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[MUSIC] We're here at the festival, it's all about having fun, good music, flirting. You flirt a lot more in the summer? You got some summer flirting tips for the fellas? Well, well, the summer is for flirting, even, yeah, yeah, yeah. The season. I'll leave it at that. That's it? That's all? You don't have any tips for the, for the fellas out there? For the fellas? Summer flirting tips? You know, don't be too overbearing. Right. You know, just compliment a lady if, if, if you see what you like, that's all you need to do. And if they like you, then- So are you a fan of the summer hook-up? The summer hook-up. What's a summer hook-up? You know what a summer hook-up is. I can't be too [INAUDIBLE] Cupping season is over. Wait, wait, wait. Cupping season is over, so summer hook-ups are more like one moment in time, moment, festival moments [CROSSTALK]. Am I a fan of? I used to be, I, I used to be. Okay, that's a fair answer. Now we've also been asking the sexiest clothing on a woman in the summer. What do you like? The dresses? [INAUDIBLE] Well, you know, I, I love the beach. So I love to see a, a woman in a nice bikini. Okay. That's a good answer. We didn't hear that one. Oh. I like it. And. Something new. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] The bikini body has to be? Or just any woman in a bikini? Any woman. Any woman. Like the curves? Jenny, I. You know what? If you got curves and you rockin' a bikini, that's even more attractive to me because it just shows your confidence. And what's your favorite Prince song? Cuz you know we're all here tonight to witness the purple one get his sexy in here. The extended version of Adore. Oh, that's a good one. That's a classic. Lance thank you so much. We love you. Thank you.

ESSENCE Fest: Lance Gross On Summer Hookups and Flirting

The actor reveals his sexiest summer obsessions and what he really thinks about a summer hookup.