back with the hottest swimsuits of the season. Plus we've got Maxwell tickets. Details are coming up. But right now it's time for the hot list. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [SOUND] After a couple of years of shading each other and throwing subliminals on instagram Tamar and Tiny appeared to have made up. Tamar took to Instagram and wrote in part. Quote, I love you and all of my god babies, all the kids with all of my heart. And you know this. I also love your husband. How about we all sit down and talk? And I'll pay for and sing at your vow renewal ceremony. Well we don't know if that last part is gonna happen, but Tiny did accept her apology. She responded I've always and always will consider you one of my closest, dearest, longest friends I've got. And time to kiss and make up. That's so sweet. I think, we've all been there, right? You and your homegirl fall out over something dumb and you really wanna make up, but you don't wanna be the first to make up. So kudos to Tiny and Tamar for being mature enough to forgive and move on. Go girls! Hero, legend, and king, the trailer for Black Panther dropped and we're still trying to recover from all of this black excellence. I mean we have, Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong'o, Michael B Jordan, Angela Bassett, Forest Whittaker, Daniel Kaluuya, and [UNKNOWN] yes. From the actors to the costumes and music every second of that travel was lit. And twitter was here for all of it. [UNKNOWN] tweeted My President may not be Black, but my King is. Hey. Thapstarr tweeted, spotted elements of different African cultures on #BlackPanther trailer. Basotho, Ndebele, Masai, etc. That's dope. Now, some people already have their outfits ready for the premiere, I know I'm ready. The Lady Ros posted. This to Instagram, Me at the beginning of The Black Panther trailer vs. Me after The Black Panther trailer. But the best part of all of this? The movie is coming out during Black History Month. We see what you're doing there, Marvel and we approve. [MUSIC] Serious question, is it our job to educate white folks when the racism hits the fan? We're asking because recently Katie Perry has been on an apology tour for all the cultural appropriations she's done, even sitting down with Black Lives Matter activists, Duray McKesson. Take a look at this. Even in you know my [UNKNOWN] to like appreciate japanese culture I did it wrong with a performance and I didn't know that I did it wrong until I heard people saying I did it wrong. And sometimes that's what it takes is it takes someone to say Out of compassion, out of love, hey this is where the origin is, you know? And do you understand and not just like a clap back, you know? Yeah. Okay, so not only do we have to endure the racism, but also have to be nice when talking about it? Got it. So we're asking you again for today's viewer poll, is it our responsibility to educate white people when they do something racist? Vote A for yes, B for no using #EssenceLive, because we're talking about it next. It's Tuesday, June 13, and Essence Live starts right now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live. I'm your host, Makho Nolovu, and we always want to hear from you. Now talk to us using the hashtag Essence Live or you can email us at [email protected] Okay, So recently white people haven't done a great job apologizing for their racism. First, Bill Maher called himself a house n-word. And this week Katy Perry is explaining her old cultural blunders. And she's asking for folks to be easy on her. So, for example, this is how she said one of her friends schooled her on the word feminism. Quote, someone pulled me aside in a quiet space, didn't shame me, didn't judge me. And she just said, sweetheart, I love you and I want to show you what the Webster's dictionary says about being a feminist. She also said she had someone tell her how she was appropriating Black culture and heard this is how we do video. Quote, my friend Cleo told me about the power in Black women's hair. And how beautiful it is and the struggle, and I listened, and I heard, and I didn't know. So that leads us today's viewer poll question. Is it our responsibility to educate white people when they do something Do something racist. Vote A for yes and B for no. Now our ear to the Internet streets is manning social media for your comments right now. Hey Kayla. Hey. What are folks saying on social media? All right, comments are already rolling in. Bernadine Thorpe says Katy Perry still fears there's gonna be flaps here and there, she's gonna be all right. Ranette Williams says white people should use the common sense they have and check each other. We have a lot of our work to do. Making sure they get it right is a waste of our time and energy that we need for other fights. Liz Jackson says do your research like everyone else. I know that's right. Google is free, and it is available to everyone. Alright now keep those votes and comments coming. We really want to hear them, and we'll