'All Eyez On Me:' This Is The Moment Demetrius Shipp Jr. Realized He Looked Like Tupac

ESSENCE Live sits down with the star of the Tupac biopic, 'All Eyez on Me,' to discuss his uncanny resemblance to Pac and how the late rapper has influenced him.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 16, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] One of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer is, All Eyes on Me, which is based on the life of Tupac Shakur. It hits theaters June 16th and we have the star and the director here with us today. Please help me welcome Demetrius Shipp Jr and Benny Boom to the show, welcome guys. Hey, Demetrius. Good morning. Wow, it is crazy how much you look like Tupac. When was the first time someone told you and when did you realize that you look exactly like him? The first time, that's really hard to like assess. Okay, to quantify. Alright, yeah. I don't know, but I know I got the nickname Pac in like high school. That's when it started. For myself I guess when I did a little Halloween thing. I dunno, 20, 21, I did the Tupac thing for Halloween. But then I ran into a bunch of Tupacs and I was like [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] We'll have to do this one again. But you were probably the most believable. But you were only eight when Tupac was murdered. Yeah, seven actually. Kevin actually writes so like, what did you know about him? Well I really kind of had a connection to Tupac with my father. He produced for Tupac, he produced toss it up. Look at that. Which came out, I think it came out three weeks after he died, you know what I'm saying. So- There's a video for it. Exactly. Wow. So I just remember that, sorta, my dad being shook up about that. And being at the studio, at Death Row, not being around Pac, per se, but just being at Death Row before Pac was there, with my father, how that was. And just being in the music industry with him. Isn't that crazy that your dad was so close to him but you never did meet Tupac. No, I don't think so. Wow. [BLANK_AUDIO]