ESSENCE Fest: Erykah Badu and Dave Chappelle

We’re backstage at the ESSENCE Fest as Erykah Badu and Dave Chappelle talk friendship.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 24, 2014
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[MUSIC] So tell us, did you expect him to come down today? Absolutely. Yeah. Hey. Is this your first time being at Essence Festival? I wouldn't miss it, yeah. Eryka asked me to come; I showed up. It was a wonderful thing. Although I'm sorry I never made it before. But the festival got really big right around when I, when I had my untimely departure from television. So this is the first time I've felt comfortable coming out and doing something. And Erica having to be here this year, and Prince and, and all these great people. So I, I'm very happy to be part of it. We love having you back as usual. Thank you. You enjoy yourself? Absolutely, it's therapy for me. And I just needed you know, just to have some familiarity with me and I'm happy Dave came. And we're, we're like a, a little family. So, you know, it's, it's beautiful. Essence is also part of my family. You know, we grew up with Essence Magazine, wanting to be on the cover of Essence or just be a part of it or taking the beauty tips and so all that kind of stuff. Me and Dave learned a lot of the different workout stuff from Essence as well. Really? Yeah, we work out together. Yeah, we do. Yeah, I do work out. No, I know you do, together. Okay, I'm lying. [LAUGH] I really don't work out. But I eat very healthy and I got a lot of the health tips from Essence too. Yeah. Tell me about your friendship. I know it's been a couple of decades. Maybe, what, almost two decades now your friendship's together? Something like that. Something like that. I didn't know that. [CROSSTALK]. Really? Wow. I dunno. It's like super natural. We love you two for even, you know, giving us this moment. When you came out that. Do you know what we did last week? No. We sold out Radio City Musical Hall. And they sold out Radio City Music Time, Hall, five or six damn nights, 11, maybe ten nights? Yeah, it was ten nights, 60,000 tickets, I couldn't have done it without my friends, of course. Oh my gosh, it was amazing, Erica, 45 piece orchestra and of course the band, all those crazy characters, RC and the like. Yeah. It was a good. [LAUGH] Coco. She's like, she's like the black soul train, with the long hair. That girl is the only singer I've ever toured with. Yeah, so it was one of these things. I've seen you perform, countless nights, every show, no matter what was going on, was, was top notch. As a, as a, as a live performer, as a person who makes his living as a live performer, I was rocking with the best. I was so honored to be here tonight. Yeah. And at Radio City last week. You're great. There's no one like her in our time, you know?