read the results later on in the show. Now coming up we're talking to Essence Festival performer Remy Ma about her new music and what's next for her and Pappoose. Now if you're a woman who wears an F or G or H cup, we've got some swimsuits I promise you you're gonna love them. But first, have you subscribed to Essence's 'Yes Girl' Podcast? You should, I know I have, it's my favorite. And you can do so through iTunes or Google Play, or anywhere that you can listen to Podcast's really. Now check out a recent conversation that 'Yes Girl' had with Charlemagne the God. Charlemagne the God is in the building. Good afternoon everybody, how are y'all today? I never above getting checked by my community. You know it's just one of those things where you gotta step back and "Hold up, what did I do? Did I play this wrong?" Like if I did something wrong, and my community didn't like it. By all means let me know. I mean, I give people the credit they deserve for being stupid every day with "Donkey of the Day" so my community can give me the credit. I deserve for being stupid in that moment. Mm-hm. Peace to the planet. It's the Prime Minister of pissing people off, the ruler of rubbing you the wrong way, the architect of aggravation Charlamagne tha God and I want you to subscribe to the Yes Girl podcast. [BLANK_AUDIO] I'm your host, Makho Ndlovu, and with us right now is one of our homegirls. She's been on our show twice before, and she is a pleasure each and every time. Please help me welcome Remy Ma to the show. Hey, Rem. Hi. Hi. So excited to see you so before we start. We have to talk about Essence Festival. Okay. What can we expect from your set? What can fans expect? I'm actually literally practicing right now. I have my whole team together. And try to make sure the line up is right and the dances are right I might even be doing a little bit dancing myself .>> Really that's excitig.>> It's so weird my birthdays recently passed. One of my fans have put together a video of me about a minute long for IG. and I never realized how much I just dance all the time. Every single clip I'm just doing something weird.>> You're just dancing [LAUGH] .>> Signature move [LAUGH] hm maybe I should incorporate some You should, I'm really excited to see that, I want to see your two step a little more then just two steps .>> And I like five and a half steps.>> You've got five and a half steps.>> You've got five and a half steps, I'm here for it.>> [LAUGH] Any special guest that we can look forward to seeing? Not that I wanna mention just yet. I kinda want them to be a surprise. Really? Yeah, I'm more excited about the other people that are gonna be there, I was just making sure that I had a list of everyone who was gonna be there. Yeah. And I'm a die-hard, day one fan of Mary J Blige- Come on, the queen. I mean, as we all are. However, Diana Ross plays such a intricate part in my She was probably one of my mom's favorite artists of all time and I remember the whole Central Park performance she did in the rain. Like Fabulous. everyday Yes. literally on my television screen. So I'm really excited to see her in person. Do you have a favorite Diana Ross song? I actually it's not one of her's like you know Songs [INAUDIBLE], when she does Home from Yes. From The Wiz, yes. All right, well I'm also looking forward to Diana, I'm a huge, huge fan, but since we're gonna be in New Orleans, is there anything special that you're looking forward to doing while you're there? Well, contrary to my diet, that I constantly am on, I'm always looking to eat as if I'm in. That's one of the places I've only been there once most recently with the all-star game. And it was this restaurant that I wanted to go to, that everyone was talking about. And one of my stylists and her family all did and I did not get a chance to go there. Wow. So I pretty much have that on my list of things that I'm gonna go there or to have one of everything. [LAUGH] Off of the menu. There goes that diet but you look great. So no need to worry Thank you. about it. All right so Your album, we love the current album that you have out right now with you and Fat Joe. Thank you. But when can we get a Remy solo. We need a solo. I'm working on my solo album in [UNKNOWN]. Seven [UNKNOWN] and six summers. It's pretty much significance of the time that I was away. And it's a play on how I used to count the time, cuz I never used to wanna say seven years, or six years, or whatever the case, where my window was, a face like this little forest. So, it was no leaves on the Trees I'd be like Wow. okay this one's this time. I have to just watch the leaves come off the trees three more times then I could go home. Or if it was the summer and all you could see was green I was like okay five more summers and then I could leave. So I literally was counting it by the summers and the winters. Wow. As opposed to the weeks and the months and the years cuz it just seems like so much longer. Count and they're like that. Yeah. And I've been in the studio working