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[MUSIC] Happy to have you here! See you! You look great, as always. Thank you. So three things that we didn't know about you, really fun. And, Michelle, you look flawless. I want to know, this outfit, was it, like, are you a packer, are you an organized packer before you get here or are you a last minute girl like me? I'm a last minute girl like you, but. [MUSIC] Thank God for my wardrobe stylist. Because everything was already in certain garment bags. So I just folded it up and put it in my suitcase. Here in [NOISE] what is, what is like the craziest thing you ever done in New Orleans? The craziest thing I ever done in New Orleans? That's why I'm an Essence girl, I don't do nothing crazy and and far out. Wink. [LAUGH] What? Let the children go out now. Let me see. I haven't done anything but eat to my heart's content. Like, there's so much good food here. You know what I mean? So I haven't done anything crazy yet. We're all bumping, Say Yes, your latest single. I want to know what singles, what songs are you kind of like not able to live without right now. Now? Songs that I'm not able to live without right now, ooo. Well of course Say Yes, and the reason I have to say Say Yes was because somebody was playing it and for a split second I forgot it was my song because I was bobbing my head like, ooh. That is your song, that's so corny. I was kind of boping my head to my own song which is cool. But there is a young lady from London and I, and I think hopefully she can get more on U.S. soil, Laura. Mvula, M-V-U-L-A from Birmingham, England. Brilliant, I can't get her album off of my playlist. I want to pretend that I'm Beyoncé and you're Michelle. Okay, okay. [LAUGH] We're gonna sing Say Yes. Okay. When Jesus says yes nobody can say no. When Jesus says yes nobody can say no. Hey. You should've been in the video Mama. Thank you, Michelle. Thank you and happy 20th. Thank you. To Essence. That's really, really big.

ESSENCE Fest Backstage: Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams shares some facts about herself, including why she considers herself an "ESSENCE girl."