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[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] That was the standup performance at this year's Grammys. R&B singer Today's killer mashup with Ellie Golden. Now right here, to perform an acoustic version of her hit Rise Up, from her album Cheers to the Fall, please welcome one of the most amazing singers ever, Andra Day. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] Yeah, we will rise, we will rise, we'll rise, we'll rise. I'll rise up, rise like the day [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] Bless you. Thank you. And I keep saying your name wrong. Say it for me. Andra. Andra. I'm sorry I say Ah-ndra. [CROSSTALK] This is a massive hit, this song is just an inspirational anthem to so many people. M. Night Shyamalan directed an amazing video, which brought tears to my eyes. [CROSSTALK] Thank you, thank you. Tell us about where that particular video came. Why that video? You know what, it's funny because I originally I wasn't sure what I was going to present visually for Rise Up. And I'm a very spiritual person so I was praying about it and I was reading this book and it was called God Always Has a Plan B for Women. Don't judge the title, Right Because when I first saw the title, I was like, give me plan B. [LAUGH] But no, the back of the back of the book, a man was telling his son about how amazing his mom was, and he was saying, I wanted to take your mother out on a date. Right. And then he proceeds to tell him, in order for me to take her on a date, she has to get up, she has to wash me, she has to brush my teeth. Right. So to me the story was such a perfect story of Perseverance. Yeah. Daily, every day. Never giving up. Not just for yourself, but for another person. It's stunning. Thank you. Thank you. My God. I want to praise you myself first. Thank you. Let me just say, thank you so much for being a voice in the industry Thank you. Because a lot of times the voices get Not looked on, it's just fashion, and honey thank you. I appreciate it. Must do, you got a lot going on. So you're on the cover of Essence magazine, which you're gorgeous, you're performing at the Essence festival which is spectacular in New Orleans, and you're kicking off a major collaboration! Yes! Tell us! It's huge, I'm so excited, it's The Rise Up campaign with Coke and McDonald's and with Essence as well. And so my face and my lyrics are actually gonna be on 40 million Coke cups around the country. I want one. [LAUGH] Yeah, it's [UNKNOWN] thank you. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] Thank you so much. Thank you. [LAUGH] How did you feel? Cuz you've been in this industry for 15 years. In 50 years. It's been a while. For a while. Exactly. A long time and it's been a process, you know, of discovering myself and discovering my sound. And so it's amazing to do a campaign like this. Even to be on this show. You now, stuff that You don't really imagine. You want it but you don't really imagine. It's your time baby. This is your time. You earned this and you got the tops no joke. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Thank you. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] Day. Thanks to his crew [UNKNOWN] for guest co-hosting. We want you all to know that we appreciate that you came. And we want you to take a little time to enjoy whatever view you happen upon. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]

ESSENCE Festival Artist Andra Day on The View

While appearing on The View, Andra Days slays a stripped-down rendition of "Rise Up" and talks up her upcoming performance at the 2016 ESSENCE Festival.