really hard, I've got a couple of great artists that I'm working and dope producers. And are you gonna tell us any names? Any of the producers or the artists? Something? A little? No. We're Essence family. Yeah I'm gonna tell you. You're gonna be at Essence festival. Because let me tell you what happens. Because then Yeah. when every time I say something then I have Remy yeah, that's when i call my friends, they be like, so when are gonna get the song with so-and-so? Its been 3 years, 2 months, 10 seconds." Yes. I be like I can not tell them anything. They need to start harassing the other person. Well Remy told us that y'all was doing X, Y, and Z but its definitely coming together and I'm really excited about it. It's only my second Second solo album every and it's cool because I kind of just did the album with Fat Joe, the Plata o Plomo album. We had All the Way Up, which was huge. Huge hit. And Money Showers with Ty Dolla Sign and we just released our fourth single, Heartbreak with a Dream and it's just everything was so Fresh. I'm picking up from right where I left off. It's just by myself. All right. Well, switching gears for a second, you know we love the [INAUDIBLE]. We love you and [INAUDIBLE] love story. Are you going to do a spin off from Love and Hip Hop can we expect to see your own show?>> Well that's what we wanted to do, and that's what we've been trying to do, but it's really, really time consuming. Even when we filmed Love and Hip Hop, we filmed for ten months for however many episodes that were on for however many minutes out of that episode. So in order for us to totally dedicate What we want to do just to you know meet the Maggies. Which is the title that we already decided is gonna be the name for our show. We definitely need the time and I have so much things on my schedules like the Essence slide. Yes. You know. Yes the Essence festival, yes. A thousand other things that I'm doing but we are what we have been putting off Full time into is a book that we're doing. Tell us more about the book. And it's pretty much like not really I wouldn't say self help but everyone always asks us questions like how do you guys do it? Or I love how he loves you so much or how do you manage to? So we figured out like if we could try to Pull that all into a little ball and smash it into some pages, and make it so that people could understand it. And just continue to represent for the young, black families out there, some that have families that were started before they met. Because we both had children before we even met each other. We both had children when we were really young in our teens. And it's weird because like we are growing without children and I see a lot of people have that situation. We grew up in poverty and neighborhoods where you don't really know the effects of having children when you are teenagers. And now that we're married and our kids are there we are pretty much growing with them. It's kinda cool to be able to install certain values that we necessarily didn't get such as. you know, marriage and monogamy and family first before anything, so we definitely are putting that into our book. I love that, I love that. It's going to be amazing. Speaking of Papoose, Father's Day is coming up How are you gonna celebrate Father's Day? I haven't thought of it yet, but Papoose is the easiest person to surprise. [LAUGH] One thing, ladies, that when you have a husband that totally adores you and loves and trusts everything you say, it's sad, actually, at some point. I give him a surprise party every year. Do you? And every single year, he's surprised. At first I was like, nice. People be thinking like no, he had to know. I'm like, no seriously. If I tell him I'm going to X, Y, Z, that's where he thinks that I'm going. If I tell this is what I'm doing, that's what it is. So I feel bad sometimes because he just trusts me so much and I just keep betraying it every day, but it's all in the name of good parties and good family fun. So I haven't thought of what I was gonna spring on him yet, but it's definitely One of the holidays that he cares about. We're told the difference. Since Father's Day is coming up, if you could look right into the camera and give Papoose a Father's Day message. Okay. Yeah, you go it? Okay. Gather it. Do it. Okay. Husband, [LAUGH] Husband, I just want to wish you a very very very happy father's day. You are an amazing husband and you are even more amazing father, not only to your own children, and the one's that I look at as my children as well, but my son who You took in like he was one of your own, even before we were married, and for that I can't thank you enough. I can't say how much I appreciate you enough. You are truly amazing, and you can get whatever you want except [LAUGH] Except for anything too crazy for 24 hours. After that, it's back to me running the show. Happy Father's Day. I love you. Aw, that was so sweet. High five to that. Yes [INAUDIBLE]. Remy, thank you so much for stopping by. I pretty much feel like