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Today on Essence Live, our First Lady, Michelle Obama, sits down with our editor in chief. Vanessa Deluca to chat education. Plus the beautiful and talented actress Jill Marie Jones stops by to share a little inside scoop on her new scary TV series. And you know him, Milan Christopher from Love and hiphop Hollywood spills all of the T Honey and my favorite part of each and every show, Slade or shade. Let's talk a little Netflix in chill button. All that in much, much more coming up. Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Hello and welcome to another fabulous episode of Essence Live. We have an action packed show coming up next for you guys. But before we get started, T has me all flustered. Before we get started I have to remind you, please use #ESSENCELIVE let us know what you're thinking. Comments about the show. But of course keep it cute. Keep it clean, let's be nice. All right so coming up we had co-host of Oxygen's new show Crazy Talk, Tanisha Thomas take to the streets of New York City to test your knowledge of pop culture. Check it out. What's up everybody, it's your girl Tanisha Thomas from Crazy Talk, and I'm with [UNKNOWN] today we are going crazy on the street. So I'm gonna ask you guys a series of questions that's gonna test your knowledge on all things pop culture. So I'm gonna tell you some sayings and you're gonna tell me who said what. You ready? Question number one. Now, I won't go into a big spiel about reincarnation, but the first I was in the Gucci store in Chicago was the closest I've ever felt to home. Who said this? Is it A, Kim K., B, Kanye West, or C, Lady Gaga? I'm going to go with Lady Gaga. Kim. I think it's Kim. I think it's Kanye. It sounds like a Kanye quote. Kanye West. Aw, they know their stuff. That's right. I know my boy! Yeah she got a Kanye with the yeezy. I am from every continent in Africa except for one and I'm also from every continent in Europe except for one. Lord, please help us all. Who said this? Is it A. Raven Symone, B, Kylie Jenner, or C, Jackie Christie. That sounds so totally confusing, so I'm gonna go with Raven. Kylie Jenner, I don't think- Jackie Christie's crazy, though. She's smart enough to say that. B. Kylie Jenner? Yes. I don't think Kylie Jenner even like talks about stuff like that. I don't think anybody talks about stuff like that. It's Raven Symone, right? Yes! Oh, you know your stuff, girl! I didn't know she's from Africa. I know that either. Always kooky when it comes to Raven.>>I'm a weavologist scientist.>>Here we go number three. I was always wondering, why does a bubble take the shape of a ball? Why not a triangle or a square? Who said this? Terrance Howard, Ray Jay, or Jaden Smith. Terrance Howard. I'm gonna go with Jaden. Jaden Smith. Jaden Smith. Jaden? Jaden? You would of thought it was Jaden. Nope. It was Terrance Howard said this. [CROSSTALK] Not sentimental. I went to school for chemical engineering. I went to school for chemical engineering. Not sentimental. [LAUGH] I actually always wanted to have an Asian daughter and I want to raise her as a black girl named Izzy. No offense, I didn't say this. You got to get whoever said it, okay? Who said it? Is it Nene Leakes Kim K. or Tamar Braxton. [LAUGH] I know. I, I, we've gotta do this. Nene. Nene Leakes. Tamar. I'm gonna go with Tamar. Oh, you got it. You just got that. That was my second guess. Even I sometimes have to kind of pipe myself, pipe myself, pipe myself down. How'd you get it? Because I didn't know who he was. I was like, you know, Maybe it's, I don't think No no say it was a girl. That's what [UNKNOWN] Okay yeah see I don't even know who it is. Oh the shame honey the shame. Welcome back to another fabulous episode of Essence Live. Thank you so much Tanisha for taking it to the streets of New York City. That was definitely a fun segment you did on the streets here of New York. And thank you to all of our audience members that participated. Joining me now in studio is Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Milan Christopher, how are you? Hey what's up? How you doing? I'm well, thank you. Thank you so much for joining us. Definitely. I have tons and tons of questions. Okay let's do it. You've been very successful before the cameras started following you day to day. Right. And now you've been placed on this platform as a very prominent LGBT spokesperson. Right. So I wanna take a step back. Southside Chicago is not exactly known for being Sesame Street. Were you our when you were in Chicago? Yeah and I grew up in the ghetto, like Southside, like Killaward is what it was called, 77th and hermitage. Very welcoming. So you know it was My dad was a police officer so I kinda had like that leeway that people wouldn't necessarily mess with me because they knew my dad. Mm-hm. But it was hard like just walking down the street going to school or going to dance practice or going to choir practice cause those were things that I was involved in. When I was a teenager I actually got shot in the leg Really? From a ricocheted