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Three things we didn't know about you? Fun, fabulous and fierce. Fun, fabulous and fierce. All right, let's try. Al right, so who do you text or call every day? I don't know if I text or call anybody, everyday. Yeah? No. No. That, that was, that's not even a fun answer, huh? Like, I try to throw my phone away. Really? Yeah, especially, if I get a moment but I can't run away from my management, so I probably will get a text or phone call from management everyday. Alright. Besides your own amazing album, what song or album are you like running all the time right now? Bob Marley. Yeah. The, which one is, it's a live performance that he did in Pittsburgh that I really love. So I have the Heathen on there, Them Belly Full, I think I listen to that every single day, for sure. And then who are you most looking forward to, while you're here this weekend, who are you looking to? I've got to say Prince. I think all of us are very blessed to be able to have an opportunity to hear him play live tonight, so I think it's gonna be stunning and they're saying now that he's really private about what he's gonna be doing but the show's gonna be full of surprises. That's a true artist and that's what I'm trying to bring back, so it's gonna be good to watch him work. So you're wearing purple, tonight? I think I might have to, cuz if I don't and they say I can't come in, I'm gonna have to have something to do, for sure. Which one of his songs really like, really does and I know that's not fair because there's many songs but like, if you can think of one Prince song that just really does it for you? Well, Purple Rain is crazy but Kiss is nice just that mm-mm is just really dropping so I love Kiss, I think more than anything

ESSENCE Fest: Mali Music

The singer shares three fun things we didn't know about him.