I live here now. Do you? Well, great. I've cased out the whole joint. I know where all the snacks are. They're like, would you like something to drink? I know where it is. Don't worry about it. I'm going. So it's unofficial. You can move in, just stay, relax, make yourself at home, we'll get you a drink. We can't wait to see you in New Orleans. Now remember you can see Remi Ma, our girl, John Legend, Chance the Rapper, Solange, Diana Ross and more at Essence Festival, July 4th weekend. Tickets are on sale right now at Ticketmaster. And Essence Fest is more than just about music. As we mentioned, there's a beauty expo, and there's food. Are you a foodie? Cuz I am. Check this out. [MUSIC] The Essence Eats stage features a variety of chefs that show You how to make southern delights, like shrimp and grits, crawfish etouffee, gumbo. Mm, I can taste it right now, I can't wait. You can pre-register for the free expos by downloading the Essence Festival app right now and buy your Buy your tickets for the Superdome concert series. See you all in New Orleans, baby. [MUSIC] Hey, what's up? My name's Kaylani and you're watching Essence Live. [MUSIC] Ready, set, fierce! Where we showcase all kinds of fabulous with expert advice, and today it's all about swimsuits. Now if you've ever struggled with buying a swimsuit because your breasts are large, this segment is for you. These bathing suits are for ladies who have an F G or H cup. Now here to show off the looks is creative director for Swimsuits for All Sarah Mitsna. Welcome to the show Sarah. Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure to have you on. Now first tell us about the mission behind Swimsuits for All. So our mission is to get every single woman in a bathing suit this summer. We don't want to see anybody in a t shirt and shorts on the beach We sell sizes four to 34. Every woman, every body feeling confident, enjoying their time on the beach in a swimsuit. I love that. Yeah. That is so awesome. Okay, before we bring out our first swimsuit, I'd like to mention that all of todays models are Essence editors. I'm so proud of these ladies. They look amazing. I hope you guys are ready. Are we ready? Alright. First up, we have esscence.com Senior News and Culture Editor Christina Coleman. Come on out, Christina, show us what you're working with, show us your new swimsuit. Now Sierra, tell me about this swimsuit. So this is from our Capsule Collection, with supermodel Ashley Graham, it just came out a couple weeks ago. And a lot of people think bust support is about the cuffs. Which it is, but it's also about back support, so The shape of the suit in the back is actually what gives you the support that you need in the front. This has a great tie back, you can tie it as tight as you want to give you that actual lift and support. And I think she looks amazing, perky, supported. What I love about this suit is it's not full coverage. So I think of a lot of women with fuller busts are encouraged to get full coverage tops that minimize their bust I don't think you have to do that. You can really show off your best assets which she's doing right here and just make sure it has that support in the back so you feel comfortable in the front. And also this one is particularly amazing because it has a matching coverup. Which I love. You can wear this with just With jeans and a tank out on the town. That's exactly right, yeah. A little bit sheer. It's only $43. I was gonna ask. So the kimono is 43 or the whole set is 43? No, the kimono is 43 and the suit is 53. I love it. Yeah, but for under a $100 you're getting a full look that you can wear, you know day to night. I love that, thank you so much Cristina. You look amazing. You're three piece outfit. Okay? Our next model is Essence.com's assistant editor, Lauren Potter. Lauren come on out let's see what you're wearing. Yes! Talk to me about this one. Love this suit. What I really love about this suit is that it really like supports her bust. But also shows off her super tiny waist. Not all women with big busts are big all the way down. People have all different shapes and sizes and this suit is great for someone with a big bust. You can have more coverage if you want to zip it farther up. You can unzip if if you wanna have really sexy plunge neckline. And the red is so in. Baywatch movie came out Yes, it is! almost two weeks ago. This is definitely, has that Baywatch feel. Again, only fifty-three dollars. Fifty-three dollars, I mean Yeah you can't top that No. You know, it's a great price point. You're going to see a lot of people in the red one-piece this summer. It looks great on all skin tones, and, you know, we also did an amazing campaign Featuring a lifeguard swimsuit, a very similar swimsuit to this one with Ashley Graham, [UNKNOWN] Taylor. Yes. Nikki Taylor, and people went crazy for it. It's a suit that looks good on all ages, all races, all body types. And I think this is a great one. No, it looks phenomenal. So talk to me about these straps. Are these straps