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[MUSIC] Hi. We're the Essence beauty team. I'm Deena Campbell, hair and beauty editor for My hair is relaxed and I've noticed that I've had a lot of hair breakage. One of the ways that I've combatted that is to use a t shirt, instead of a towel when drying my hair. It's less abrasive and I get the same results without all of the breakage. Hi, I'm Pamela Edwards-Christiani and I'm the beauty and style director of Essence Magazine. My hair is natural but I have a lot of highlights and color. One thing I do on the regular is that I use dry shampoo. Believe it or not, it is something black women can use. It freshens your hair. It takes the product out. But what you have to do is choose a formula that is clear or close to your hair color, and not too chalky. It freshens your hair in seconds and you look smooth and ready to go. Hi, I'm Nykia Spradley, the beauty editor at Essence magazine. My hair's relaxed and color treated. I have highlights in it. So moisture is a big issue for me. What I do instead of using a regular conditioner when I wash my hair weekly, is I use a hair mask. And it's really added back a ton of moisture and I still get the conditioning without the weight. Hi, my name is Andrea Jordan and I'm the beauty assistant at Essence Magazine. I have all natural hair and a lot of people assume I woke up like this, but I didn't. One thing that's really important is making sure the shape of your curls fit your face. I recommend going to get your hair cut and shaped by a curl specialist. Who can create the best shape for your face type.

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