bullet just walking to dance practice. Wow, that's music. Yeah. I was like 16. And so did you come out when you were in high school? I came out to my little brother when I was 13 or 14, and my little brother was nine. And probably like four years later, four and a half years after that, my little brother passed away. Oh, so sorry to hear that. Gun violence. Wasn't really gun violence, they were playing with guns and one of his friends. Was an accident. Was Said. Yeah. I'm very sorry to hear that. Oh. It's okay. And so fasting, fast forward to moving to LA. Mm-hm. When you decided to move to LA and jump into this industry knowing some of the stereotypes and stigmas, did you go into saying okay, I'm gonna be going to music. I'm making this transition, a life change. You know. Are you immediately out No. When I first moved to L.A., I was going through stuff personally in Chicago. And I was like, you know what, I have to get out of this environment. Mm-hm. And, I just packed up all my stuff one day, and I drove from Chicago straight to Los Angeles. Was your sexuality a conversation when you were trying to break in the industry? Definitely. Something that- When I first came to L.A., Cause I was already out from Chicago. But when I came here. It's a new scene. It's a new vibe. Yeah but I also wanted to be successful and I knew there were no openly, from my knowledge, any openly successful black gay man on television in music that were just out. And if it was, I wasn't aware of them. So I started finding the beard. One of my beards was one of my friends, Hazel E. [CROSSTALK] She's actually on Love and Hip Hop. And I used to go places with her and pretend that she was my girlfriend, just to get my foot in the door and to kinda be able to network with people. Because a lot of times, People, when they find out that you're gay, they put you in a bubble, like he's going to be our LGBT Expert He's not going to associate with everybody, he's going to just to associate with the gay people. They don't pay attention to your talent which you're bringing to the table. Exactly, and so I wanted to break out of that, but then after a while it just became so stressful. A person doesn't want to work with me or be my friend because How God created me then that's their problem, not mine. I just was like [BLANK_AUDIO] it. Oops! [LAUGH] just forget it. Forget it and then I just kept it moving, so. I'm going to fast forward into Love in Hip Hop. The relationship with Miles has millions tuning in every week And being out and having a relationship or trying to sort through a relationship in the music industry is one thing. But now having it on a global platform, millions and millions watching, that's a huge leap. Why, and why now? It definitely was the time. This year alone is really big for the LGBT community. [COUGH] Excuse me. That's okay. We have marriage being legalized- Right. In all the United States of America. We have Caitlyn Jenner and basketball players and Laverne Cox and Michael Sam and just different people who are like, we're fed up. We're tired of being in the background. Or having to hide who I am. Or to have to hide who I am to make you comfortable. And it's no reason for us to feel like that. You know what I mean? So [MUSIC] By them coming out I think it was lee way for me to come out and present my love with another man to love and hip hop and have them put us on the show. And this is something that we've talked about quite a bit in the office. We've had Laverne Cox on our cover two separate times. I hope I can get a cover. [LAUGH]. Just throwing it out there to the edit team. [LAUGH] Just put it out there I'm sexy. And [UNKNOWN] some [LAUGH] I did check your Instagram but we'll talk about that later. and we received some negative comments on social media. Quite a bit. And Shanda Rhymes is on our October cover and all of her cast members. She's brought a lot of same sex issues and relationships and things to the forefront. And as you mentioned, there does seem to be a different level of acceptance that's happening now. Why do you feel the Hip Hop community is, I guess, lagging behind? That's the go to derogatory term to call somebody a ****. To try to hurt them. Or to hurt them or any of those things is like that's the go to thing. So it has a negative connotation because of our culture. And you know, And I think right now things are changing because people are seeing that it's more to religious beliefs than just focusing on one thing. Mm-hm. Or trying to destroy somebody because of who they love, and it's more to us than we're not a little secret. We're human, just like you, you know what I mean? So. I think with that being said and being able to see us more visibly and see that it's changing the climate of our culture, which is amazing, because there's different cultures around the world. Like in Europe, it's not as Bad as it is here. Right. It's like okay whatever. Like who cares. That's what we're doing on Thursday. Exactly. What's happening at two? Very cool. Glad you tell me. And that's good, that's pushing forward that's