good to support a large bust or [UNKNOWN] support a large bust because they are a little bit of a thicker strap. This one also has a nice soft molded cup in the bra, gives you like a nice shape in the bust so your boobs look great in it and I think her boobs look great here. Yes, your boobs look amazing. How do you feel? Thumbs up? Alright, Lauren, thank you so much, you look great. All right and last but not least Is our senior and lifestyles and relationship editor for essence.com, our girl Charlie Penn. Come on out, Charlie. Show us your. Charlie, whoa. Can we just take a moment, Sarah, to admire and take this all in? Amazing. Yes, talk to me about this swimsuit. So Charlie has been a fan of the brand for a while, she loves our collaboration with fashion blogger Gabby Fresh, this is from our Gabby Fresh collaboration, this is $63 And what I love about this one is, Gabby's collection runs in cup sizes. So you can get it in D, double D, you can get it in EF, or you can get it in GH, which Charlie is wearing the GH cup. But as you can see, it fits her perfectly. So, is it two swimsuits? Cuz I see the underbody underneath. It is. So, it's two pieces. It's a one piece that comes as two pieces. Wow. So, it's a bikini top underneath with a halter one piece you put over it. It has amazing print mixing with the check and the palm leaves which. You know it's really modern and fresh an in the back you can see it has two closures. So again taking about that back support. Really helping you get front support. Which this suit is doing. She looks amazing in it. This is such an unconventional coloring and pattern. So are there any tips for women like Charlie who have big busts that you have for Getting a swimsuit that has so much color and pattern, what tips should they look for when they're shopping for a swimsuit? I think you want to go for something modern and unique. Again, don't be afraid to go for color, go for print. You don't have to wear a black one piece. You know, you don't have to wear muted colors, wear brights, wear prints, and really like accentuate your bust and don't be afraid to show it off, cuz if you got if, flaunt it. If you got it, flaunt it. Now how long does it take for these swimsuits to come, because if I'm going on vacation, Yeah. And I'm like a week later, and I see this swimsuit on Charlie. How long, what is the turnaround time? I mean, you can get overnight shipping. We ship internationally, so not just in the U.S., but anywhere in the world. We're here. Literally every woman, every body, anywhere in the world, we want to get you in a bathing suit. Yeah. I don't want to see anybody in sweatpants on the beach. [LAUGH] No T-shirts. No hiding your bust. Yes. [LAUGH] No hiding your waist. Body confidence, that's what we're all about. I love it Charlie you look phenomenal. Ladies models may we please have you back up? Yes can we give them a round of applause? [APPLAUSE] Wow you ladies look great. All right to recap we have Christina, she's rocking a. A simply, flirty floral print bikini with a matching cover-up. Love that cover-up. Lauren is in a vibrant red swimsuit. Very Bay watchy. And Charlie has on a dynamic two piece with a modern print. Great work ladies my gosh. Now remember you can get all these looks at swimsuitsforall.com. Now Sarah you are rocking a swim suits for all outfit. Tell me about it. I am yes. I am wearing one from out Ashley Graham Castle collection this is the [UNKNOWN] swim suit. $55. You can wear it as a bodysuit with pants, I'm wearing it to work today. So really, swimsuits for all, all of the time. Yeah, all of the swimming, I'm losing my mind. Sarah, thank you so much for stopping by and showing us these fabulous, fabulous swimsuits. Thank you. I like all of them, can I get all of them in my size? We're gonna help you out. Okay, thank you so much, Sarah. Y'all heard her [MUSIC] Things you need on a girls' trip. First you need a credit card, cuz you don't know what might happen. And I would suggest you bring two of them, a back up credit card. [MUSIC] Great conversation, great company, really good music Good food. Snacks. Cuz if you don't have any money you don't wanna have to go raid the mini bar. You need a couple pairs of shoe choices. You need your going out outfits, and you need your flip flops. You're gonna need some bomb **** heels, so that you can get free drinks. Hello. Everything you need to get your hair right. You might need to get it done before you go. getting that weave, if you're getting braids, you're going to need a doorag, okay? To tie your hair up at night, and/or if you hit the pool or whatever, you might just want to tie it up. You're going to need at least two cute See dresses. SPF, cuz you don't wanna sunburn. [MUSIC] A nice bottle of wine. [MUSIC] Probably I would take perfume. You need deodorant. You don't wanna be the funky **** in the bunch. I will suggest the brain maybe two condoms just in case you don't know what will happen. So might try to get you know saying me like look it'll be safe at least. Now, I'm not suggesting to be a fornicator, I'm just saying stuff happens. And that's it, I think that's pretty much all you need, that's all the necessities. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live. I'm your host Makho Ndlovo and we are just minutes from our giveaway for Maxwell tickets, so you don't wanna move. But first, one of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer Is All Eyes On Me, which is based on the life of Tupac Shakur. It hits theaters June sixteenth. And we have the star and the director here with us today. Please help me welcome Demetrius Shipp Jr. and Benny Boom to the show. Welcome guys! Hey, Demetrius. Morning. Wow, it is crazy how much you look like Tupac. When was the first time someone told you and when did you realize that you look exactly like him? The first time, that's really hard to- Okay, to quantify, all right. I don't know, but I know that I got the nickname Pac in high school, that's when it first started. For myself I guess when I did a little Halloween thing in 20, 21, I did the Tupac thing for Halloween, but then I ran into a bunch of Tupacs and I was like, we're not going to do this one again. You were probably the most believable, but you were only eight when Tupac was murdered. Yeah, seven, eight. Seven, actually. Right. So what did you know about him and how did Well, I really had kind of a connection to Tupac through my father because he produced for Tupac. He produced Toss It Up. Which was came out after he died. There's a video for it. Exactly. So I just remember that, my dad being shook up about that. And being at the studio at Death Row, not being around 'Pac per se, but just being at Death Row before 'Pac was there with my father how that was And, you know, just being in the music industry with him. Isn't that crazy that your dad was so close to him, but you never did meet Pac. No, I don't think so. Wow, wow. So Benny, we have to switch gears, so you as the director of the film, you know with a biopic there's so many things that you have to get right. Yeah. What were some of the things that you had to make sure you got precisely right for this film? Definitely all the things that people know. There's a lot of headlines about Pac. So below the headlines we had to do research, and sometimes that was talking to real people, family members, friends, that sort of thing, people that were there. We did a lot of that. Yeah. A lot of that. And a lot of that went into the script originally. Mm, and you can tell when you see the movies. So, speaking of family members. Mm-hm. Did you work with the [INAUDIBLE]? Unfortunately she passed last year. You know. But, was she involved? She was involved in the film, and I actually worked with her on a music video years ago. For Keyshia Cole from you know, Playa Cardz Right. And it's Keyshia Cole featuring Tupac Shakur and she's in the video and we have her with candles and sort of reminiscent about Pac. Emotionally video. And I spent some with her talking to her about Pac and it was not knowing seven years later I'd be directing a movie on her son's life. Look at that. This, I'm seeing a theme already that it's all about connecting the dots. It's a lot of- You never know. For real. Did she get to see the movie though before she passed away? She did not. She did not. You know, we wanted to, LT Hutton was the producer of the movie. And myself. We talked about getting it to a place where we could take it and show it to her when it was right. You know. We didn't want to see rough cuts. We wanted to see the completion of it and unfortunately she passed actually Not long after we wrapped. That's really unfortunate. Switching gears really quickly, one of the elements that we find out more in the movie is the relationship that Pac had with [INAUDIBLE] and Jada. Did they get to see the movie and what are their thoughts on that? Well he ran into Jada. Did you? I ran into Jada at Essence Fest. At Essence Fest? Last, year. Okay? I met her and that was just a, and this was after the movie, we shared some words. I was kind of like. Were you starstruck? I was, for real. It was one of those But you gotta tell her how she approached you. Please tell us that, don't leave anything out! [CROSSTALK] So my boy Keifer was shooting BTS on girls trip. Okay. And so he tells her like my boy is here, he plays the guy from Tupac. And so she's like where, she like beelines to try to find, like where's he at, where's he at? Uh-huh So you know, I introduced myself. And she's like, wow. She's like, giving me this look. She gave me encouraging words, told me to just be happy with my work. And, she hopes the best for me and she sees the resemblance and stuff like that. Yeah. But it was just an interesting moment. Did she tell you better not mess it up? Did she say something like that? [LAUGH] Did she say that? Don't leave that part out. [LAUGH] No, she didn't say that. I don't believe. Okay, how about Kidada? Has she seen it? No, I don't really necessarily know too much