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[MUSIC] here with Kourtney Heart. How are you? Fine, and yourself? I'm awesome. So what's it like bein' the home town girl when everybody comes to town for Essence Festival? Listen, I can not grasp it all, in a week, in a month, every year when they call me I"m just always so shocked and excited. So this is my fourth year, and I plan on having a fifth. Now. Essence festival's all about fashion. All about the hair, the beauty. So what do you, what's your one beauty secret that you have that people may not know is like, the perfect thing. I have a few. You know what. I always moisturize and exfoliate for my face, because I'm out a lot and I sweat, I have oily skin. I sweat. Ladies, get that together. Shout out to my makeup artist Jenea. Well this New Orleans heat is a new kind of heat. Like I didn't think I sweated but I sweated in places I have not before in this heat. Yes. It's thick. And another one I just love to be comfortable. I like to look good, but I love to be comfortable. I would be comfortable before I go drastic, in a, in a lifetime [LAUGH]. Now with this being the 20 year anniversary Essence Festival of course has been a big part of your career. So what's the biggest thing that you've ever felt or done or just are happy about, at this festival? Honestly just being a part of it. It's it's something that represents culture for me. Just culture just for African American women. Culture just for New Orleans. Culture for music itself. The industry, so I'm just happy to even be a part, just to get called. I mean, being in the presence of all this talent and all these wonderful people just embracing me, that's all I can ask for.

Essence Festival: Kourtney Heart

Ebonne Jones chats with singer Kourtney Heart