progress. So and when you're speaking about Laverne Cox and those comments you have to also stem back to this is what we were taught. Right. I mean, that's why like 70 to 80%, I don't wanna misquote that, but 80% of the teen suicides are from LGBT community, because we have nowhere to go. We can't go to the church, we can't go to our family, we can't go to our school, we can't go to our community, because everybody turns their back on us. And I think the problem with our culture, and everything, is that we don't talk about sex. We don't talk about, you know things that happen in reality. You know, I was born the way I was, I didn't wake up one day and say. I want to crate hardship in my life. Hey, I want to take the hard route. Yeah, right, right. I didn't do that, I was born this way. And God knows everything. He knows Who I was before he created me and who I will be while I'm here. He makes no mistakes. I think that's what people should understand. Understand that I'm a very good person and the majority of everybody else, and you can't keep treating people Hurtfully or shamefully.>>Disrespectfully.>>Disrespectfully because they're different. Because African Americans out of all people on this planet should know that.>>Do you have any thoughts and opinions on Young Thug and the speculation on his sexuality? I think it's really kind of horrible that because someone chooses to dress a certain type of way, or say certain type of things just to kind of be funny, that automatically throw them in a box. And I really don't think that Young Thug is gay, and if he is, Who cares. Who cares. Right. If more so he would be bisexual than he would be gay, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. He is who he is. He makes dope music. So his sexuality shouldn't be an issue cuz he makes good music. I hear you. Yeah. Okay, so once the cameras turn off how do you feel the transition will be going back to from reality TV to regular reality for Milan? I live my truth on the show, on and off the show, so who I am on the show is who I am off the show. I actually, it's so funny, because I've been just walking down the street of New York, I've been meeting so many people, they've been walking up to me and just. Like, hey! Yeah, oh my God! And so, they're like, you act exactly the same, you're the same person. When I'm on the show, I'm showcasing those intimate moments, but it's nothing that, I don't think it would be a big transition for me to go back to not putting it on a platform. You know what I mean? Because I'm still gonna go to my business, I'm still gonna promote, I'm still gonna be in the studio. Still gonna love who you love. And I'm still gonna love who I love, so. I heard that. Don't go anywhere, we'll have more Essence Live when we return. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live. Joining me now, new to our Essence sofa, if you will, the beautiful and talented Miss. Jill Marie Jones. How are you? I'm great. Hello. Hello. Welcome, and I'm here to talk all about Ash vs Evil Dead. [LAUGH] Now, okay. Okay so I have to take a step back. Of course we all know you as Toni Childs from Girlfriends. Yes. Light, funny, quick witted, but you slowly be going to the dark side with features in American Horror Story, Yeah. Sleepy Hollow and now this. It's up my dark dirty road. On your dark dirty road. [LAUGH] Now, the show has been described as a horror comedy. I don't like to be scared at all. So, what should we expect in the series? You know whats crazy? It's crazy because I don't, it is a comedy but I don't, I think that makes people think whatever they think of comedy. I like to think of it as kind of a very witty, comical drama. Okay. Cuz the scary is scary, the blood is real, not real blood but you know what I'm saying. Nobody was hurt in the making of this. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Throw out that clause. Just in true Evil Dead fashion, you know, blood is a character on the show. But it is funny, it's really witty and Bruce Campbell my gosh. Like, He's so amazing, and what I did not know is funny he is just in life cuz I've never met him before. But we had a blast, man. We were in New Zealand. Mm-hm. And that's like a backdrop for a postcard. It's so beautiful. Now, how long were you filming down there? Four months. Wow. What was that like cuz you're based in LA? I was a Kiwi for four months. [LAUGH] I lived the life. So what did you do? What's your favorite thing to do in New Zealand? Did/ was eat, which is my favorite thing to do most- I'm from Louisiana, so my whole world revolves around food. And I'm from Texas, so I get you. [LAUGH] Yes! Okay, we're gonna talk more about that in a minute. There's a lot of Texas in the studio today. Right on. [INAUDIBLE] A lot of Texas. So your character is zombie killer Ashley Fisher, so tell me a little bit about your role. Amanda Fisher. Excuse me, Amanda. Oh no worries. Yeah, she's a Michigan State Trooper. Just all in all bad ****. Yeah. Doesn't like the word no. Has a way around a gun and she's one of the good guys, like she really fights for good. And something happens. And Ash, his name was all up and through. Oh, okay. So, therefore it just kind of changed her journey and she was on the hunt for Ash. Nice. Nice, now Did you have to take any, martial arts, or gun training or combat training for this role? I did. It's so funny, cuz you would think cuz I'm from Texas I would have ten guns in my bag. [LAUGH] But I don't. But I don't. I never, ever held a real gun, or shot a real gun, ever before this film. An it was really cool. I went through gun training. Mm-hm.