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Earlier this week Drake dropped his highly anticipated video for Hotline Bling. Since the video's release social media has been all a buzz about Drizzy's eccentric dance moves, if that's what you want to call them. Let's not forget to mention the countless memes that have been added everywhere. It's even resparked the conversation of Drake's Hotline Bling track having a similar sound to rapper D-R-A-M or Dram's cha cha track. So, among several tweets regarding Drake's Hotline Bling Graham tweeted, yeah, I feel like jacked for my record but I'm good. Drake already been addressed. Or, excuse me, addressed beat gate. I don't know if you like that name, and in an interview we did the Fader magazine he sad, you know, like in Jamaica you'll have a rhythm and it's like, everyone has to do a song on that. Imagine that in rap, or imagine that in R&B. Imagine if we got one beat and every single person, including myself, this guy, this guy, all these guys, had to do a song on that one beat. I think that's a poor explanation, but I want to know what you guys think. Do you think it is a slay or a shade, hotline bling. One two three. Oh, slayed, slayed, slayed. Slayed. Well, Sharia put it in the air, so let's talk about it. Why is it a slay? This is specifically for the video. I mean, the song, I don't really care about all that, but the video is everything. And we get to be carefree black girls and, and I love me a carefree black Drake. He is everything. I love the means, I love it all. Even though he has to do choreography classes that- I mean, all of it. [CROSSTALK] My favorite is when they put the tennis racket in his hand. Yes. I'm like, Serena's taught him The [UNKNOWN] are good. Mm, we'll talk about that next show. And also slayed to the girls who got that easy check cuz usually the girl in the video [CROSSTALK]. And she just get's to sit on the steps and here's Drake, so slayed. She's probably union. [LAUGH] Taz, what do you think? Well I mean we credit Drake a lot of things like one of them is making black people very vulnerable and emotional in their act. And now we can credit him with showing that ll Black people can dance. yeah. And that's awesome. [LAUGH] Yes. I think that's great. you're not right [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] But he owns it, That was [INAUDIBLE]. That was sweet. No that's. I'm a tall goofy black man just like Drake is a tall goofy black man. As long as you own it that you can't dance. Do you want to dance now? I have seen you at [INAUDIBLE] you are not goofy. Listen. Seen you in the strings. Listen, you see the feet. You see the bachata. [LAUGH] It's not a game. [CROSSTALK] Drake got that. As far as the video goes, Drake got it. But as far as the whole controversy with the song, he's just like the prettiest girl at the bar right now. He can't really do anything wrong. It's like yeah, I stole the song just like reggae people steal songs and that's fine. Everyone's like you know what Drake? All right, cool. Like nobody's really I'm telling you [LAUGH] If it was anybody else or any other song in hip-hop they would run them out of here. They would call them crazy about how you're a rip-off. That's a good point. But Drake can't do no wrong right now. He can't. So it's just like okay, yeah he stole the song. I'm still gonna jam to it. [LAUGH] It's like Turn it up. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Okay, go do one of these. [UNKNOWN] What are your thoughts? Dana, I say slayed for the exact reason you did. I am all for yes, my awkward black people, this is our moment. [LAUGH] This is our time. As a [UNKNOWN] little black girl who was told she had one dance Aw! [LAUGH] And I wouldn't know a twerk if it came across me. [LAUGH] And I have to say I'm okay with that! Can you do the body popping, at least? I mean, I'm Caribbean, so I can do a [UNKNOWN]. [LAUGH] Whoa, hey, that's all you need! That's all you need! [LAUGH] And that's my one move, and I say, awkward, black people, this is our time! I love it! I love it! And then the empowerment coach looks at me and says dance like no one's watching! You better dance! You better get your one move on! Yes! I'm so mad at you, yet so happy at the same time. She said I'm gonna [UNKNOWN] like nobody's watching. They're awkward Can I go? You [INAUDIBLE] please- [CROSSTALK] Moving on, cuz you all out of control. [SOUND]

Drake Debuts "Hotline Bling" Video

Is Drake wrong for using a beat for 'Hotline Bling' that sounds a lot like rapper D.R.A.M's 'Cha Cha'? Our panel weighs in on the video and song that sent the internet into a meme frenzy.