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And what role do we feel alcohol plays in this situation. Sometimes you hear, she was at a party. She had two or three drinks. Why did she had two or three drinks? Why didn't she leave before? Because she had alcohol in her system. It's her fault. What are your thoughts, [UNKNOWN]? I think it's a scapegoat. I don't think alcohol it's ever a reason to Like her being intoxicated, is a reason for her to go home, probably not the reason to engage with her, and if you are at a place or any place where you can bend to the action or make an advance based on how she's feeling or how she may appear, then it's clear that you are in a predatory space. Hmmm. And you don't need to, like that's not engagement. Needs to happen. Especially if she doesn't say yes, while and I'm not forgiving it if she does say yes, because she might not know what's going on, right. She might say yes or she might change her mind. Exactly. And you gotta be able to bail out on that. And that's it. That's where you leave it be. The moment that that yes isn't, that's when things cease to exist, and you just leave it be, you call her an Uber, or you just walk away so that you don't put yourself In the way of being accused or being mentioned in that conversation. I just have a problem [BLANK_AUDIO] and I guess the right word is believing people, well men don't know what no is in every shape or form. Because I wasn't raised in that manner like, all this examples that Christina just gave A clear nose to me. Right. There is nothing, even when there's alcohol in play, my guard is even more up because I already feel like I'm taking advantage. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Is Drunk Sex Ever Consensual Sex?

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