>> Also, too we have an amazing stunt team in New Zealand. Mm-hm. And did some MMA training.>> Oh nice, okay. So Amanda's knocking them folks out too. Okay. So yeah she's- Well remember that, if your out there on the street people she's MMA now [LAUGH] It was awesome. What was one of your favorite moments from filming down there for those four months? Oh, there's so many amazing moments. I mean, first of all the cast and the crew was just awesome but also, too, I always say just because you've never seen someone do it Does it mean they're not capable. True. And I think Girlfriends was, honestly, a surprise to me because I never trained in a comedic acting. Really. No. I didn't know that I was funny. [LAUGH] I find that so hard to believe because you're so good. Your timing is like Well thank you, but I didn't, I did not know that. I was always training in dramatic acting and so that was a surprise for me. But it's just beautiful to let people see the other part of me Right So that's been lovely. Be able to show my inner badass. What's your favorite? Kicking **** in Ash vs Evil Dead or more comedic rolls. I just feel like I can have both. [LAUGH] I like both. But it is really refreshing to be able to Work that muscle, so. Halloween's coming up. Are you a big Halloween person? I am. Ooh, do you have a costume already planned for this year? I feel like your birthday and Halloween is your excuse to just- Wild out? [LAUGH] Just be naked, just Just- [LAUGH] That's the excuse to be, why aren't you wearing any clothes? It's Halloween. It's Halloween. It's my birthday. Yeah. [LAUGH] So, no I am. And I was raised on, me and my mom, we both are, we are lovers of the horror genre. Mm-hm. Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th that was my jam. Do you have your costume picked out this year? I don't, and that's what I'm trying to, yeah, sometimes I like to be a pun, so I like to get creative maybe with a pun? And where you gotta figure out. Who. Yeah, who is this? But I don't know, yet. I gotta figure that out. All right, okay. I'm gonna have to follow you on social media so I can see [CROSSTALK]- Oh, yeah, for sure. I mean, that's the day before the marathon so I might be slowly praying to Jesus. But we'll talk about it. [LAUGH] And also, too, we have to watch Ash vs. Evil Dead, cuz it premieres on Halloween, which is perfect. On Halloween at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time on Starz. Yes. So everyone, please be sure to check it out, the beautiful and talented Miss Jill Marie Jones. Thank you. All right, coming up next, we have Michelle Obama, who Essence recently kicked off it's college tour with the help of FLOTUS Michelle Obama and her Reach Higher education initiative. Our Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Deluca sat down with the First Lady for this exclusive interview. Check it out. Thank you, Mrs. Obama for helping Essence kick off our college tour. So when we last interviewed you, you were just watching the Reach Higher initiative. We would love to hear more about all the accomplishments of the program and what's new and what's next. Well think, you're in and we spent this year, you know, doing what we talked about really. Talking about the importance of getting an education beyond high school and again, whether that's a 2 year or 4 year college or university. We've been trying to do the most that we can through the administration to make college more affordable, to give students the support they need by, for example support high school counselors who are. Often over worked, and they don't have the resources to really focus on college preparation. We've been trying to life them up. We've done some work to make the FASFA form, the financial aid form, easier to fill out. And, beginning next year students are going to be able to start filling it out months earlier. Which will make it even better. And we've really been trying to engage this country, our leaders, our celebrities, institutions like Essence. You have always been a leader on having discussions about college and education. We've been working to make these conversations top of mind all around the country. Encouraging kids, doing college signing days and celebrating kids who are going to college in the same way that we celebrate athletes going pro or folks getting drafted into college for sports. We want to celebrate our kids for getting educated, so And trying to make it fun along the way. What would you say are some of the benefits of pursuing a community college education? Well, a lot