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[MUSIC] Mr. Eric Benet how are you? Good seeing you. Good seeing you. Who are you here to see? Man you know [UNKNOWN], Base, and Mr. Maxwell What keeps you coming back to the festival year after year? Because it's a lot going on. Just feel this energy. I'm I mean, it's such a community of just celebrating and supporting black exceptionalism. It's just a real loving, supporting energy here and it's so much fun. Where can your fans find you this weekend? Probably eating somewhere. Some crawfish etouffee or something. Naw but I mean roaming the, roaming the streets, going to shows going to restaurants, just loving what Essence fest is all about. And what's what's going on with you and your music, what projects do you have coming out? So my first singe Sunshine Just came out last month, it's doing incredibly well. I couldn't be more happy about that, the album will be out fourth quarter. All right, and you're gonna come back to Essence Live and perform some of that for us, right? You know this. All right, now. You know it. I'm a hold you to it. Enjoy this show, I don't want to hold you. All right, all right. Thank you so very much. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you. Thank you, thank you Eric Benet. Like I said, you never know what you're gonna get right here at the Essence Festival. And everybody's been talking about that Babyface performance, where he ripped his shirt off, and he just ran around the superdome. Well, now you'll get to see him! [SOUND]

Eric Benet Tells ESSENCE Live About His New Single "Sunshine"

Expect the R&B crooner to release his upcoming album by the end of the year!