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[MUSIC] Empower U really ties into the message of Essence. We hope to inspire you and empower you to live your best life. So, we brought together experts in all kinds of fields: health and wellness. Love and relationships, finance, and they're all talking to you today and giving you great advice and things that you can take home and apply to your day-to-day life. In the summer months, we really don't want to fight with texture. Whether your hair is relaxed like Nikia's or natural like Lauren's, it's best, really, to just go ahead and work with your texture and use texture. Because with heat and humidity, it's just so much easier. To hold a style that way. I'm all about wrapping your hair up, protecting it at night, with silk, but silk, not satin, silk. Because cotton rubs your hair, so not only does it dry your hair, it will also rub the style and the curl out of it. So silk will hold a style, it will keep the hydration and moisture in your hair. and it will also keep you hands from getting dry after the biggest loser what did you go home how did you kind of integrate all the things you had experienced into making sure you stayed fit when it came to working out that was the most difficult thing cause I do have a three year old and i am a. I'm a business owner. And so what I've decided to do was to make sure I made working out part of my everyday life. I planned my workout sessions in the same way as I planned my board room meetings. Meaning it was on my calendar. It was on my to-do list. We have a sense that we need to be healthy and that food should. Should be healthy, but we really do not think about food as being medicine. Food is actually treating and preventing disease. We think about food as comforting, it tastes good. I need to have food if I'm hungry. Sometimes we can be, we feel it can be addictive, all of these ways we think about food, but not really in the sense of, taking something into our mouths, so it actually helps to treat, prevent, and cure disease. I just had this conversation with my girlfriends, what do you feel that like, should a woman, help build a man up. To the man that [INAUDIBLE] Well, hold on, hold on, hold on. Hey, this ain't your seminar. The hell you answerin' the question for? Should you help build a man up? Let me explain something to you, ladies. The average man. That's not where he wants to be in life. THe missing link is oftentimes a woman. A woman is the difference-maker. You don't understand your power. Now, with you being the possessor of that, and that's not the only thing, you gotta build character and everything, but when you put that together with what God gave you,. You are the missing link to what can take a man from here to there, it happened to me, I was going along fine, I had some talent, I was moving along in my career, but after 2005, look at my life, it's because of a woman. A woman changed the whole game for me. You are that woman to some man out there. You gotta understand that. So should you help build a man up? You may be the only thing that can build him up. I needed to buy my son Pampers, and I went to the ATM, and I went to get 20 dollars out. And in order to get 20 dollars out, you have to what? You gotta have twenty dollars in. I had eleven dollars and forty two cents in the bank. And I had to wrap my son in a towel for two days. And I remember that second day... I became bankrupt. That day I became more committed to the woman I was becoming than I was to the woman I had been that day. So I just stopped by to ask, is today your day? I'm happy to be involved in this initiative that provides African-American women an opportunity to become entrepreneurs and grow their own business. Look at just a sample of our success stories. What you don't see in this picture is how busy these Nexercisers are and what other challenges they have in their lives. Yet, they are losing weight and keeping it off because they finally found something that motivates them to be consistent. We are on an. Which is the first total beauty destination dedicated to black women. We create a beauty box that goes out once a month. It includes four beauty products plus a fifth that you get to select yourself. And then you can go back to our website and actually learn how to use these products. Then when you find something in your box that you absolutely love you can come right back to our store and actually buy it in its full size. And now, our winner is [Boomy Adomody?]. To Nexercise. Verizon understand that in order for us to reach our full potential, we have to be connected to a strong network. And so that network not only applies from a telecommunications perspective but it applies to a personal network as well. Everything that we've been told about how to pitch yourself is wrong. People don't understand how to. To speak about what they do in a way that entices people to want to learn more. Let me example. If you are a teacher, you don't just say, I'm a teacher. You say, I'm building the next generation of leaders. So what you want to do is say what you do, not based on the efforts that it takes. But based on the results that you get, we are always looking for gifted, talented individuals who have a strong value proposition that they want to share with us. We have lots of opportunities for those who are looking for, either a job or a career change opportunity. [MUSIC]
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