of times, when kids think about college, they think about four-year institutions, they think about high cost, they think about moving away from home, all the things that might turn many kids off of the concept completely. But, and in this country we're fortunate that we have so many options for kids to get their education, and two year colleges are one of the best ways to do it and an affordable way. Many community colleges are linked up with High Schools that allow kids to start taking courses in their sophomore, junior, senior year. And get credit for those courses and sometimes they can go into community colleges in their second year, and get ahead of the curve. For kids who are more non-traditional students, maybe you're a single parent mom, maybe you already know what you wanna do. You wanna be an EMT, and work in an ambulance, so you don't wanna spend that time in a four-year University getting a liberal arts degree because you wanna get right to work. The other thing about the community colleges is that they provide real training for jobs that actually exist. And we saw that here with the health services program to mean The Howard Community College here is connected to right to the general hospital right next door. And a lot of the kids are already doing internships. And they're gonna be ready to be employed the minute they finish their program. So we want to make sure that kids in this country know that those options are available to them. And for so many that's gonna be the best way to go. A two year college. Community college. You're a first generation college kid, and so many of our African American students are the first in their families to go to college. If you had one thing that you could share, that you wish you knew starting out, what would you say to a young black woman starting out in college? So much, so much. But I think if I had to sum it up I would say. Do your research. And if you can, go and visit the college or program that you're gonna participate in, so that you have some idea. If you can't afford to do the visit, talk to an alum, talk to a current student. Go on the website. Sort of have a sense of what The experience is gonna be like for you. For me, when I set foot on my campus, it was like, where am I? How do you live in a dorm? How do you choose classes. Now kids can reach out and get that kind of help, but they have to kind of search it out and do the work. They other thing I always tell kids, is don't be afraid to ask for help. The minute you walk on campus, find your community. You know whether it's a cultural center or you know a sport's team if your lucky enough or you know making sure that you link up with somebody on the faculty who you connect with you know ask for help when you need it find out what tutoring programs there are to offer if you find yourself being overwhelmed. Don't wait until the end of the semester or the end of the quarter to think, oh my God, I'm drowning. Start asking for help the minute you get on campus, and don't think asking for help makes you weak. It makes you smart. Thank you Mrs. Obama for encouraging all of us to reach higher. Thank you. Thanks for everything you all are doing for our kids. Proud of you. Thank you so very much to Vanessa De Luca and Michelle Obama. If you're seeking more information I sat down with Essence features editor, Lauren Williams where we discussed this topic at length. For more info on the college tour and Michelle Obama's education initiatives, be sure to check out the video right now, on Coming up next, we have Slayed or shade? Stay tuned for more Essence Live. [MUSIC] Essence has always supported you and what you stand for. Now, imagine Essence could be even more. Offering a select Action of new beauty products specially curated every month, so you can see what's fresh, try samples before you buy, so you know what works for you. You're getting the essentials from name brands and up and coming black owned businesses, go ahead be bold, be confident, be you. Become a member [MUSIC] All right, Essence Live. We have had a pretty busy show. We had Milan Christopher, shared a little insight on his life. And, of course, loving hip hop Hollywood. Actress Jill Marie Jones stopped by to chat Ash versus the Evil Dead. And we had an exclusive with our First Lady Michelle Obama. And she was interviewed by our fabulous editor and chief, Vanessa De Luca. So it's hard to believe that we have room for more, but we do. It's time for my favorite part of each and every episode, Slayed or Shade. First up we have Grammy nominated singer/song writer, Vivian Green. Welcome. Hi. Hi, you got me through plenty of breakups, girl. We'll talk about it. [LAUGH] You just released Vivid, you're fifth album. Yes. So besides this album being more up tempo, how does Vivid differ from your other work? I think it is just the energy in Vivid that's different. I like to always stay faithful and true to my fans and always purge my emotions and my experiences through my music but this has a more empowering tone instead of sad. Okay. I do touch on sad things