about Kidada. I know that she's private. There's certain people who were involved in Pac's life, family, loved ones like Kidada, or love interests rather who that took a real great toll on. And as far as anything connected and being out, and And speaking about it. Or just wanting to see stuff, what's going on. Yeah, yeah. They tend to keep back. Yeah. Play behind the scenes of that stuff and really don't tend to get involved in it. But you were gonna say something? Yeah, it's gotta be hard for her, for sure. For Kadata She's actually connected to two great losses in music, to Aaliyah and to 2Pac. And so I'm sure that these types of films open up, the wounds are still very fresh, yeah, so I'm sure. She'll see it when it's time for her to see it. Her brother Cutie3 is very aware of the film and has talked to our producer and stuff like that. So you know I think People like that, that are really close need to see it when they're ready. When they're ready. Right. Yeah. Cuz even Leila Steinberg, who was Tupac's manager, she was very hesitant. But you could see, honestly, when every- Everybody that I speak to that was real close to Pac, they all had a certain look in their eyes. [CROSSTALK] Well, before they see the movie, it's like- [CROSSTALK] They're not sure? [CROSSTALK] Yeah, it's the doubt. Which I'm sure for a lot of people, right? They were not sure about it, there's some hesitation. So one last question before we wrap up this interview. What do you want to tell those people that are kind of maybe on the fence, are not sure about it, what do you want to get the message out to them for them to go see this movie? This film is incredible, and I'm not just saying that because I directed or we made it. We really really, pull back the layers of Tupac's life and take away the mythology and humanize him. And you've seen the film. Love it. This film is about relationships, and the relationships that he had, and the loss that we feel now, because Pac is gone. Along with that, we have the incredible, incredible Performances from young actors that some people don't know it all in Demetrius. And some people would deny, they may know a little bit about. But they get the chance to see a different side in Cat, and Andy, and all those people in the film. So it's a great platform for this young talent, and as well as a great movie. All right, don't forget the name guys, Demetrius Shipp, Jr. Benny, thank you so much for stopping by. I know you guys Are really busy, all right, folks on Facebook are definitely buzzing about this movie. Kayla let's check in with you online. What are the folks saying? Hey, I was excited that I was here from the cast, react earlier, is it our responsibility to educate white people when they do something racist. Responses were mixed. [LAUGH] Yeah. Most people said yes. Yes, [UNKNOWN] boys says being ignorant as not a past, educate, power and research. [UNKNOWN] says that every racist misdeed is a teachable moment, but John [UNKNOWN] said I don't think it's our responsibility, but some people need some guidance.>> Wow, sounds pretty mixed. All right, so let's see the results of today's viewer poll. We asked you, is it our responsibility to educate white folks when they make racist mistakes? And here's how you voted. [MUSIC] All right 79% of people say that's the only way we'll see real change and 21% said no, white people should educate themselves. Now that is an interesting breakdown. I tend to agree with the 79% that yes we have to Talk about these issues and we have to like, that's the only way that we'll get real change, right? All right. All right and now it's time for those Maxwell tickets, Maxwell is currently on his summer '17 tour and we're giving away tickets for the first five people, one, two, three, four, five, who can answer our trivia question. But first, Here are the rules. You have to be nineteen years of age or older, travel and hotel are not included, you must subscribe to our YouTube channel ( I promise you there's lots of good content, subscribe.) and then e-mail the correct answer to the trivia question to [email protected] Got it? Okay. Here's the trivia question. On our YouTube channel, there's a video of a game we played with Luke James called, "Can He Hit That Note"? In the game, we asked which Maxwell song did we ask Luke James to sing? Once again, which Maxwell song did we ask Luke James to sing? And, can he hit that note? Now remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and then email the correct answer to [email protected] Good luck! Thanks to Remy Ma, Swimsuits for All, Demetrius Shipp Jr. and Betty Boom for stopping through. Remember, you can see the New Tupac biopic All Eyes on Me in theaters June 16th. If you missed any of today's show you can catch the replay shortly on Essence.com and see all of our videos on our YouTube page. And tune in next Tuesday at 3:00 pm eastern for an all new Essence Live. I'm [UNKNOWN] and we'll see you then, bye. [MUSIC]
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