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[MUSIC] But what's it like to be walking down the street in New Orleans and have women, cuz I heard about what just happened. Women like, chasing after you, reaching for you, grabbing your shirt. That's a lot. Well, I mean, it is a lot, but, I'm a man. I like women, you know? There's no complaints there. Don't complain that a female's. Giving love and energy sometimes you know, sometimes you might be like damn girl wait hold up don't forget I'm a person, but you understand they're just excited and they having fun and you know I like it. I think they can tell you appreciate the love and we appreciate that you appreciate. You ever listen to your music with a date? You all get into a Common album? I mean- Cuz that's sexy for me. Yeah. I mean for us putting on, when we wanna be sexy we put on your music. Oh, I appreciate that. Absolutely. I'll say I'll, I'll play it for a lady friend if I'm like, if I'm wanting her to hear the new music, hear what it's sounding like. Right. You know like. Right. But. In all truth, when I'm riding, and we gonna do something, it'll probably be something else, just because, you know, I, I ain't gonna gonna be that self indulgent, you know what I mean, you know what I mean? Who do you play, like John Legend, like who do you, what's your mood music? I mean. I still go back to D'Angelo, Badu. Classic I go to that album. I like Frank Ocean's music. I like, I'll go to some Jazz music, you know, cuz I love Jazz. I go to soul, soul music. Alright, last question, the absolute sexiest part of woman's body, for you. For me, it would have to be her eyes. Because there's something in them eyes that say so much and when you look, it's either like saying, touch me, feel me, hug me, hold me. Yeah, it's something, so. And everything she want, right? Everything she won't, I won't, yeah. Thomas, thank you so much. We love you so much. Have fun at festival. Oh ladies, be jealous. Be very jealous. Thank you so much.

ESSENCE Fest: Common Talks Sexy Ladies

We got a moment alone with Common to talk about what he finds sexiest in a woman and more!