but it's going to make you want to get up and get over it opposed to, you know Crying like other [LAUGH] Put the ice cream down and get off the floor. Yeah- Or is that just me? I touch on everything, and still very heartfelt, which is not depressing, yeah. Awesome. Well, welcome. Thank you for having me. Thank you for joining us. And no stranger to the Shade of Slade couch is Essence entertainment editor. I can't speak today, y'all, I am so sorry. [LAUGH] Yolanda Sangweni, she is back. Hey. I mean you can say Oscar nominated. Oscar nominated. Next in line to get the E got Yolanda [UNKNOWN]. Welcome. Thank you. And our next guest has decided to trade in his basketball jersey for a mic. Welcome Daniel Booby Gibson. How are you? How you doing? I'm good. All right, now you've decided to make a major career shift. And you're entering the music industry as a rapper. What was it like coming to that decision? And tell us a little bit more about your rap name. Well, I mean, it's something that's been a long time in coming. I've always been a writer. I've always put my thoughts down on paper. And playing basketball, you rarely get the opportunity to really tell your story. You just kinda get out there and compete. And so I just got to the point where Andres kinda derailed me from doing what I wanted to do athletically. And the mic was there and I was going through some things. And I just kinda fell in love with that freedom. Mm-hm. With that opportunity to be able to tell my story. Just so you know, Yolanda and I sometimes battle in the office and drop bars. Do you> [LAUGHS] Bars. We might let you get in on that next time. Just saying, I flew off the top of the dome. Chrome. Chrome! Dome. What you got? What you got? Okay. And of course we want to hear from you, each and every one of you. You out there in the Essence audience watching at work. Maybe, but we're not gonna tell your boss. Please use #EssenceLive on Twitter, Instagram, and let us know your thoughts. All right, so we're going to get started. I'm sure we're all familiar with the term, Netflix and chill. If you're not, it's basically a code text an individual sends to someone to hang out. [MUSIC] The idea is that you'll literally chill while watching something on Netflix but the reality is you might end up having sex, I don't know. Well, a company have decided to cash in on the Netflix and Chill experience. They've unveiled a prototype for a button called the switch, that one hit. Get this. Orders food, dims the lights, activates your phone's do not disturb feature, and get's Netflix ready for streaming boobie over there, going. Okay so whoala, the Netflix and chill session begins. So, what do we think? Are y'all slaying this or shading? 1, 2, 3, oh you are too quick with the Slay, slay and shade. Vivian, why are you shade? I'm shade! Because technology, it scares me. Like, how much of my information do they have to have to be able to do all the things you just said? I don't like it. I don't like it. [LAUGH] Let's chill. It's my credit card information, she's like, that's too much information. [LAUGH] Yolanda? I think slayed, cause I'm so lazy. I'm just like, just do it for me. [LAUGH] I just need to show up. That's all I want to do, just show up and be slayed. Ow! [LAUGH] Daniel? Could not agree more. That simply is just being able to chill, push a button and let them do the work for you. That's what it's about. And then you do work later on. The sky man. [LAUGH] I'm just saying, everything can't be that easy. Possibly, possibly. That's not always the The intent but it's possible. It might happen. I realize you're the only man on the pl-- the panel but I mean, come on. It might, it might. It might. Okay. We have a shade and two slades. Okay, we'll talk about that later. All right, so next up a Minnesota couple have to bail out of attending an adult only wedding last minute when their babysitter canceled on them. A few weeks after the wedding the couple received a bill from the bride and groom totaling $75.90. Don't forget the 90 cents. A note on the bottom of the bill read this cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVP'd for. Reimbursement and explanation for no show card call or text would be appreciated. Though the Minnesota couple does admit they could have informed the bride and groom that they could not attend, they have no intentions of paying the bill. All right, so do you all think this is a slayed or a shade? Shade. Shade. Are you kind of in the middle? Slayed. [LAUGH] I can already see we're not inviting this one back. Yolanda, why is this a shade? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] So I've been singing this song all week, and you guys probably know it. Hell to the no. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] No, no no no no no no no. Are you kidding? No way am I paying for it. You know that when you plan your wedding, you know there's gonna be those people that fall off at the last minute- Mm-hm. And you don't expect them to pay for everything, I think that's rude. Mm-hm. I'm sorry. I would never pay that. Vivian? I wouldn't pay any. Definitely, especially like in our lives things change all the time. Things come up all the time and your schedule's always changing. RSVPing two years in In the events. I never like to do that anyway. I feel pressured to do it because they want the answer but I hate to do that anyway. So, definitely not paying if- Shade. Yeah, definitely Shade. I think I agree with the not paying. No you can't change your answer now. You can't change your answer right now. Well turn it over! [LAUGH] But I also agree with the bill being sent. So you're a slashade. [LAUGH] Yeah. Because of the principle. Okay. Like if I invite you, maybe I only invited a select group of people to come and attend. And if you don't attend, it's not about the money, but about the fact that you couldn't tell me that you weren't coming and maybe that took a seat away from somebody else. Says the millionaire. > [LAUGH] I count all my chips. I count every dollar. Now, would you still be friends with Friends with them. Say you didn't hear back from them, they didn't pay the bill, would you still be friends with that couple? We should have a talk. If we could- I like the way you said that. He's like, we should have a talk outside. If we could communicate about it. Yeah. In the dark. No. [LAUGH] Alright. Okay so this one, I really wanna hear what you all have to say about this one. Former NBA player Stephon Marbury is gearing up to re-release his line of affordable Starbury sneakers and he's definitely taking on his biggest competitor, Michael Jordan. In a series of tweets Maubury took shots at Jordan including one tweet that garning some Stephan tweeted and I quote Jordan has been robbing the hood since. Kids dying for shoes and the only face this dude makes is I don't care. The time will change. It should be noted that Marbury sneakers retail for $15 while a pair of Jordan's can cost upwards of $250. Okay, panelists, what are your thoughts on this? Stephan shading. Jordan, slayed or shade? Slayed. Slashayed. Slashay. Okay [UNKNOWN], I'm gonna start with you. Why is this a slay? Well, I think that he was building up to say that. I don't agree with everything he said, but Jordans are absolutely a major culture. In the black community. And people will not pay their bills and buy some Jordans. Mm-hm. And there's something wrong with that. I don't think the starburys are dope though. [LAUGH] You fired. [LAUGH] Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say it's good but I think, if the sneaker's gonna compete then you have to come better than the competition. He's coming to tweet for you next. No! He's coming for you next week. No, I'm sorry! [INAUDIBLE] I think it was great that he said what he said, though. That he has a really [INAUDIBLE] point. Yeah, I definitely think he does, but just I won't say it again. Don't worry, we'll walk you to your car. Don't worry, girl. Yolanda, the former NBA player Your thoughts. Well I kinda, I said shade because I feel like he's using that to sell his product, for starters. Mm-hm. I feel like he has a point as far as ethics go, and morals. I grew up in an area in the hood, so We weren't allow. We didn't- I, i couldn't afford shoes so I was around people getting hurt and killed. We did- there were a lot of car jackings for clothes, I mean shoes. But at the same time, like Michael Jordan is a businessman and he is Michael Jordan. And that brand is probably the biggest brand in the world, so. I think Mikey's just doing what anybody would do when you're in that position, and it's a business decision and you're making money off your shoes. You're the greatest player in the world, people going to buy your shoe regardless. You don't see people coming after Gucci and any of the high end brands saying not everybody can afford it. There's a little something in this section for everyone yeah I still think that Jordan or the ECS could have said something. Mm-hm. Maybe addressed all the kids being killed. The violence. Mm-hm. The violence around it. But at the same time I don't think you try to make your business by putting down another man's business. Yeah. Just try to build your business on its own down try to talk bad about Jordan. I agree with that. I agree with that. It's deeper. That's not the only reason that That sort of thing is happening. Right. And it contributes to it from time to time. It's a bigger conversation. Yeah. It definitely needs more that. Yeah. [LAUGH] It's a bigger conversation than the slashay, slashay. Yeah. [LAUGH] It is. It definitely is. Than a slashay. Well, thank all of you so much for joining us. Thank you. I'm gonna walk you to your car, Vivian girl, all right? [LAUGH] And of course thank you to all of you streaming us live. Make sure to tune in next week for an all new Essence Live with an exclusive from Whoopi Goldberg and we're focusing on health and wellness. Ladies and gents, you do not want to miss that. See you next week, same time, same place, same fabulous host, that would be me. I'm Dana Blair. Buh-bye. [MUSIC]

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